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  1. Now I want to go back to past episodes and see if the editors have sneakily included shots all season of Nick sidling into conversations
  2. The usual "winner edit" rules don't always apply to seasons of all returning players, however. There were lots of episodes in All-Stars, Heroes v. Villains, Second Chances, and Game Changers were Amber, Sandra, Jeremy, and Sarah all played minor parts in the narrative or disappeared altogether for multiple episodes. It's even more skewed this season since time has to be spent on the Edge of Extinction people.
  3. I'd have to think in this season, the show won't pass up the chance to bring two big names back into the game. Surprised there's no hint of a merge next week. I wonder if it'll be an episode where only one tribe has immunity, but the two losing tribes join to vote ONE person out at a single tribal council.
  4. The only thing I found odd was Michele's "who could've guessed I'd be on the same tribe as my ex-boyfriend?" when it's like, uh, you're both part of a select group of 39 Survivor winners, and you're both on a 20-person cast. The odds aren't that astronomical. If anything, given this drama, I would've expected the show to put Michele and Wendell on the same tribe on day one. Besides that, Michele didn't come off "catty" or unusual at all. If anything, it seemed like the show took her side to some extent, in whatever the acrimony was between her and Wendell. She got multiple confessionals about it, even Parvati got a lot of time to discuss it, and Wendell's only comment was the "you know, we kicked it" confessional. He couldn't have looked less comfortable discussing the topic. I was wondering after last week's preview if Michele and Wendell's relationship was common knowledge to any other players, and so far we only know that Parvati knows. It'll be interesting to see if or how Nick and Yul react if they learn the news, if they don't already know. They could consider it shady of Wendell if he didn't fill them in upon being grouped onto a tribe with Michele.
  5. Counting John Krasinski, the ratio of male hosts to female hosts this season is up to 12 to 4, which seems really lopsided.
  6. Larry and Leon should have called their app Golden Reliever. That is all.
  7. That seemed like a tactical misfire from Sele. Looked like they just put all the lightest people in the boat without realizing that some height was a big help in grabbing those keys. Worked out in the end, however, though I agree that it really seemed like Nick and Sarah were intentionally tanking that puzzle.
  8. So help me, I'm a Jets fan. I can't tell if this episode was hilarious or tragic. This was a great storyline twist. You knew Larry would blow it, but I assumed he'd do so by actually revealing his knowledge of the magical vagina. Having him suddenly try to get $500 off her was unexpected but logical, and therefore much funnier.
  9. Edge Of Extinction would go from a Grade F idea to a D- idea if they had at least two votes amongst the eliminated players. Using season 38 as an example, after Devens had won the challenge to return to the game, the other five remaining (Wendy, Chris, Aubry, Reem, Keith) vote amongst themselves to permanently eliminate someone from the game. Then, after the Day 35 challenge sends one EoE person back into the game, the remaining Edge players have another vote to eliminate one more person entirely --- no jury, no nothing, they're just gone. Under these rules, Chris actually might have been the very first person totally out of the game, rather than the winner. Keith or Wendy could volunteer to be the one voted out since they were quitting anyway, or they could stick around through the vote to help Reem by voting out one of Chris or Aubry.
  10. Redemption Island and Kaoh Rong are both examples of why I still hate a final three, as opposed to a final two. A final three alliance means one less promise you have to break, and it makes it a lot easier to get to the end with two goats (like Natalie and Phillip, or Tai and an active goat who didn't realize she was a goat like Aubry). There have been so many seasons now where the entire final seven or eight has been a competition of people fighting to see who gets the opportunity to get next to the two dead-meat goats at FTC.
  11. While Byrne will surely be performing American Utopia stuff with his band, it's not really a "Broadway show" per se. I mean, sure, it's on Broadway, but it's also a concert performed by a known musical legend. It's not like SNL had Lin-Manuel and company on as musical guests during Hamilton's heyday or something. btw, American Utopia is one of the best concert experiences I've ever seen. Just an incredible show.
  12. Don't agree with this interpretation. Based on his two previous seasons, Sophie correctly figured that Coach would be an ideal final tribal council opponent, since she knew he couldn't turn off his hypocritical "noble warrior" persona. She played that season perfectly, getting to the end with two goats who absolutely couldn't beat her.
  13. It's possible, just as long as you make sure you're sitting next to one or two people who have worse social games.
  14. You could argue that the Good Place Committee were really the villains of the entire show. At least Shawn and the demons were ultimately all willing to accept change, whereas the Good Placers let heaven rot on their watch.
  15. It's another example of Survivor trying to dumb down every winner's story to an easy summary. "Adam won to honor his dying mother" and "Jeremy is trying to win for his unborn child" sounds better than "Adam and Jeremy were up against four terrible finalists who the jury hated, and had the game clinched."
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