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  1. Well, it was better than S2, but that one was such a dumpster fire that anyone could write a better season of TV. I think we’re supposed to want Isabel with Aaron, but so far people either don’t like her and/or still want Aaron with Emily. I didn’t like it how Isabel seemed to think Aaron’s identity (which is based on his feelings) was somehow her business. There’s no reason to really hate her, but I wouldn’t even blink an eye if she got hit by a bus and died. Looks like they have another failed ship (didn’t resonate with the fans) in their hands in Aaron/Isabel. I don’t honestly understand what’s so difficult about just writing a proper Aaron/Emily romance. The truth is that they’re the most popular ship the show’s ever had and likely will ever have. You would think they wanted as many old fans back as possible to have a chance at a renewal, but it looks like they thought they could convert people to Aaron/Isabel. Smart show runners give people what they want, but try go for surprising ways of making it happen instead of slapping them in the face with a ship nobody wants. The Kirkmans were well liked too, but they didn’t have a choice there because of Natasha McElhone’s other work, but they have a choice now. So I urge them to do the right thing and stop forcing down another ship people hate down fans’ throats when the obvious choice is right in front of them.
  2. Impossible to tell based on the trailer, but if they are, I can just picture the writers being told that most people don’t like the storyline and them sticking their fingers in their ears while yelling “Yada yada yada, I can’t hear you!” while writing an Emily/Seth sex scene for S3. 😂 (Aaand now I’ve managed to gross myself out)
  3. I don’t find Jonathan lame at all. He’s a much more believable boyfriend for Nancy than Steve could ever be. Nancy’s a smart girl, and at the end of the day, smart girls like smart boys. Steve isn’t one, and that’s not going to change. Their marriage would’ve been extremely unhappy and unfulfilling for both of them. Teenage girls often have self esteem issues and having a popular jock like Steve take an interest in you is flattering. I don’t think Nancy ever truly liked Steve for him, but for the idea of being with someone like him and what that said about her. It happens at that age. Then Barb’s death changed her and made her mature faster than she perhaps otherwise would’ve. However, I doubt that this is the kind of stuff Steve likes to think about (that he basically never stood a chance with Nancy no matter what he did). Blaming himself was easier, whether he really believed in it or not.
  4. I saw that too. LaMonica Garrett (Mike) posted that he won’t be back, and said others were given the boot as well. At this point, the confirmed returning cast consists of: Kiefer (duh) Adan Canto Italia Ricci Kal Pen The last I heard, they were still negotiating with Maggie Q. —- Re: nakedness. They should do an Emily/Aaron sex scene, and then we can all be happy! :D But considering the garbage they showed in S2, they’ll probably put Emily and Seth back together. #thecouplenobodyeveraskedfor
  5. Or Mike! Or maybe she could go after the newly-widowed President himself. Although that would probably require more forms than just one. The possibilities are endless, though.
  6. I always thought Emily didn’t like Seth (in a romantic way) nearly as much as he liked her, and it’s too bad he didn’t have enough sense to see that. Her hesitation in 2x11 seemed to be conveniently connected to Aaron, and now she freaked out over seemingly nothing. She doesn’t want Seth, and I genuinely wish they had never become anything more than friends. I used to be very fond of Emily, but now? Not so much. I enjoyed her and Aaron’s chemistry and romance, but unless she stops being an insufferable b....., I’d rather she leave him alone as well.
  7. If it takes a nuclear holocaust storyline to end Seth/Emily, I’m all in. Aaron and Chuck should absolutely survive, and Mike too. Don’t care much for Lyor, I have to say. If they bring back the S1a version of Emily, she can live too.
  8. Agreed wholeheartedly. That’s just vile and an insult to the fans of the 1st season. They claimed they were keeping the things people liked about it (which most definitely didn’t include anything besides friendship between Seth and Emily), and with the exit of Kimble Hookstraten and dropping Emily and Aaron’s romance it’s obvious that they were lying or have vastly different views on what people liked seeing. I think I’m done with this garbage of a show.
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