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  1. angelusgirl

    S01.E04: Rose390

    I read that book in high school! I remember the name to this day-"and I don't want to live this life"
  2. I am watching the old seasons on Pluto and it is the Bombshell by Victoria's Secret. In one uniform fitting episode she asked the lady during the measurements "where are the bombshells" and then picked on up. There was a stack of them, all the same blue as the uniform. Kelly went on to say something like "bombshell is right, this could survive a mortar" or something similar, in regards to the amount of padding.
  3. They didn’t mention it because it’s not about her. It’s about Elle MacPherson.
  4. I guess. I was a pretty hardcore original viewer and even had all 10 seasons on VHS (with original commercials which were a hoot!) until my divorce 5 years ago made keeping a box that big and heavy impossible and I legitimately don't remember that being a big thing. I sure do wish I still had those, the music rights issue killing so many episodes on Hulu drives me nuts
  5. Shannen replied to a couple people on Instagram that it will be made clear next episode. Maybe the character "Shannen" is pregnant?
  6. Ray was in almost half of season 6-14 of 32 episodes. But the incident in question was in season 5.
  7. I am right there with you, I am loving this! I was varying degrees of disappointed with both Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars continuations. This has been a breath of fresh air, comparatively speaking.
  8. On GMA, Jason announced 3 series regulars that would be making an appearance and it is quoted in the article. One was Carol Potter, one was Christine Elise and the other is why I put a spoiler warning.
  9. And then there is this...... if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Culture/jason-priestley-reveals-bh90210-easter-eggs/story?id=64495319
  10. They were pretty clear from jump street what it was going to be. Every interview and every bit of press reiterated the concept. This is an idea that Jennie and Tori came up with and got everyone on board. I am actually quite loving it. Having been disappointed by both Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars new seasons, this was a breath of fresh air. There is no way to live up to the expectations on fans and this way we got to see the group we love, together in an unexpected but refreshing way and get glimpses of the characters as well.
  11. Still loving this show. I’m pretty sure that the arsonist/stalker is Jamie Walters. That’s verbatim what Ray said to Donna before tossing her down a flight of stairs in Palm Springs. Edited Ed to add The reboot is Tori and Jennie’s baby. There is no way they’d have Tiffani. Whatever their issue is, Jennie seems to seriously hate the girl.
  12. I am loving this show. It makes me feel what I wanted to feel with Veronica Mars season 4. I am pleasantly surprised at how great Jennie and Brian have been, and Tori has her moments as well. All three seem to excel at the quieter comedic moments, the little asides they make like Tori's coach comments in episode one and Brian's "I wouldn't drink that" I am also enjoying Christine Elise more than I ever did Emily Valentine. Shannen has always been my favorite, so I hope to see more of her. I agree with those that aren't fully on board with the spouses. Vanessa Lachey isn't too bad, but Lala is terrible and Ivan isn't much better.
  13. I agree about Tori. I tried to explain what I meant to someone and they just didn't get it. some of the smaller moments, like about the coach seats, were really good. In fact I would say the same about Jennie and her moments by the pool.
  14. I am so frustrated with the season as a whole. What they did to Veronica, her friendships, her relationships. I am frustrated with the multitude of interviews "explaining" themselves. But I am also frustrated at the number of people (not here, other places) that are taking this interviews as "proof" that Logan is dead. I think there were way too many holes, way to many needless specific explanations of how often he has to leave at a moments notice and comes back whenever. Rob saying he regrets these possible clues? Bull. That doesn't happen by accident. I think they all doth protest too much and season 5 will end with V "moving on" and a shot of Logan either captured/incapacitated or en route home. The EW interviews with Kit Harrington had him describing in detail how he got "the talk" about his death, how he was for sure done. Multiple interviews with the show runners claiming the same. Do people honestly think they would show their hand? Say lol just kidding? GoT is just one instance, but showrunners and actors lie. they have to. The number of interviews itself is really kind of suspect. Why so many? Is he really dead? Maybe but taking RT and co at their word may be a fools errand.
  15. LOL Twop used to call her show killer in the recaps for Veronica Mars.
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