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  1. meh, I think she looks just fine. Her skin is not "bad". She's young, and natural which is just fine for her and Austins lifestyle. Of course this would NEVER be acceptable in the Jinger/Jeremy world 😏.
  2. I think you are correct. I agree she was selected because the fact that she was a rhythmic gymnast and what she could bring to show group (if she could make it). They need 36 women who can perform DCC Pom style, then of those 36 they are looking for roughly 15 standouts for show group. Having a mixture of "special talents" allows the show group choreography to be more than just the usual DCC Pom.
  3. I know the blondes are Lexie and Cianna, but who is the brunette?
  4. I thought she bought the tattoo parlor thing, she and Laura have traveled several places together, to visit family or to set up stuff for the family. I could have sworn that Michele (or someone female) said the garden was all done by Jana.
  5. I'm completely confused about Jana. She is allowed to make decisions on her own\aka buying property, buying the garden materials etc anything she wants to do project wise regardless if personal or family oriented. Also I think she was the first single to get a SM account. She seems to be allowed to come and go as she pleases with whomever sibling or female friend she wants. Although she says there has been some male interest, we rarely see her pictured with/near any males. Maybe she has agreed to never marry and just take care of the minors and her parents as they age.
  6. Erin, IMO, appears to be obsessed with pregnancy/babies and Chad being the "aw shucks" fundie believer will continue to produce regardless if he can afford or not. Tori didn't appear to me to be all that thrilled with pregnancy and motherhood. So not sure why they insist on pregnancy after pregnancy. Allysa not sure why they continue to get pregnant with her health issues unless they are actively trying for a boy. But they both seem more than willing to work to support the number of kids. Josie although as expected got pregnant right away is kind of private like Alyssa and I haven't seen her much while pregnant and if they really want kid after kid after kid. Carlin, I expected to have a baby right off as she likes to be the center of attention.
  7. I liked her and thought she would have made a good addition to the team. Although I know some people aren't going to like her because she's so similar to Maddie/Bridget in as much that look like they are having the times of their lives when they perform.
  8. The only reason I ever watched the show was to watch as one of the children escape from the family. Unfortunately not only did that NOT happen, but they all seem to prefer to be with their family (even their predator brother). The adults all have access to the internet and can educate themselves, but choose not to. If Ben can get an online education so can any of the others (male or female). Jinger, although she lives farthest away, still manages to visit as often as she wants. All of the others (except currently shunned Jill) come and go as often as they like. If any of them truly wanted to change their environment, they could, they just choose not to.
  9. It looks to me like Amy & Lexie have their weight on their left legs as their right legs are bent. Whereas Alexis, VK, Bridget, the one obscured by Amy’s arm, Heather, Maddie and Caroline all appear to have their weight on their right leg as their left knees appear to be bent.
  10. It appears to me that due to her pageant days, she knows the exact facial expression that photographs well, and that is the expression that she keeps as she is performing or posing for team pics. Whereas you have Maddie and Bridget who tend to smile with their whole face like they are having the times of their lives, but that sometimes comes across as childlike in photos. There IS a happy medium in there, but it's not always captured by the camera or held by the individual.
  11. Well I'm not too keen on Bella as a first name as to me it's a nickname of the formal name: Isobella or Annabella, I prefer formal names myself, and would consider nicknames for children that are named after another living family member: aka grandfather or Father James and newborn named after him would be nicknamed Jim or Jimmy, Same with female grandmother or mother Michelle nicknamed as Mishie/Shellie/Elle.
  12. Just curious, the news link on previous post spoke with Jedidiah who is running for State Representative and he stated he "does not live there". Where does he live then? I thought all of the unmarried Duggars lived in the main house?
  13. I could be wrong but the way I see it: The children are taught to idolize their parents. Also, they are very "sheltered" in regards to what other non fundie parents/families do. They don't watch tv, they don't read newspapers, they don't read books, they don't go to school, they don't have friends outside of other fundies. If they happen to be exposed to other non fundie people; they are told by their parents that it is "wrong" and goes against their religious teachings.
  14. LynneH

    S14.E13: Game Day

    My thoughts on the season: VK deserved her spot on the team and looks very good in the uniform. As long as she continues to maintain a decent weight, then I can see her continuing each year moving closer and eventually into the triangle. I’m happy for Maddie being point (she is a favorite of mine) and I’m okay Amy for co-point (since she IS in year 5 and deserves a little something for lasting that long). I hope they both retire at the end of the year. Give them VOTY and PB (doesn’t matter which) and then say bye. I really enjoyed Amanda, she’s my favorite rookie, followed by Kelcey. Unfortunately, I really liked Lisa but I see Lisa as Gina 2.0 because she over-dances just like Gina and ends up looking “off” from the rest of the team. I wasn’t a fan of Kat nor Meredith in personality nor performance but they are on the team, so I hope they continue to improve throughout the year. I hope they stop this “only 36 on the field” nonsense and just select 36 or put 37 on the field to perform. I like the personalities of Chandi, Lily, Taylor P and Kristin and happy they made the team, but they are just blenders same as Christina, Madeline, & Taylor J. I'd like to see Heather in the triangle/point next year. Lexie and Tess are just fine in the triangle. Although there are many strong dancers who could be up there and be just fine.
  15. Who I want: ROTY: Amanda VOTY: Rachel W. or Rachel A., Pro Bowl: Maddie Who I think will actually win: ROTY: Victoria VOTY: Maddie Pro Bowl: Amy I figure rookie of the year is going to be someone from show group, and I think Veteran of the year/Pro bowl will be Maddie/Amy. Because they are both currently point.
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