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  1. 1 hour ago, CrazyInAlabama said:

    Karen Accused of Terrorizing Landlord?!(2020) -Plaintiff Sarah Rolak, suing her former landlady, Ana Belacqua for her security deposit, illegal eviction, return of rent, and an assault. 

    That landlord was a real piece of work. She got all offended when Judge Judy said she had issues, but she literally said a minute or two earlier that she had PTSD from renting to the plaintiff. Also, why in the world would she think that Judge Judy would know what a Karen is? Plus, of the two of them, the landlady seems like the type who would ask to see the manager.

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  2. 37 minutes ago, txhorns79 said:

    It's not just his father's sexuality, there were years of lies covering it up, along with what sounds like like years of terrible parenting.

    There was a 50-year-old secret in my family that I found out about around 10 years ago that messed me up for about a week, even though I wasn't particularly close to this relative and he had died 10 years before I found out. I was upset because it was a multi-decade lie over something relatively (pun fully intended) common (divorce). And because it was like, "My boring-ass family has a 50-year-old secret?! Because of a fucking divorce?! Who cares about a divorce?! (The answer to that question is - mid-century Catholics.) And what other mundane things might they be hiding?" So I can understand why Mark is spiraling. If I had been on vacation at the time and had nothing else to focus on, I might have wallowed too. And I don't think Mark is necessarily homophobic, though I'm not ruling it out. His reaction and emotions are still pretty raw and it must be a total mindfuck to think your dad died of cancer and then to find out, after several years, that it was AIDS and that multiple people lied to you about it.

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  3. 55 minutes ago, allonsyalice said:

    I hated Josh this episode.

    I felt so bad for Melissa dancing by herself in the flashback; she looked so uncomfortable even before the significant others joined them. If someone you care about is forced to make a fool out of themselves, you get up there and make a fool out of yourself too. It's like people who "hate going to funerals;" well, yeah man, no one enjoys going to them, but you show up for the people you love.

    That scene clearly struck a nerve, lol.

    Poor Mrs. Menlove and Danny Bailey. But if I had drank as much gentlemen's punch as Melissa, I would have stuck around for breakfast.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Mrs. Hanson said:

    I could not agree more - there was one with the male/female owners of a side by side duplex where he became unhinged and crawled up through her house, killed her and had 100 snakes or so could be a rival.

    Omg, that episode was terrifying! There was a similar case on Forensic Files - though that was a robbery and not feuding neighbors - where there was an apartment building and two apartments shared an attic with no wall in the attic separating the two units, so the neighbor climbed into the attic (it was the kind where there aren't stairs or a ladder to access the attic, just a hole in the ceiling), walked over to the neighbor's side, climbed down to his apartment, and robbed and killed him.

    And also, for those of you familiar with the movie Candyman, that was based on an actual story (well, not the supernatural parts of the movie) where in the Chicago housing projects in the 80's, people actually were able to climb into other apartments through the medicine cabinet. Here's an old Chicago Reader article about it - https://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/they-came-in-through-the-bathroom-mirror/Content?oid=871084

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  5. 4 minutes ago, candle96 said:

    Her friend is marginally better, but not by much. I really can't stand rich kids who complain about their parents' career choices while also benefiting from said careers. 

    Ugh, YES! It reminds me of one of Rupert Murdoch's kids disavowing Fox News a year or two ago. My reaction was, "So you're gonna give all that money back?"

    Also, the friend. You just got a free awesome vacation, so maybe don't act like such a twat. It's one thing to be shitty to your own family (I think we were all probably shitty to our families at that age); it's another to be shitty to someone else's family when you're a guest on their vacation.

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  6. 49 minutes ago, DoubleUTeeEff said:

    The way it turned was so fantastic. I wonder if Rachel is oblivious to how she really wrote the article or if Nicole took it too seriously. Maybe a combo of both but you'd think Nicole would be used to criticism.

