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    Siesta Key

    Okay. It's bad. But I'm still watching. Alex's dad had to have put some serious coin and connections behind this for them to make that charmless, damn ugly, monosyllabic goon the main male 'lead'. It's completely unbelievable that All those women would even look at his bulldog jawed face twice. He needs to get a bit of a reality check, his female best friend (chloe?) should've ugly shamed his arse when he fat-shamed her multiple times.The screen couldn't be deader when he's on. What saves it are the other cast, mainly the girls who at least have some spark about them. Read somewhere that when they tested the pilot the audience hated all the main males so they had to find some fake friends for Alex so audiences might like the show more. Apparently the girls tested well. Hilarious way to get a show about yourself made. I don't think it'll last long.