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  1. fantome

    S01.E14: Tell All

    The reason I think Jesse's behavior on the tell all was real is because of all his little controlling behaviors that added up during the season. Classic abuser. Darcey's reactions were classic too from attempting to speak up for herself to appeasing and submitting, so sad. Jesse claims on social media that parts of the finale were edited but I rewatched and it looks like things flowed in that order, such as close-up and distance shots matching body language and facial expressions.
  2. fantome

    S01.E14: Tell All

    lottery tickets and applebees. so well said!
  3. fantome

    S01.E14: Tell All

    Jesse is abusive and controlling. Darcey is walking on egg shells around him. She needs to run. He flipped from a mean and crazy-eyed lunatic to acting loving, back to asshole. He seems to try to hold in his rage and acts very controlled and tense then loses it. The signs were there early in the relationship. Also on the video chat they showed in the finale he cut her off and said something like, "can I talk?" which seemed overreacting with anger. Jesse is way too controlling with telling her to never drink again. A couple glasses of wine with her sister is reasonable. It was sad to me how Darcey continued to take his abuse when they walked out and she wanted to be quiet and appease him by wearing his jacket. She wants to speak up for herself, saying things like "This is getting ridiculous" and "Maybe I should spend the last 20 years of my life being wined and dined." The rollercoaster ride / abuse gets old quick. I actually thought for a minute she might see the light and break up during the tell all. I hope she sees her worth and leaves this asshole before her self-esteem gets any lower. I wonder what her daughters think of him.
  4. fantome

    S01.E14: Tell All

    I thought the same thing. She doesn't look healthy.
  5. fantome

    S05.E02: Parental Approval

    I can't stand Nicole's whining. She sounds like her daughter's age. I think her daughter is more mature.
  6. fantome

    S01.E08: Moment of Truth

  7. fantome

    S01.E08: Moment of Truth

    This. Since when are light up balloons code for sexy time? They look like something you'd give a 4 year old.
  8. Omg haaahaaa. I'm dead. Yeah you can't forget the stuffed animals while being intimate.
  9. Exactly. I was about to start feeling a little respect for Cortney thinking she had enough of Antonio's bull and was dumping him to go home. Instead she waited outside for him, 5 hrs during that pageant. *Smacks forehead.
  10. She's ready to lock in that green card.
  11. No Paul or Karine tonight? I'm going through withdrawal. They pulled the Jesse "24 hrs earlier" with Antonio and Cortney. Abby and the rash, eww. She must be loving the nice restaurants and gifts from Sean. He reminds me of a lizard. Abby says she doesnt want to choose between them and Chris hasn't done anything wrong. hmmm... Keep collecting your gifts from both, girl.
  12. Omg... dying at muppet. ?
  13. Best Darcy faces of the night. Yes please. It makes her look like she has no neck and her face looks wider.