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  1. Hi Folks - Hope I clicked at the right place to reply... You guys got me LOL! The phrase "call a spade a spade" actually derives from the name of one of the suits in a deck of playing cards. There are four suits of thirteen cards each. The suits are Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and SPADES. The Spade is a black card and is in "somewhat" of a garden spade shape. The word "call" is regularly used in card-play. Good Survivor season with an excellent remaining cast.
  2. Yes Bentley - I did watch The Good Wife and agree that the guy playing Bishop did a great job. Totally believable! I too have some problems with some of the poorly thought out logistics. Case in point is Lowel Jones' query about the size of the 100 mil. No, you cannot fit it in a carry on duffel. It weighs 220 pounds!
  3. The actor playing "billionaire" business man Devin is a poor choice for this role. He is not believable. His poor acting is distracting. Too bad.
  4. In the last scene, where Teresa is on the boat - she pushes up her sleeve and exposes a new tattoo. Mayacayolgin. Anyone have any idea what that means?
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