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  1. Harry Potter

    S13.E23: Let the Good Times Roll

    I don't know if anyone asked this yet but what happened to this universe's Michael? The Michael of this universe is a good one and would not double cross the deal. I think he's in a prison, but they should be able to get him out esp with Jack.. The fight scene with Dean and lucifer was too short and cheesy. Made them look obviously hooked on to strings. Doesn't look natural as if they have wings. The fight needs to be more epic! We waiting years for this!
  2. Harry Potter

    S03.E24: A Devil of My Word

    The reveal to Chloe was not what I imagined and a tad anticlimactic. I expected something more heroic and exuberant.. For example, Chloe, on the ground after being shot, in the midst of the chaos or even at the end, sees in the blinding light from the window, a figure with magnificent wings... And lucifer turns his head and that's how he reveals himself. Or something like in the latest Thor movie and Infinity War when Thor enters with his powers all amped up and we are just all at the edge of our seat holding in our excitement as we squeal. The badass has landed! Waited 4 years for this and it ends! Oh cmon! And lucifer is suppose to be one of the lost powerful beings in the DC universe, I wish he showed more power in the last episode. The ending with Chloe's reaction, I can't tell if that's fear or uncertainty because it ain't in awe.. Which would've been her reaction for his wings. That was my reaction when I first saw his wings!
  3. Harry Potter

    S03.E23: Quintessential Deckerstar

    Dam it.. Charlotte's performance was astounding. Tears kept flowing down my eyes. Amenadiel should have called lucifer to fly over and heal her with his feather. At least it seems like she went to heaven.
  4. Harry Potter


    So you're telling me, lilith just easily killed that angel? Firstly, how did the angel not sense a demon, especially someone as foul as a greater demon? Secondly, What good is the armor if it can't protect from a fist? Thirdly, she was created as a human after the angel as she was casted out from the garden of eden.. So how is she more powerful than an angel? Fourthly, I expected the angel to have powers to defend himself and burn that demon. Lastly, if that angel died... Wouldn't heaven be on alert? One of their own died.. Time to mobilize and attack back?
  5. Harry Potter

    Previous Episodes Discussion

    I am wondering if Helen Hawkins was a Mermaid... She has those scars. She mention they called it an autoimmune disease but that's another term for something they don't understand. That ending scene was intriguing. The home of where they live. I was almost expecting a kingdom like in The little mermaid haha. That mysterious (magical) barrier they passed through was probably why the signal was lost. Scientifically, it could be a natural magnetic barrier or some sort of natural charged gas that's more dense than the sea water above but not as much in the depths below to create a dome or layer of protection from radar. The military general dude doesn't make sense. In real life, they would preserve the only specie that was thought to be folklore or endangered instead of sucking the spinal fluid dry out of the mermaid potentially killing her. This is the typical brute military way of working you see in movies.. Without even studying the mermaid and its entirety, they only focused on spinal fluid... Right. Makes me think someone else is in command that has an interest in such miracle development. Like someone with paralysis. *cue dramatic dun dun dun! At this point, I'm so desensitized (blame GoT) that I don't see a big problem if Ryn gets into a relationship with both Ben and Maddie. It's almost acceptable because our rules don't really apply to them (mermaids) as they probably don't see this as anything but love and trust.
  6. Harry Potter


    This show is awesome! I watched Vikings for the first few seasons and so I know for sure this series will be just as badass but not historically accurate. I mean, it's more fun when you have adaptations! With this tv production, I liked the cgi. Having seen many TV shows that's uses cgi like the DC TV series, this was good! Never expected it to be movie-production. I uses to read about the Crusaders when I was young.. Even playing crusader games! Ah, good memories. That charge of Templars to save the Jews was hair-raising. I was like "oh dam, what badassery", charging like the holy warriors they are. Don't mess with them! It made me laugh but also felt bad when the towns-man was making fun of the Jews and how they take their babies.. Some things never change. Jews had it rough even 2000 years ago with the Romans. Jeez. Templars are like the warriors of the U.N., and even though they have their own religion they still protect the Jews. They talked about the Mongols attacking from the east! Amazing how so far east, we hear news of them in the west back then. At least we know the timeline kinda. I wonder why the queen didn't just tell the king she overheard that shady guy plot with the bad guy to kill the Jews. Could've easily saved us from future drama from that conniving advisor. When the queen showed her face at the end.. Oh ho ho was my face like ?. Dam Templar you messing with the wrong female. That'll end badly =/ The discovery of the holy grail in France is going to be problematic. If the Templars want it and the King denies that then that'll be one of the few reasons the Templars are fading out. Overall, can't wait to see more action from these exemplary Templars.
  7. Harry Potter

