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  1. I'm not a healthcare worker, just a family caregiver, so correct me if I'm wrong about this -- my plan for my homemade fabric masks is to pour boiling water over them after each wearing. Wouldn't that kill any viruses on them?
  2. Who would have guessed that in our lifetime, grocery shopping would become a tactical maneuver? Re: DIY masks -- apologies if this link has been shared before, it's a very simple no-sew one. No sew, washable mask If anyone sews and has a stash of fabric and non-woven interfacing (Pellon, for example), this is more involved, but should offer more protection. It's long, but I found it very useful.
  3. I don't know, I'm assuming that at least some of the parents did. I think calling them "adults" is giving them more credit than their actions warrant.
  4. I'm so glad Sunday night's movie will repeat this weekend, 'cause our cable glitched in and out the last five minutes or so Sunday night while I was recording it. I wasn't able to watch until tonight. I saw enough to learn that I had pegged the killer, but I missed the kiss. I wish Spectrum had On Demand for HMM in addition to the regular Hallmark channel. And that they would add the Drama channel.
  5. Now 44 out of 70 University of Texas students who just HAD to go to Cabo for spring break have it. Idiots. I think their parents should be fined for allowing them to go, and don't get me started on the travel company that not only encouraged, but pressured, them into keeping their reservations.
  6. I think I'm going to start watching the show with the sound muted, paying close attention to baby Jack's expressions as he looks at the others, and make up my own dialogue.
  7. I found a few unused N95 masks in a box in the garage, from years ago when Dad did yard work, painted doors, etc. I was going to give them to a friend who is a nurse, but then I read that they actually do expire. It is related to how well the masks fit as they age, so wearing one that is several (or in this case, 10+) years old could give no protection at all.
  8. How, may I ask, do you give yourself a pixie cut? I wore one for years and there were too many layers in the back that I would never have been able to do it right, especially since I have limited mobility in my dominate wrist. Now I have a long layered bob that I can trim, and I've been whacking my bangs for years. I have a grey streak ("highlights by God") in the bangs, right where the cowlick is, so it catches the light nicely. I hope one day to have a headful of hair as pretty as Emmylou Harris. My mom's hair is silvery, so maybe I got those genes.
  9. Re: wearing gloves -- I buy nitrile gloves at Sam's because I'm the family caregiver and thus never know what I may be called upon to do. For the past couple of weeks, I put on a pair after getting out of my car but before touching anything in the store. I figure if nothing else, it helps remind me to keep my hands away from my face. It's allergy season and I have a bad habit of using the back of my hand to wipe my eyes. I carry enough gloves with me so I have a fresh pair for each stop I make. With experience, you learn how to take them off (and even put one back on) without touching the contaminated section. I am trying to use common sense, rather than let my anxiety take over. I have been wiping down items before putting them in the fridge or freezer, leaving everything else in bags in the entryway for at least 3 days. But I am not opening containers and transferring food for storage. I've always wiped off canned goods and soda before opening, and washed produce before peeling/slicing, etc. even before cooking. Like my pharmacist said, we will never know if we were too careful, but we'll know if we weren't careful enough.
  10. Howdy! I have been thinking about all of you and hoping everyone is well. Re: dumping coffee grounds on the lawn -- yes, you can. I used to put them in my flower beds, not only to give the plants a boost but it sometimes deters cats from visiting. I haven't posted in a while, so for those who don't "know" me, I have freelanced from home for 10 years, and have been the family caregiver for 7. My folks are over 85 and have health problems, my sister uses a wheelchair. I'm the only driver, so for now I am the only one leaving the house. I wear gloves while in the store or pharmacy and after removing them at the car, slather on the sanitizer. I am a 50-something woman with the hands of a 75 year old, but it's worth it. I have cancelled routine doctor visits in order to avoid getting my family out; each one is considered high risk for at least 2 reasons. My biggest fear is that I will bring the virus home, my second biggest is that one of us will have to be hospitalized for any reason and we'll never see them again. Needless to say, I pray for peace of mind. A lot. Especially before turning in at night. On the up side, having days where I don't leave the house means I can clean and organize, and my goal for the week is to take down the (artificial) Christmas tree. It's not visible from the street and no one comes to visit, so it hasn't been a priority. The other day I told Mom, "remember when doctors told parents that allowing kids to play in the dirt was good for their immune system? Well, given how long it's been since I mopped the floor, we must have really strong immune systems!" Take care, everyone!
  11. I don't come around here anymore, but just had to pop in and give y'all a laugh -- I got an email yesterday inviting me to a "follow-up appointment" in my town. I don't even remember how many I got correct the last time I took the online test. Anyway, I politely declined, since I no longer travel. Not that I'd stand a chance of advancing to the next round, but it didn't seem right to take a spot that could go to a potential multi-day champion. I guess I could have given them my more honest reason -- I wouldn't go on television if you paid me. Hee! Later, gators …
  12. PTV was a comfortable, familiar place. Now, not so much. I have way too many changes in my real life, I just don't have the energy to deal with this new setup. Y'all take care of each other and thanks for all the support/sympathetic ears/laughs!
  13. forumfish

    College Basketball

    Congrats to my Baylor Lady Bears for their 3rd Championship -- Sic 'em! And a big shout out to Kim Mulkey -- the only coach (male or female) to have won the NCAA Championship as a player (La. Tech, 1982), assistant coach (La. Tech, 1988), and head coach (Baylor, 2005, 2012, 2019). She is now third behind Geno Auriemma (UConn, 11 titles) and the late Pat Summit (Tenn., 8 titles) for championship wins.
  14. It just hit me who James reminds me of -- Gilbert Gottfried. 'nuff said. (That is sweet about the family shoutouts, though.)
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