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  1. Right......society people, hence the name. You may be right.
  2. Just what kind of food will be on Society's menu? I guess it won't be Lola's specialty, Cuban, not with a name like Society.
  3. I just wondered if there really is a Sam or whether we're supposed to forget about him since he's never seen nor heard. Guess he's living in the nursery with his nanny, just like Christian. 😏
  4. "What about Sam?" Sam exists?
  5. I've seen Reed in that commercial for several weeks.
  6. So Sharon's new boyfriend is 'Wey'?
  7. I'm just being realistic. There's no way she's going to get a job as a car hop. I don't want her back with Billy, but Jack would be fine with me.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if she and Jack get back together now that Dominique/Kerry will return to Paris. Maybe he'll have Phyllis as his assistant. She's been a real pain in the *ss, but I've always liked her with Jack.
  9. I guess the rest of the security team don't know what JT looks like. He sure hasn't done anything to change his appearance, like a fake nose or a wig or a beard.
  10. Maybe they'll live in the pool house at the Abbott mansion. Then Kyle can continue to watch over Dina, if she's still alive.
  11. "Kyle promises he'll be there and they kiss and begin to take off each other's clothes and hit the bed." I thought Kyle said there would be no sex in their marriage. Just this one time and she'll probably be pregnant. 😒
  12. She's pathetic all right, but Dummer is the right word for this idiot. She thinks she'll be feeling fine after a short 'honeymoon' period when, in reality, her liver won't be healed for weeks.