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  1. I can't tell height by these pictures, but I agree, the oversized sleeves are ridiculous and have been for several years now.
  2. Where are the cameos? All I see are the Head shots on the Home tab and the Squad photo on the Our Team tab. Thanks
  3. I see quite a few of possible "identical twins" in that picture. In addition to Devon and Darian: The two blondes on the bottom row, the two with light brown hair (bottom row left and middle row right) Also could be siblings: The two dark brown (bottom row center and right above her on the middle row) as well as the blondes in the middle row left and upper row right. 😁
  4. I've never paid much attention to point until Kashara, so I'm curious, is Victoria too tall for point? have their been other "taller" points. I always thought they put their taller women behind point.
  5. I've noticed for several years now that Judy has stopped with her opinions/reasons on who should make the team or not. I think it all started the year Cassie re-auditioning for the team and they asked her to "step out" so that judges could talk about Cassie during her injured year. I have noticed in the last 5 years minimum that she's been mostly "mum" on who should be on the team or not. She rarely even critiques during dances other than "mistakes, mistakes, mistakes". Even when they are cut, she just sits there on her stool. silent. Then once the cut person leaves the office Kelli will turn to her and make a comment and Judy mostly just nods her head in agreement or states something along the lines of "well she was always going to struggle." In regards to the picture posted by Bunnyhops96 the only thing I see in that picture is a "hot mess". I don't have any problem with anyones weight in the pic, because even Amanda who is very slim looks like her belly is is jiggling, so it's definitely the cut of the uniform. But all I see is hair flying around and everyone in differing positions trying to do a hair flip. Definitely NOT what I would consider a world class performance.
  6. Agree, they both had the Big fish small pond syndrome. Nothing wrong with leaving DCC as it appears it was not "right for them" and trying something new and different as long as they stay true to themselves and flexible with their goals, they can work their way around trying new styles, cities, networks, jobs, education etc until they get to where they find happiness.
  7. well darn, I thought they were only a season behind. 🤷‍♀️
  8. I dropped cable last year. And I just can't see paying $20 for a season at this particular moment. But I was able to watch the first episode as it was free on CMT. I'll more than likely just wait to watch the season next year on Pluto
  9. I loved the submitted videos, An intro, a 60 second of their own. For Phase 2 DCC style Pom routine with high kicks and jump split. I loved the fact that they had learned several dances prior to TCC. I think this should be the norm from now on. I loved the fact that they were in a hotel and all together for a few weeks and the team chosen. I think this should be the norm as well. Yes: Jada, Annabelle, Claire W, Armani, Kelly, Elli, and Marissa. I thought they looked like they were having a lot of fun performing. Which is what I personally enjoy seeing. I got to watch the episode for free on CMT. I liked Amelias personality, but she definitely struggled with the routines. No: Alora, Sydney, Jessica, Claire D, & Tori neither dance wise nor personality. Here's how I ranked each grouping with Yes, Maybe or No Group 1: Yes: Dani, Jada. Maybe: Tori No: Alora, & Claire D. weakest of the group Group 2 - Yes: Marissa, Annabelle, Cassie & Ashlin No: Amelia weakest of the group Group 3 - Yes: Armani, Kelly, Darian Maybe: Mckenzie No: : Jessica weakest of the group Group 4: - Yes: Claire W, Elli, clearly outdanced the Maybe: Shannon, Sheridan No Sydney weakest of the group
  10. I watched the Duggars because I wanted to see what the children as adults would choose to do with their lives. (stay under J&M or flee). I apologize for the wall of text 🥺 Everyone chooses to marry or not marry for their own reasons: Some marry for love, some for children, some to get out of the unhappy life they are currently in, some for society/financial status and some for companionship. I'm sure there is more. Presumably: Jana has chosen to be single because no one has come along that can give her a better life than what she has, she's also chosen to "educate" herself and has learned to do a great many things within her little world. Anna chose to marry Joshua, even after the scandal her brother offered to get her out and away from the Duggars; she chose to stand by her man. So apparently her current life, at least in her mind, is acceptable as J&M seem to be just fine supporting them. JD waited a very long time (for Duggars) to choose Abbie, and they appear to be very happy with each other. They are also capable of being financial independent of J&M Jill chose to marry Derrick and it appears the two of them do actually love/care for each other, I don’t see Derrick keeping her from educating herself if she so chooses. Derrick also has the capability to support them. Jinger has been "freed" from the Duggars and chose someone who could/would take her places. Jeremy also has the capability of being financially independent. Joy chose a man who is very much in her "comfort zone", again, it appears that they love and enjoy each other. Austin has a ready-made financial stake in his parents campground, but also the capability of being independently of J&M Jessa is very much like her parents and wants to be “in charge” so, she chose someone who was younger and besotted with her. They are always going to be dependent on J&M supporting them. Joe chose Kendra because she’s a bit “dim” like him. They both seem quite happy to be living under J&M rules & financial dependency. Josiah & Lauren seem to be content with each other. You can see they both love their daughter. It doesn’t appear that Josiah knows exactly what he wants to “do” career wise, so he’ll do whatever job his father gives him: car lot manager, pilot, whatever. It’s possible that Lauren expects a bit more from him as she appears to be a high maintenance type of woman. He’s only 24 so we’ll just have to wait and see if he chooses to educate himself so that he can have a career, or if he chooses to be dependent on J&M.
  11. I think the DCC in motion clips are nice especially for show group and off season.. But what I would really like to see is the team of women perform their routines in uniform. I feel like TPTB really have missed an opportunity. They obviously cannot perform on the field during games and cannot go on any ambassador visits nor show group performances due to covid limitations. So what they could have done was rented a studio/banquet hall or utilize their own practice field. Hire professional videographers to video their performances and sell them on their website. Or create a premium ($) website where they can be viewed on. This way they could copyright their performances and still make some money. This gives them reasons to perform and stay in shape and stay relevant. They wouldn't have to wear their masks while they are performing because they would have the place to themselves, but this allows them to learn/choreograph routines and show them off to their fans. Just my two cents.
  12. I don't understand the purpose of the panel interviews. I mean how often are they actually interviewed? Everything I've seen (which are few and far between) in regards to interviews have been cheerleading/performing questions "how often do you practice?" as opposed to "do you know who the FBI director is?".
  13. Seeing as Jana is now 30 and doesn't appear to be interested in marriage and as JB/Michelle are only 25/24 years older than her so it's not like they are going to "pass" anytime soon. Therefore she could be well into her 50's taking care of her parents as a single woman if she continues to stay with them. IF Jana remains unmarried what happens to Jana when they pass? Also: will she EVER be allowed to live an actual single life on her own? I just cannot imagine a woman in her 40s or 50s living with her parents unless they are in need of caretakers due to illness or age>
  14. okay, where do you find these videos? or can you post a link or something here in the forum? Thanks
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