    S03.E09: Reign

    I totally forgot about Winn until someone mentioned in the comments! Kara forgot him as one of her first best friends! Maybe she meant best girl friends. Although, she has not been that interactive with Winn for the past season. Dam. You hear that? That's my heart breaking for Kara. When she sees no love in his eyes when he looks at her. In a previous episode I mentioned perhaps he still has some feeling in her and his eyes won't hide from that fact. That would somehow make saturn girl realize he still has some unfinished feelings for his first real love. And there may be a chance for Mon-el to get back with Kara. I guess that theory is out lol. Maybe her near death experience at the end will cough up some flashback feelings for her. Also when Mon-el was talking about how his ship was hit by the missile and damaged the ship, it kinda sting when he said if they would help him find a way back home. Ouch. Home. In the future. Nothing here no more. Ah destiny, quite the playful character. Maybe it's for the best. They settle this triangle this season and Mon-el moves back into the future with saturn girl so the next season starts afresh. Kara's apartment Christmas decorations are goals. Where is the rest of the team to help supergirl. Saturn girl could just telepathically disable Reign.
  8. Harry Potter


    4 episodes in and we still have no freaking idea what the hell is going on. That was 4 weeks of waiting. They are going about this way too slow. It's only after ep 4 did we get some clues of what was going on. Still nothing about the box or the mutants or a reference to xmen so we can know the timeline. If it's inhumans then perhaps a reference to the avengers.
  9. Finally! A marvel TV series going out of the Earth mentality. Now people can realize marvel isn't just an Earth show but a universe show! I really like how they are taking the plot to space. Something very different and new from the normal Agents of Shield. I'm getting a nice reminisce of shows like Doctor Who, The Expanse, Firefly, Dark Matter, and Stargate series. It's always exciting to see the "future" of humanity scenarios even if it is an apocalyptic one. Makes you wonder, hope, and imagine how the future will be like. How normal walking down a terminal and looking out the window to stars and planets. How normal it's to fly around in a spaceship and be able to travel light years. Imagine the technology, the innovations, the discoveries. Ah, we are born in the age where we're too late to explore the Earth and too young to explore the universe. We are just getting started with this space stuff. Go Elon Musk and NASA! Sad I won't live to the day where space travel is the norm. What a fantasy it seems now. Only reason why I'm talking about all this is because some comments didn't like the space arc. But they're missing out on really good shows that takes place in space! I mean if you liked Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor, there's hope you'll like space shows. I wonder what happened to the mutants/inhumans. Maybe the kree took them all out? I wonder what happened to the other alien races that are in a good relationship with Earth like the Asgardians. But their new home is on Earth since their home blew up haha.. But they would've stopped the kree easily! See, it's things like this that makes me excited to know what happened in between this history. I doubt Daisy could destroy earth. She isn't that powerful of an inhuman unless her power was somehow amplified. If they do stay for a while and then find a way back home, it's a bit sad they won't get to see the new future. Keep at it A.o.S!
  10. Harry Potter

    S06.E08: Crisis on Earth-X (2)

    One Question.. Where is kid flash? Lol, it looks like he bailed. If that girl from the wedding is Iris and Barry's daughter from the future, we know they survive this... And why she isn't helping so not to mess with the timeline. It was ridiculous how Oliver X took down Starlabs.. I mean killer frost could've easily defeated him. Cisco is knocked the heck out. How did he get such a bad concussion! The fight scenes with the nazis in the warehouse.. I feel like they could easily take down the soldiers.. In fact, Barry could do it in a few seconds.. I know they're fighting their counterpart but cmon Barry is much stronger and faster now. Plus Torch I feel like is just making a pyro show lol. He's not blasting anything but the ground and boxes. He alone can take a majority of the soldiers out esp flying around. They had time calling for backup before the warehouse.. Like calling Mon-el and Jonn..even superman. That would've been a Justice League. A real one. Haha.
  11. Harry Potter

