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  1. I think I remember seeing this episode when it aired, or at least the Dylan plot line, because I’m pretty sure I screamed at the TV about it. Way to go CU for taking a chance on this rich white male. Also did Kelly say she wrote his essay or a recommendation for him? Either way LOL WHAT THE FUCK NO!
  2. Jeez Donna, I go through a break up and I can't even go near the neighborhood he lives in.
  3. It's written badly and Donna is still a stupid baby but her little love triangle is actually something real people in their early 20s deal with, which is refreshing for this show considering it seems like they've been 40 for the past two years. A better show could have maybe made something of Donna being both new to sexual relationships and a serial monogamist who hasn't been single since the gang's first junior year of high school. You could probably throw some daddy issues in there too, especially considering her relationship with her dad vs. her relationship with Felice, etc. and so on.
  4. If Steve hadn't been so awful with his sex addicts anonymous plot line I would have made him MVP for him telling it like it is to Kelly and Dylan.
  5. I was wondering that too. Maybe we know already but was Felice also poor and just married well and also happened to have a rich white lady name? Or did Bobbi make herself poor and then go with a trashy nickname?
  6. Yeah I'm not even sure if Vanessa Marcil is a good actress or not, but everyone else is soooo phoning it in at this point that by comparison she's like Meryl fucking Streep.
  7. Something I've been wondering for awhile: so white trash Bobbi came from the same parents who named their other child FELICE?
  8. "Reader, I married him" is indeed from Jane Eyre. I wrote a paper in undergrad where I pointed out the line's feminist subtext. But I digress. Maybe Steve and Donna need to be put in an institution cuz in this episode they are straight up sociopaths. Also I'm not sure how LA does it, but usually health inspections aren't scheduled. They just randomly show up. Unless Noah or Nat is giving the health department a kickback. Oh and I'm also curious what's with Donna and now Gina being so eager to offer emotional labor for their boyfriends. Is it genetic?
  9. I went to high school parties when I was in 7th and 8th grade but they weren't really wild and crazy. Maybe wine coolers were consumed but that's about it. I think when you live in a big city and have lots of money and negligent parents it's probably easier to get pulled into a really crazy, out of control party lifestyle at any age. I really doubt Dylan got so far into "the scene" though that he knew who was dealing what drugs at what strip clubs.
  10. Also I know it doesn't work for plot purposes or for this show at all, but think about who you were your senior year of high school up to your junior year of college. And then think about the person you were at 23-24. I think most of us grew a lot in that period of time and met lots of different people that replaced one another in our affections. Dylan still being hung up on Kelly after several years of traveling around the world means he's either totally stubborn or really boring and stupid.
  11. This episode is infuriating on soooo many levels. I remember watching it when it first aired and when Dylan was like "that was two years ago after I left Brenda" I was like "THAT'S IT!" and I never watched another episode. I'm curious if TV shows back in the day were routinely this bad about retcons/backstories/continuity or if this was a new low. But this stat rape storyline. FUCK THIS. It's fucking disturbing. My only consolation is knowing that in the Me Too era of 2018 this would never ever air on television and that instead we get Josie and the Pussycats beating up a would-be
  12. Thanks Tara and Sarah for this nice long episode which filled up a good chunk of my drive today from Chicago to Milwaukee. I was getting off the highway and at a red light when Tara said "Brandon's new auburn tresses" and I started laughing out loud and Sarah's "old man men rinse" really sent me over the edge and I started crying. The person in the car next to me was totally staring. Kelly is shitty in so many ways in this episode. (her telling Donna to blow off work was almost exactly like Brandon telling her to blow off her first day at the Foundation Foundation so they could go
  13. HEY EVERYONE I found the ShanDo single white female movie on YouTube. I'm watching it now!!!!
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