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  1. I think it was in the second or third-last episode of Cheers, they revealed that Sam Malone wore a toupee, so Danson revealed his actual hair.
  2. If Andrew Dismukes only has seven days to live, they need to pay that joke off by "killing him" on next week's show
  3. Seems like there's only one reason (Jeff Probst)
  4. No kidding! That is a fun fact. Is that the first uncle/nephew host combination ever?
  5. I can't believe that a guy whose Survivor heroes were nine-time losers Malcolm, Woo, and Ozzy got voted out!
  6. I literally thought it WAS Darrell Hammond, since why not get the old guy who's still around the show to do another political impression? The resemblance between Johnson and Hammond is pretty uncanny.
  7. I feel like Jake's line from Bruce Willis' publicist may have been literally what Bruce Willis' actual publicist told the show about a cameo.
  8. Kit Harrington did a surprisingly great job in his first time hosting, I could see him returning as well. Or maybe Kumail as the more obvious pick as the actual comedian in the cast. Sudeikis seems like almost a lock. Former cast member starring in a newly-beloved hit show, he might even get the premiere.
  9. Between the entire show's TV sitcom framing and the introduction of the X-Quicksilver, I wonder if the main villain is Mojo. He'd be a pretty deep cut from the list of X-Men villains but the MCU version would naturally make some changes to his origin story. Mojo is also the only TV-centric villain I can think of, since the likes of Dormammu or Mephisto seemingly wouldn't have Wanda's "fantasy life" patterned so directly after old television shows. I thought it was also interesting that Vision's brief chat with the "real" Agnes didn't reveal anything deeper about her character. S
  10. I can't blame the new castmembers for not breaking out yet because this is absolutely the strangest possible year to be doing SNL. Imagine dreaming all your life about being on SNL, getting cast, having all the usual pressure of adjusting to the job and trying to get material and airtime, and then all the additional COVID protocols that have changed the show environment. The cast wouldn't be as big as it is if it wasn't for the pandemic, since I think they want enough people to be able to do a show if there's any kind of outbreak. I haven't been paying close attention to who's there or
  11. It seemed like Mario was reaching for "funny" moments in the third version, so i would really be pushing it for a fourth version. Angelina herself is worth a good 20 entries or so but I'm not sure if I could come up with 95 other truly amusing moments from seasons 31-40.
  12. It seemed like Kate was trying to hold back from going Full Alexis in that wedding sketch. But kudos to the costuming people for getting Ego from jeans and a t-shirt in the football song sketch into a wedding dress over the course of a commercial break.
  13. It's an amazing slow burn joke of wondering why Jim Carrey was cast as Biden for six weeks, then realizing it was only so he could bust out the old LOOOOOOOSER bit once the election was in the books.
  14. The problem with the chop challenge is that players now realize it's a social trap, and know how to manage it. So it makes for a completely drama-free challenge, whereas at least with the digging-in-sand type challenges (which I agree are played out) there isn't an obvious way to game it.
  15. Wow, I came away with the exact opposite impression of Denise. She is one of all-time favourites, and nothing about her seems phony to me. She's just a very smart, level-headed "normal" person doing a great job of the constant plate-spinning that is Survivor. I like Tony well enough, but after that scene of Denise, Kim, and Sophie all hanging out, it made me sad that THEY weren't the power trio running the season.
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