    S03.E07: Wake Up

    True, he may just be like "dam, no way to get back. Time to get a new gf." But we know he isn't that kind of person. We know the impact she had on him. He's literally a different person because of her. Just because it was fast the first time doesn't mean it'll be fast the second. It's all situational. I, personally don't believe it would be that fast to get rid of those feelings. To me, this is like Match made in heaven kind of love. They fit perfectly. That's why I believe it'll take a while for Mon-el to move on.. Not even a decent caring guy today would move on so fast... Especially if it wasn't a break up.
  12. Harry Potter

    S03.E07: Wake Up

    I'm having trouble processing the 7 years timeline of Mon-el arriving and getting married. Kara and Mon-el had a unique relationship. Very unique in that both their worlds were destroyed. Both came from planets that were enemies. Yet, they came together, despite the different background and how different their personalities were. Kara managed to help guide him for the better and even gave her only item that belongs to her identity, the necklace, to Mon-el. Mon-el went against his family and chose Kara and Earth, as well as become a hero, all for his love of Kara. They're literally soul mates. So, with this in mind, we can see how deeply they were in love. Let's assume, Mon-el met Irma right when he arrived in the future after going through the wormhole. Lets assume, there's no way he would develop feelings for Irma during the first year. That'll be too quick esp with the kind of relationship he had with Kara. It's a bond we can't understand because we never had to go through what they went through.. So let's say it's year 2, he may develop some feelings for her but he feels the guilt, and how it's still too soon. I mean for them to fall in love this quickly, they must've went through some deep crap. But I don't believe Mon-el is that type of guy. So let's say year 3 is when he finally decides that it's time to let go. It's been three years and he develops feelings for her. I'll assume they were close friends first and after a year of development, they become gf and bf in year 4. That seems logical. They wouldn't rush into things. Just doesn't seem like the people who would.. Esp being heroes and all. That would mean they got married pretty recent. I'd say year 6 or 7.. I say that because average couples prob stay as bf/gf for around 5 years or so before they settle. I know for sure though that there are couples who's been in a Relationship way longer and haven't gonna married yet. It's a big commitment. Because of plot, I'll assume they got married after 3 or 4 years of being bf and gf.. That would mean year 6 or 7. This troubles me because this seems all too fast for a unique couple like Kara and Mon-el.. And I'm giving them a lot of wiggle room by fitting everything in 7 years and assuming they get together pretty quickly.. I don't think that would happen irl.. Maybe for normal couples.. But again.. They weren't normal.. He still has her necklace on too! This also gives hope that if it was a fast relationship, it might not be as strong as the one with Kara.. On the other hand, it might be just that strong or more because of how fast they got together and married. That would mean they did go through almost everything together to build such a bond.. And that's unsettling for the Karamel fans. I know Kara and Mon-el got together relatively fast but I'm assuming this is their first real relationship.. It's different and their situation put them in a unique spot. Alright, who else thinks I'm overthinking haha I just want Kara to finally be happy again and be with Mon-el.. Hopefully, like what others said, Irma will find his lost husband that is hopefully not dead and can tell Mon-el isn't over Kara since she is telepathic. This way it's a win win and no one is being 2nd picks.
  13. Harry Potter


    Why was Marcie upset about Philips with that traveler girl? I'm still sad about the first Marie's death and the relationship with David.
  14. Harry Potter

    S13.E04: The Big Empty

    She is also on the show Van Helsing!
  15. Harry Potter

    S03.E05: Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

    Some people don't watch the show because it's nothing like the comics. However, I think it's great that they didn't just start the show with some overpowered character which we know little about like in some marvel /DC movies. Every season Lucifer is learning more and more humanistic qualities. Today he learned accountability. It's sometimes frustrating because there's tons of lessons before we get action but it's good character development. Although, I wonder how he did not learn these qualities for eons. Hopefully, he realizes he has his own free will and God is giving him chances of redemption (starting over) with the help of all his friends. One problem: Chloe has feelings for lucifer last season. They kissed, she was shot, Lucy was about to reveal everything. But now she's okay with lucifer not having those feelings anymore and not minding him with all the other girls? He suddenly forced himself to stop having feels for Chloe? =/