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  1. I tried to watch this episode, but the scene at her first follow up with Dr. Now was too much and I turned. If I had been Dr. Now, I would have said, "Well, I guess I can't help you, so I'm done. Good luck!"
  2. She can work out everyday and still not lose anything. You really only lose a few hundred calories lifting weights. When you are eating upwards of 6000 calories like she is probably doing, there is no way she will lose weight just lifting weights. She would need to cut back on calories, and do a lot of cardio.
  3. She's probably hiding $100,000 in her enormous cleavage.
  4. I just have to say that it makes me cringe that Tammy and I share the same name - especially when people on these threads spell the name the way I spell it - Tami, which I don't think is the way she spells her name. I also have a best friend named Amy, so for some reason this really bugs me that their names are Tammy and Amy!😩😄
  5. I just caught this episode on a rerun, and saw the pool scene. Tammy can use a walker, so she can walk, so really, there isn't any reason she couldn't have used the stairs. They were wide, and shallow and had a railing. I think she was just making excuses.
  6. That really doesn't hold true though. I have twin cousins that were about 2.5 lb apiece, and they are both now over 6 ft tall and at least 250 lb.
  7. Maybe they are teaching the kids to live as normally as possible in spite of their disability, in a world where everything is made for taller people? I am disabled, and never knew anyone else with my disability until I was an adult. Even then, I can honestly say, I only have one friend that has it. I really can't identify with most people with my disability, so it really doesn't bother me. I live in a world where people don't have my disability, and I need to assimilate.
  8. Maybe he just grew up enough to calm down. My oldest nephew was really hyper as a little kid, to the point that they started wondering if he had ADD/ADHD. His dad didn't want him tested or labeled, and their doctor said to wait until he was at least 7 to even think about it anyway. Somewhere around 7-8, he calmed way down naturally. It is just the age, and I think some people tend to forget how little kids naturally act.
  9. I also disagree. I am disabled, and have had over 100 surgeries since I was born. I was held to a very high standard of behavior because I am the oldest in my family. I wasn't a troublemaker anyway because of my overall personality type - I was always afraid of getting in trouble. But to be lax on kids with disabilities is ridiculous. People already have terrible misconceptions of the disabled, then add to that behavioral issues because parents don't want to discipline them because they have had surgeries? Didn't fly in my family.
  10. They are probably on a reality show to show how people with significant disabilities can actually thrive and have very successful lives. Our society still sees people with various disabilities as people who can't contribute much to society, and are needy. I like seeing successful people like this. I'm physically disabled and people are always totally shocked to find out I have owned my own home and work full time between two jobs. They just assume I sit at home on disability and needing tons of help. I walk on crutches and have a very significant physical disability, but I make it work.
  11. I have twin sisters. Once they were born, my parents didn't go anywhere with them for at least the first year, except maybe to grandparents' houses. Who in their right mind tries to take 5 out at a time at that age?
  12. My nephew and his girlfriend do board art and do a MUCH more professional looking job. His girlfriend is a much better artist and they sell something like that for about 40-50 bucks. But it looks much better than Elizabeth's.
  13. Love this show! Wonder what a Tell-All episode would be like after this series - with the people they are commenting on?
  14. I said it in another forum, (I think Outdaughtered) that it must be a requirement for TLC reality stars to mispronounce "especially". They ALL, except Bill & Jen Arnold, say "eXpecially" and it just drives me nuts.
  15. I can't believe all the people saying they didn't see the scores last night. I saw them - I'm in Iowa and have Dish Network. Don't know why they wouldn't show the same edit everywhere. I am so glad Duff won. I promptly turned the channel so I didn't have to watch the premiere of Buddy's show.
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