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  1. I’m just picturing him walking into a tattoo shop saying, “I want a star tattoo. But, lots of stars. Lots and lots of stars. Stars everywhere. And behind the stars, I want a background, made of stars. Not just on my arm, but also on my pec and my hips. Just to tie it all together. Go crazy, I promise you, you can’t overdo it on the stars!”
  2. When Kate called her boss to resign, my husband said, "Oh, she's going to get with that guy now?" I didn't think much of it until the end...hubby totally called it! The bridesmaid dress thing was ridiculous. I could see maybe altering her hair or makeup if she wasn't feeling it, but the dress was a bit of a stretch.
  3. You’re absolutely right. I’ve opened 6 restaurants, and usually their projected opening is delayed, sometimes multiple times. I’ve never opened one that was scrambling to put everything together and still finalizing the menu on opening day. Lol.
  4. I said the same thing to my husband! Sally will turn out to be Madison and Kevin’s house keeper. Or Sally will be Madison’s estranged mom. Maybe Nicky does end up as the twins grandpa after all. Lol!!
  5. Well, this episode was boring as sh*t, BUT, it was kind of nice that they weren't all shouting over each other and actually seemed to let each other finish their sentences. I've turned it off in previous seasons when they all start yelling at the same time, it's just too much. I'm not sure how I feel about Victoria, but when she was talking about the memes about her, and people making fun of her online, and how she doesn't let it get to her...she definitely scored a point or two in my book. It surprises me sometimes what people take to heart and consider bullying these days, although I d
  6. Okay, if Kevin's twins are around Little Jack's age...in the flash forward with old Rebecca, we saw two very young kids that are presumably Kevin's. Is it possible one of Kevin's twins was a teen mom or dad, and those kids in the flash forward are Kevin's grandkids? Would that make sense on this show's timeline? I can't remember how far ahead that scene was supposed to be.
  7. I was thinking Corinne!
  8. I looked at teen Kate's Instagram, and she has a post saying she wears a prosthetic under her chin on the show. The post was from 2018, so I guess they've been doing this for a while now, although I just noticed her double chin last night.
  9. I watched last night's episode, and it's the first and only episode of this show I have watched (my husband has watched the whole thing so far, or at least most of it). First of all -- Sav from Degrassi! He's so handsome! Second of all....total opera fail. I am an opera singer, and if that lady were auditioning for the role of Carmen, she would be a mezzo soprano. After her surgery, she was singing O Mio Babbino Caro, from Gianni Schicchi, which is an entirely different opera, and an entirely different voice type. The closed captions even said "Music from Carmen playing," which was 1
  10. That is the only thing I can think of...she must be a trust fund kid or something. I live in LA, and recognized the area she and Kevin were walking around when the woman came up to them wanting a selfie. So her house is in Hollywood. She mentioned having a spare/guest bedroom, so it's at least a 2 bedroom house, and we've seen a decent-sized living room and kitchen, plus a garage in the back. In the current LA market, and in that area, that would be at least a million dollar house if she owned it. If she rented, I'd guess the monthly rent payment would be somewhere around $3500-4500. Either wa
  11. I noticed that too! LOL. Also, was that a full shelving unit of protein powders behind him in his bedroom? Does he work out a lot or something? He doesn't strike me as the body building type, but maybe I missed that. Unless he's just trying to stay lean for every day work on the farm. *shrug*
  12. I am about the same age as the big 3, and I wouldn’t have known around age 18-20 that you could buy an ovulation test. Heck, I only just realized reading this thread that those were a thing. Lol. So I’m not sure I’m buying Kate being savvy to an ovulation test, but that’s okay. That being said, I assume Ellie’s story triggered her because she had an abortion herself, BUT, I could also see her having a miscarriage, and facing verbal abuse from Mark (such as: “you would have been a horrible mother anyway”/“I hope you never get to have kids”/etc.). I suppose he could say things like tha
  13. YUP! As soon as it ended, I said "his therapist is going to be his bio-mom." But that's too easy for this show. Laurel will survive, have another son (or daughter), and the new therapist will turn out to be Randall's half-sibling.
  14. She is so caught up in her "strong woman" narrative. Certainly there is nothing wrong with being strong, but you can be a strong woman and a kind woman at the same time. She's scolding these guys for not living up to her expectations, when they don't even know what her expectations are because half of them have never even spoken to her. She is super uptight, and seems a little neurotic (I'm neurotic myself, and this season is not doing a very good job of distracting me from my own issues). And she was just nasty to Brandon, in my opinion. In normal circumstances, if a guy went on a date
  15. My biggest takeaway of this episode is....who goes to a taco stand and only orders one taco???!?
  16. YES!! When Ash was giving his "seminar," my husband said, "Wait...I've heard this before!" and found this video. He even used the same example of going fishing as this guy used. He didn't even try to put any of that in his own words. We figured Ash was getting all flustered because he couldn't remember the lines he memorized. LOL
  17. SKB’s Instagram says the year is 2045 when Rebecca is on her presumed deathbed. If the big 3 were born in 1980, that would make them 65 in this scene. And if Rebecca was born in 1950, she would be 95. Which makes the aging seem a bit more appropriate. Also that would make Jack Jr (Damon) around 25-26, and it’s possible his baby is born right around when Rebecca dies, if not that same day. Theoretically I would imagine Jack Jr could be pretty close to Rebecca. Edited to add: Kevin’s babies with Madison would also be in their early-mid 20s at this point. So these kids are not
  18. I'm calling Grocery Store Joe as the next Bachelor
  19. Oops -- Can this be deleted?? I meant to hit edit on this, but pushed the quote button instead. Sorry!
  20. My thoughts exactly! They couldn't possibly have found a young blonde actress that resembled grown Sophie just a bit more? My husband was shocked to find out the actress who plays young Beth isn't grown Beth's actual daughter in real life, LOL. I didn't necessarily think Kevin was feeling bad or sad about the actual hookup with Madison...but he had just run to Kate's house from a few emotional days with his now-engaged ex-wife, going to the spot where he learned of his dad's passing, plus, Madison is Kate's friend and he and Kate are so close. Likely a lot of complicated feelings t
  21. Kelsey looks like Jeffree Star to me. I thought that leaving the "Kobe!" at the end was appropriate. It was an organic moment that happened while shooting baskets, and coincidentally aired the day after his passing. Not in poor taste at all, and I'm glad it was left in. I live in LA, so it's been a particularly sad week with memorials and tributes everywhere, including a big basket outside the Staples Center with a sign on it that says "You know what to do" ❤️
  22. What if Kate or Toby had some kind of affair? Could Tess have been chosen as a surrogate and something went wrong with that? Would that fit the timeline?
  23. It can! Google 'botox spock brow.' As a Botox user myself...yikes.
  24. Did anyone else notice in the gift bags for the kids, the little girl pulled out two ceramic creme brulee/quiche dishes? And sweetly said something like, "I could really use these!" We thought maybe they were going to do some baking with them or something, but nope. The sparkly unicorn trinkets were appropriate, but the creme brulee dishes seemed like an odd choice to gift a child with. I don't get the appeal with Tia. My fiance said something about how much hotter she is than Becca, and I see people share that opinion online, and I'm like really? She has pretty eyes, but her facial feat
  25. Wills is my favorite. I hope he goes on Paradise and hooks up with Chelsea!
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