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  1. I wondered that too - but was the first grenade muffled because it detonated underwater? I wish Nicky had at least tried to grab the kid and throw him in or had abandoned ship in the kid's direction. I agree with the quote above that said the irony of that was that the boy was reaching Nicky - maybe if they had both gotten to shore safely Nicky would have been more at peace and open to being helped. I don't blame Jack for cutting off Nicky. He suffered a lot to bring Nicky back. And it was more than an accident what happened on the boat. It was equivalent to a drunk and high
  2. I was wondering about that too. It was after Dr. Enys found the bottle, so I thought he must have told George what had happened. But, I think you're right that he may have been blaming the feud between himself and Ross for contributing to her plight. (Of course, as others have said above, it was his nasty behavior towards and withdrawal from Valentine that were causing the most stress on their marriage. Would a better man than George (pretty much anyone since he is among the worst of the worst) have been able to maintain a happy family in that era if his suspicians had been confirmed
  3. I have a clearer memory of the book than the show. But, I'm fairly sure Roger in the show talks about being adopted by Reverend Wakefield but going back to his birth father's surname MacKenzie. I can't recall a particular scene where Claire realizes he's Dougal MacKenzie's great-grandson. Was the conundrum where they have to stop Geillis Duncan from going through the stones so she isn't burnt as a witch - but if they do prevent her then Roger will never be born brought up in the show? In the book Claire and Dougal have a conversation and he tells her he placed his and Geillis's son with a
  4. I hated Roger soooooooo much when I read Voyager last fall and Drums of Autumn did not redeem him for me. He's such a controlling, condescending, self-centered bastard and I did not care for his relationship with Brianna most of the time. (He has some redeeming moments - but, overall Brianna needs to get away from him immediately!) The only thing that kept me interested in the character was that the author must be characterizing him that way on purpose since he is supposed to be Dougal Mackenzie's 7 times great-grandson or something. He's just as bone-headed, impulsive and dismissive as h
  5. A legitimate heir that's his own blood and not that of his greatest enemy. The Warleggans have been expending every effort from the beginning to raise their family and their name to greater wealth and station. That they've produced a fourth generation Warleggan who is actually a Poldark is the worst possible revenge Ross could have on all their scheming. I would say George isn't overreacting or being petulant at all when he protests Ross's having stolen the potential life of his flesh and blood heir by keeping Elizabeth unavoidedly occupied during the early years of their marriage.
  6. What a finale! This was such an engrossing episode. Elizabeth will be missed - she died so young and lost out on so much life. She was vibrant and complex and intelligent and the show will be far less interesting without her. It is so tragic how each of the men in the opening sequence contributed to her misfortune. Francis by making the family destitute, George with his jealousy, and Ross most egregiously of all for forcing an illegitimate child on her that roused all that jealousy. She risked everything to protect her living child and got that brief moment of happiness where she tho
  7. Thanks for that :) If I ever watch the episodes through again it will have to be the British version through Amazon then. Character moments make the show for me especially when they are irrelevant to plot.
  8. I absolutely adored this episode! The plot advanced so much and every character had something to do! I especially enjoyed the choreography of the infirmary scene with the focus shifting rapidly between the different character interactions to tell the story. I loved where Ross and Demelza were as well. That's what I want to see - an established couple and the community they are supporting all around them. I'm glad Caroline was able to go back to Dwight and I hope she feels brave enough to risk another child. If she had decided to be estranged from him forever due to feeling she'd failed hi
  9. They do need to bring back Verity. Glad creepy Hugh is dead. I hope Demelza doesn't feel guilty since she wasn't able to promise him the hope of love that he implied would save his life. With everything Dwight was saying about Hugh missing something essential that would give him the will to live was the viewer supposed to think he'd died for lack of love from Demelza? I hope that's not where they're going with her story. Finally, Ross steps up and takes responsibility! And George loses the power and prestige he was crowing about for so long. But, poor Elizabeth! She was re
  10. So is the whole if you don't sleep with me again I will die line. I don't see any hint of romance in it at all. This guy is just gross and manipulative. I thought she was still there standing to the left of the screen during the tea. I hope they call back to that too! Jeffrey Charles at least should be loyal to her. I hope she has passed her legacy on :)
  11. That was a difficult scene to watch. Especially when Ross leapt into his last minute speech and Zacky seemed to dare to hope his son might be spared. Kinda figured one was getting the follow through though and it wouldn't be either of the Carne brothers. And then he's walking through the town with Dwight after that awful hanging and he still seems to be on the fence about it. His neighbors are suffering and dying and he could have been doing something about it all along if he'd just give up that righteous, uncompromising ideal of himself. I can't stand Hugh. Not only is the po
  12. That's so true! The first half of season one was very well put together. It was gorgeous and immersive and was competently telling the story it was trying to tell. The show never really achieved that quality again in later arcs. I enjoyed the time in France for the exploration of that culture and the new characters introduced. But, all the shenanigans to stop the rebellion didn't work for me and they had lost me plot wise during the second half when they were trying to win a war they had already crippled and that they had to have known was doomed to failure. She's been awful to
  13. I'd say Claire's going back in time had an impact on Jamie and other people who met her. Everything she did in the past changed things from what they would have been otherwise. Claire just isn't aware of a timeline where she didn't already impact history. Instead of thinking of it as closed loop, I wonder if Claire would think of it as fate or destiny. I would hope after her experience that she would go and read some science fiction. I don't think Claire remembered enough about the details of the battles to be of any help at all. I think the big victory was Prestopans, but Claire
  14. The characters don't know it's a closed loop, so they're still risking everything with the goal of changing history. And they still have free will so what they do still has an impact, just not necessarily the intended one. I thought for sure that truth telling tea was going to be used on Claire and it was going to come out that she and Jamie had worked to defund Prince Charlie's cause at the same time Geillis was diverting funds from her wealthy Scottish husband - so both their efforts cancelled each other out. Also, I thought the showdown that resulted in Geillis's murder would be trigg
  15. I was worried about Jamie, Ian, Fergus and Marsali too. This show is equal opportunity in torturing it's characters in the worst ways. Maybe considering where they are they will explore other sources of danger and drama next season. Oh, definitely Thomas Paine! And I hope Jamie goes back into printing, deciding that the better weapon is the written word. And Common Sense and other seditious materials should definitely play a huge role as they meet people and have another chance to bring a nation out from under British rule (successfully this time). I wonder if she might decide
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