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  1. Another Xavier fan. One of his favorite moments is "Britney Haynes’ goodbye message to Boogie after his eviction ." Hello... me too. Sarah - and Britini are Long Island Nicole (without the Long Island) split in two and I am not here for it. Every year, I look at the cast list and I think to myself, "who would I walk up to first at a dinner party if I didn't know anyone?" Xavier. Second would probably be Azah because she has the greatest hair ev-er.
  2. I said this same exact thing to my husband when we once stumbled upon her videos on the youtubes. A total head-scratcher. His thought is that she is trying to appear more American so she can become an actress?? Her English is very broken, and she barely opens her mouth to speak I'm not sure how she thinks she is going to make it as an actress in America. *shrug*
  3. Spoiler Alert: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/married-at-first-sight-australia-couples-from-season-6-still-together.html/
  4. I thought Chris Marin stole the show last night. He was so kind. I've never been a fan as Coldplay isn't my kind of music, but he really made me a fan last night. I almost wet my pants when Ryan said Finneas is going to be on next week. *squee* I can't believe Caleb is still there. I didn't like his original song ("my mama said not to go into bars"... dude... you're 16). He was really nasal-y last night. I have to agree with @leocadia - the judges were "great job" and "awesome" to everyone but Arthur... he was "it is what it is"... especially by Katy. I was under the impression last
  5. Dear Cory - No on the hair. Dear Fessy - no on EVERYTHING. You are not the greatest of all time. Impossible. You haven't even made it to the winners circle. Sit back, grasshopper.
  6. JessiKa said they got into an argument that led to Mick calling her dad, brother, sister and best friend those awful names. I would love to know what prompted the argument and what the argument was about. I think Jess was looking for ANY excuse to get away from the dreaded farm and Mick and get her claws into Dan.
  7. I agree with you about Beane becoming a musical theater guy. As much as I liked him, he was always very wedding singer to me. I didn't think he was Idol winner material by any means, but I did like him from his first audition and was sad to see him go. Every week that curly haired country singer gets up there, sounding just like he did the week before, and I think "why is Caleb still here?" Maybe Beane reminds me of the freaky teenager I was... driving around in my VW Rabbit, in my Doc Martens, wearing plaid, listening to the Violent Femmes or the Dead Milkmen, wearing too much blue eye
  8. Also glad to see Madison go... I loved her hair but the rest of her was just... too blah. I could never figure out the hype with Ava. Her voice reminded me of the sounds in a haunted house. I loved Beane from his first audition. I felt like he was really finding himself every week and I really enjoyed watching his journey.
  9. I see him as more Ren Faire material. Maybe selling pickles.
  10. I watched her "tell all". It was horrible. Crying baby, her "character witness friends", her feet, her pony tails.... the entire thing was terrible. I am going to say one thing about that video .... she said she had a letter from her attorney... that wasn't a letter from her attorney. She talked to her attorney on the phone and took some notes and called the notes a letter. She is a dimwit and a full out liar. Okay, two things... she went on and on about the sand fleas biting her. I heard about this before the show aired so I watched and watched for any signs of any bite marks on he
  11. Watch the movie My Octopus Teacher. It's available on Netflix. Soooooooo good. I love Shota. He is my favorite. He makes me smile. I haven't had a drink in 6 years. I can't stand the taste of any alcohol (cooked or uncooked) and I really hate the smell of beer cooking. I can't imagine what the kitchen smelled like. As my husband and I were watching he said, "you probably would not have loved this challenge." gag The breakfast challenge on the other hand, sign me up and sit me down next to the adorable Chef Melissa.
  12. He only wants to be there while she is on camera so he can steer the narrative. He is an asshole who KNOWS that he treated her poorly and the only way he will be able to look like the victim is if he takes control of the conversation while she speaks.
  13. I said that to Mr. UniqueHandle this morning! What if Jess made the whole leg rubbing thing up to piss off Cyrell because she KNEW Cyrell would leave because that's what Cyrell does. Mr. UH said "you still think about that show the day after?" Ugh! I can't believe he doesn't. There are cracks in this marriage.
  14. I may have mentioned this before but I know what happens this season because last season, when Lizzy showed up and she told her back story I did a "what, what??" and since I was watching Big Brother Australia on a VPN, I decided to watch some of the Lizzy and Sam storyline from this season for research purposes of course, and.... I forgot where I was going with this very long run on sentence. Oh, even though I kind of know what is going on this season and how it ends, I find myself looking forward to this show almost as much as any other show during the week (it's second to Top Chef now t
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