    It reminds me of the saying "The axe forgets. The tree remembers." I think the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Rachel probably wrote matter of factly or slightly critically about a person who was theoretical to her, but then the actual person reacted badly to that slight criticism. I think Nicole took the criticism more personally because it sounds like Rachel may have been implying that Nicole used a Me Too situation to her advantage to get promoted and Nicole seems like a Lean In feminist who wouldn't like that implication (even if deep down inside she knows it might be slightly true).

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  7. 1 hour ago, aghst said:

    That may all be true but Rachel's POV was that it wasn't worth letting the agitation get in the way of them enjoying their honeymoon.

    She was happy with the room they got, didn't feel wronged that she didn't get the honeymoon suite.

    Yeah, if this were real life, my position would be to bring it up once but then let it go. The hotel manager isn't ruining their honeymoon, Shane is.

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  8. I watched the first two episodes yesterday and really enjoyed them. And I say this as someone who doesn't really like musicals. Or at least movie musicals; I can handle less than half an hour of singing. I'm interested to see what happens between Cecily Strong and Keegan Michael Key (I don't remember character names yet) because they broke way earlier in the season than I was expecting.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Cotypubby said:

    So what are all these numerous allegations? I just keep seeing people posting about “someone said on Twitter” and “some unnamed person said this on Reddit.” Can someone just post a list here what he is accused of doing? All I have seen here is that he cheated on his wife with a co-worker, and then at some point cut the hours of said co-worker and was fired for an undisclosed reason.  

    There are links to multiple articles in the Cheftestants thread. You could also just google it.

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  10. 14 minutes ago, Chellfairy said:

    And shame on Theo for taking advantage of her in that way 

    This is the first episode of Days I've watched in a couple months and Ciara and Theo's relationship didn't seem on the up and up, consent-wise. And a better show would be able to explore that dicey gray area. If Ciara had her memory back, would she want to be with Ben instead of Theo? Absolutely. And Theo definitely knows that, which is why he's rushing it. I hope when news of the engagement becomes public, people bring that up. 

    32 minutes ago, Frozendiva said:

    Abe, you are lucky to get censured and fined or asked to resign as Mayor for this debacle. You are not King of Salem. All this business stuff and permits and zoning goes through staff and various bylaws and departments. Surely SOMEONE would have come to your office to show you what you signed.

    I was like, "How did Abe, of all people, not know about this?!" You can't just knock down a whole-ass commercial area without multiple government departments knowing about it.

    I did laugh when Eli said to the demo guy about to remove the Horton plaque, "Those are my great-grandparents!" Like, what did he think they would say? "Oh sorry, we didn't know these were *your* great-grandparents. Demolition cancelled!"

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  11. 25 minutes ago, Irlandesa said:

    They probably didn't know when they filmed but they did know before it aired.  And now he gets to walk away with $250,000 in his pocket.  I'm surprised Top Chef doesn't have something in place for a situation like this.

    I wonder if there's a morals clause that they could use to not pay him, after Bravo/Top Chef/Magical Elves does an investigation of their own. I think they withhold payment until after the finale airs so there's incentive not to spoil the season, so he may not have the money yet. There could also be pre-production paperwork and agreements that could trip him up.

    My sister's worked in professional kitchens and the best ones have had some form of toxicity and behavior that wouldn't fly in most other professions, so the fact that Gabe, a talented and celebrated Austin chef, *got fired* for his behavior leads me to believe the accusations are true. The restaurant owners wouldn't have fired him unless they really had to.



    It's stunningly arrogant that he knew he was under investigation when he left to shoot, said nothing, and then returned and continued the behavior knowing he had 250K in the bank to face down any repercussions. The more think about it the angrier I get. 

    To me, that arrogance is totally on-brand for a man who thinks he can get away with sexually harassing women and making, or at least tolerating, anti-semitic comments.

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  12. 42 minutes ago, ProudMary said:

    So Dale Talde managed to still land in the top 3 despite not plating a protein?!?! He's got some nerve coming for Dawn with that on his own Top Chef resume. Get off my screen, Dale.

    That was a different Dale in season 3 (Miami). The blonde guy with the short mohawk, I think. Dale Talde was in season 4 (Chicago). He's still a dick, but not a hypocritical dick in this instance.

