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  1. I don't come around here anymore, but just had to pop in and give y'all a laugh -- I got an email yesterday inviting me to a "follow-up appointment" in my town. I don't even remember how many I got correct the last time I took the online test. Anyway, I politely declined, since I no longer travel. Not that I'd stand a chance of advancing to the next round, but it didn't seem right to take a spot that could go to a potential multi-day champion. I guess I could have given them my more honest reason -- I wouldn't go on television if you paid me. Hee! Later, gators …
  2. PTV was a comfortable, familiar place. Now, not so much. I have way too many changes in my real life, I just don't have the energy to deal with this new setup. Y'all take care of each other and thanks for all the support/sympathetic ears/laughs!
  3. forumfish

    College Basketball

    Congrats to my Baylor Lady Bears for their 3rd Championship -- Sic 'em! And a big shout out to Kim Mulkey -- the only coach (male or female) to have won the NCAA Championship as a player (La. Tech, 1982), assistant coach (La. Tech, 1988), and head coach (Baylor, 2005, 2012, 2019). She is now third behind Geno Auriemma (UConn, 11 titles) and the late Pat Summit (Tenn., 8 titles) for championship wins.
  4. It just hit me who James reminds me of -- Gilbert Gottfried. 'nuff said. (That is sweet about the family shoutouts, though.)
  5. I once attended a seminar led by two women: one named Carmen, the other Gia. They made a joke about their names and the car, so now I pronounce the car name with a soft "g." All else being equal, I root for the person whose occupation makes me think they could really use the money, and a "professional sports gambler" is never going to check that box for me. I know, even someone who has a stereotypically low-paying job could be independently wealthy and not need a dime of Jeopardy winnings, but that's just something I've always done. Re: Nutella-filled egg rolls -- I filled wonton wrappers with Nutella and baked them once and they were very good. Hmm, I need to go to the grocery store this afternoon …
  6. By the first commercial break, I remembered reading that there would be a spin-off, so I told my mom and sister that we were watching a backdoor pilot. It wasn't long before I abandoned the show to get some work done. A couple of hours later, I asked if they explained why the guy killed his family -- Julian's character had pontificated about there being four reasons. Neither Mom nor my sis had paid enough attention, so I'll ask here: Why did the guy do it? In case you can't tell, we don't plan to watch the new show. FBI is the first Dick Wolf show we've watched since Miami Vice.
  7. I guess I owe everyone on here an apology 'cause I don't think I've ever hit the "heart" or any other button. This is about the only social media site in which I participate*, so I guess I'm not well-versed in the etiquette. I do occasionally click on the little bell symbol when I'm logged in and then hit "clear notifications," but I'm sorry to say I don't read them first. I guess that makes me a bad forum member. * I am a member on My Fitness Pal, but I only use it for tracking my weight/diet. I don't do the "friends" thing or hang out in the chat area, and my info isn't viewable by other members.
  8. I only log in when I'm going to post and I don't follow or subscribe or whatever, so the new redesign doesn't do anything for me. I do find it harder to find less popular show topics, since they are grouped under "other" headings. That's not why I haven't posted as much, though -- I just haven't had much time, with my Dad's health problems and a couple of project deadlines. I did deliver a project today, though, so that will free me up a bit. Then again, I need to get started on the family's taxes. I think I read there are new forms this year? I'd better get on that. ;)
  9. I like the so-called "tricky" categories. I find it combines trivia (because you do need to know facts) with creativity and humor. To each his own. I have just said "duel" to myself a half dozen times, trying to decide whether I use one or two syllables. I am going with one and a half syllables -- "doo-l" -- not "dool" as rhymes with "tool" or "fool" but not "doo-ul" either. I give the "l" a teensy bit of emphasis. And now my head hurts.
  10. They probably carried a bag of zip ties for backup, like half of the other cop shows, because we all know how easy those are to use with one hand while holding down a suspect with the other.
  11. The birth of MTV -- I was in high school and a bunch of us would go to my friend's house after school so we could all watch together. Had the internet existed, I imagine the VJs would have had huge Twitter followings.
  12. forumfish


    When does the mayor of any city outrank an FBI officer? 'cause last night's ep sure made it seem that way.
  13. In addition to the 4-letter trick to associate the Inca with Peru, you can remember that the "u" in Peru turned upside down is the "n" in Inca. Neither Aztec nor Maya* has an "n" -- nor does Olmec, another central-south American culture (frequently overlooked). *There is an "n" in Mayan, but that is typically used for the language. I got Chase for FJ, which is to be expected, I guess, since I live in the Fishbowl.
  14. That would be "facile facility," right? (Sorry!) Re: the "what is rocket science?" clue -- I thought they were going for the clue-within-a-clue by using Kevin Durant, but he doesn't play for the Rockets.
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