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  1. Meh. Why not? lol...What does she care? She knows that's the last time she'll see him. Why cause a scene? 😄
  2. No way does Lana think any relationship is just beginning. The only thing she's thinking is "how am I going to get through the next couple days without letting this loser touch me too much so I can get the paycheck TLC has for me." There is no relationship to begin, lol.
  3. As far as I'm concerned the Silva sisters are every bit as pathetic and delusional as David...
  4. Both probably, but I think the second point is a huge factor. He's learned over the years to keep the conversation as facile and meaningless as possible so as to limit the chances of any immersion-breaking responses. He's obviously not interested in reality. It's all a fantasy contained in the chuckle-head's mind. If he was actually open to receiving real input from outside the fantasy realm that exists in his own head he'd recognize the obvious fact that the woman he's bowling with is completely not into him.
  5. So embarrassing watching David try to manufacture some sort of real relationship with this (probably married) model who's been paid to appear and pretend she's been communicating with him for the past 7 years! She probably never even got paid for the use of her pics on the dating site. I hope she got a decent paycheck for this because she's earning it...he's disgusting. I'd be willing to bet the person he chatted with after the date wasn't the same person he was wowing with his bowling moves. lol... I sure skip over large parts of this show every week.
  6. She also went into a shop and ordered a "green juice" or something that one time. But I agree the entire Yolanda thing is baffling. She's still in exactly the same situation she was when the season started! No progress in that story! And nothing much even happened, lol I just watched the Pillow Talk for this episode and they were all saying "well I was wrong about David! Way to go David you found your love!" The fuck?? David didn't find anything other than the woman who was in the pics he's been looking at for 7 years. It's still a total catfish story. She's not coming to
  7. So true! In my online dating adventure before "hitting paydirt," I had what I would have to describe as remarkable success. I'm an introvert and not exactly brimming with self-confidence. Prior to a couple years ago, the idea of meeting women on a dating app would have been pretty much a non-starter for me. But, once I made the leap and put up a profile, I realized pretty quickly that I had a few things in my favor. I'm in decent shape and look young for my 53 years. I've always been thin - but over the past few years I've gained a few pounds. I'm still thin, but no longer "skinny." I
  8. I'm surprised at how disappointed I am by Varya showing up at Geoffrey's door. Fuck you TLC can't we have any real heroes??
  9. Lisa is flat out stupid. She's a stupid human being. She's literally bereft of self-awareness. There's not a mentally-sound man younger than 100 in North America who'd marry her. She's disgusting in every way. Geoffrey can fuck right off with his bullshit. Varya made a perfectly sound and reasonable decision in saying "not yet" to his proposal. He shouldn't even have proposed in the first place! They barely know each other and their time together was far from perfect. He wants her to just ignore her misgivings and marry him anyway! So fucking ridiculous...he's a psycho baby.
  10. 10 hours of unedited tell all footage was leaked a few days ago. It's both fascinating and mind-numbing. The basic take-away is that David is mostly for reals...and that Lana is "real" in only the most ephemeral, non-romantic way.
  11. I doubt the people running the scam service care about keeping David on the hook when there's any number of other fools waiting in line to hand over their money. At this point, David is probably more trouble than he's worth to them. I'd imagine Sharp got in contact with her and offered her some money to appear. There's nothing about her appearance that changes the reality of the situation. She's obviously not interested in a relationship with him and she's obviously been stringing him along with her stories about poverty and long finger nails, lol... If the dating site is involved
  12. The video of Lana in the TA is hilarious! She's dressed sharp, out walking amongst the people happily shopping. Tight focus on her wad of cash as she makes a purchase. Tight focus on her hand with short nails. Tight focus on her using her iphone. David - "She's shy and housebound with no money because she's poor and can't use a phone due to her long nails..." 🤣 So annoying when Shaun was trying to get him to explain HOW he knows Lana is poor. David - "well she's shown me her closet. She buys one new pair of tennis shoes every three years!"" LOL
  13. I watched about an hour of the David part. Good stuff! lol...I'm pleased to see he actually pretty much is the idiot I thought he is. 😄 When fucking Cesar is scoring points off you, you KNOW you're a mess! lol Shaun comes across much better than on the actual TAs. Plus, she looks spectacular! lol
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