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  13. 5 hours ago, MrPissyPuppy said:

    She played Betty Munroe in Rocky Horror Picture Show back in 1975!

    OMG. I am, as they say, shook. She's kind of reminding me of Lisa Vanderpump - older, pretty brunette Brits with interesting and unexpected pasts.

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  14. I just googled Hilary and holy shit, she's 68-years-old (or possibly 69, google and wikipedia had different ages). I need all of her skincare (and maybe plastic surgery?) secrets. David is 55 and I totally thought they were closer in age.

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  15. 19 minutes ago, Jaded said:

    I love how most Days viewers who remember the Belle recasts do their best to forget what had to have been stunt casting Belle in between Kirsten and MM with Charity Rahmer.  Some people have thought she got cast so accepting MM as Belle would be easier.

    The last time I checked I think Charity Rahmer was a yoga teacher. The videos of her playing Belle got yeeted off of YT due to Sony hiring that company to copyright report so much stuff not just videos related to Days

    I wasn't watching Days when Charity played her, but I remember seeing a clip on youtube years ago of a scene with her being slapped, I think by Jan, and it was some of the worst acting I've ever seen. If that was TPTB's plan, that was really smart, as long as they let Charity know and she was compensated well. Based on that clip from twitter, her Belle seems like a spoiled twat (or maybe she always was but Kirsten Storms had enough charm to pull it off). 

    4 hours ago, methodwriter85 said:

    I remember it being jarring when she came on because Kirsten Storms had a baby face. MM even said in magazine that they were giving her a "younger" haircut, like they knew she looked too old.

    I always feel bad for these recast actresses because most of the time they get compared unfavorably to their predecessor, either because the audience doesn't think they're as pretty or as talented or both. I used to watch All My Children and I remember when they recast Greenlee. The poor actress (her name was Sabine something or other) never really caught on with audiences and when they brought back Rebecca Budig they made these commercials that literally said, "The real Greenlee is back." That felt particularly shitty on the network's part.

    I have a short memory when it comes to soaps - can anyone think of an instance when a recast was more popular than their predecessor?

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  16. This episode in Hawaii with Yarda might be the one that pisses me off the most. So Yarda harasses and threatens the neighbors so that they feel unsafe even walking to their cars or to the mailbox, that's fine. But he smokes a cigarette, well that's a deal-breaker. Lois may have been a nice person, but she wasn't a kind person. And I don't blame the neighbors for threatening to sue her over it.

    Also, there are episodes where I can truly believe that no one saw it coming. Petty, tit-for-tat behavior rarely results in murder. But when a paranoid man with anger management issues is stockpiling weapons, yeah, that's going to end in violence.

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  17. The one thing that really annoyed me about this week's episode is that all Brad had to do was pull out his driver's license and be like, "See, it's not my birthday." And then it would have seemed really weird and shady that his brother contacted David weeks in advance, lied about it being Brad's birthday, and then showed up to surprise Brad on his not real birthday. 

    On 5/22/2021 at 8:51 AM, whiporee said:

    I think they are going too far making Poppy a jerk this season, but I do like the overall dynamics of the show this year.

    I actually do like this, for the time being, because I think a lot of people, if they were to become super successful, would kind of be a jerk while they got used to being super successful. It's like that quote by Bill Murray about how how anyone who becomes famous is gonna be an asshole for like two years and then they'll either calm down and get back to normal or stay an asshole forever. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, CrazyInAlabama said:

    I don't remember any other people being cut out. 

    They also cut out that pastry chef Johnny something or other with the tall hair. I don't remember his last name, but I mockingly called him the "pastry bad boy" because I didn't like him. I don't remember the season, but the quickfire was the cheftestants had to make something for Padma and him in a hotel and deliver it to their hotel room. They ended up just showing Padma in the room with some very awkward feedback.

    ETA: Google tells me it's Johnny Iuzzini. There isn't a ton of info about him being edited out, but according to a reddit thread (I know...) he was edited out of an episode at the Overlook Hotel, so it must have been the Colorado season.

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