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  1. Hey Now!! I'm from KY and there is and was some really good music out of Appalachia...just look to Ken Burns PBS Documentary 🙂 🙂
  2. Felicity is Jeremy's Mom..spit out ...I mean looks just like her...I see no Dugger looks at all!
  3. I don't blame her for doing natural chemo..having worked at one time in the cancer industry I have heard oncologists go into knock down drag out fights over the patient doing...chemo, radiation, vaccines and of all thing juicing (the juicing patients raised their red blood counts through juicing and therefor did not need the blood medicine they were prescribed)...and natural chemo could mean anything..could just be what some oncologist said to make her feel better...as in ...its more natural....also most of my patients (melanoma)....they died...except for the ones who went to mexico and did Laetrile ...which is b17 ...they are still alive...so yeah...don't blame her one bit and hope she recovers and lives a long life..
  4. I think she must be undergoing intense therapy...these type of decisions have to be coming/and coping...with the help of someone to walk her through them...I think we will see more changes in the family....I also think this was "speeded up" by JB....as in he made a BIG boundary at the big house and with the remaining family who follows him...I think this is the catalyst that finally forced Jill to HAVE to make changes..because all she had ever known had been cut off....JB and M really did her a favor....
  5. I vote for nursing school...she could go on to be a nurse midwife (fully trained and licensed!!) I do see her going on to do something once the little one is in school too...I would love to be a FLY on the wall at the big house...and it makes me curious who will be the next one to flee the coop??? I know there are unhappy gals in the photo's I see...Jenny??? wasn't she one of Jills buddy's??
  6. I don't think it's attachment parenting either...but , I will say I was amazed while living in for a time in Denmark/Netherlands ...that the women leave babies outside in a pram..while eating or shopping...I was working helping cook dinner one night and one of the ladies there left the baby outside in the pram for hours (checking on her though)...apparently it is a cultural thing in certain areas...it made me a nervous wreck...lol
  7. there are co-ops , that is where my kids went --2 days a week and then homeschooled the rest of the week (and they turned out great..my daughter has 2 degrees, my son is a known actor in Hollywood and he has a degree also...both think for themselves...as what we all learned the most was critical thinking skills and how to debate (socrates anyone))..
  8. what is the story on Gil telling K he couldn't date Josie...I missed it and need the deets!!
  9. I am a big fan of paper plates...if I am having a group of people I like to use paper plates...We learned about Hygge while in Denmark....Hygge is-- a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. You invite someone over and the focus is on conversation and comfort...low lighting...minimum fuss ...so paper plates means I can focus more on the people and we can all stay out of the kitchen....I would say I would use more formal dishes etc for event type hosting...showers , anniversary...I think I used to use HGTV and The food network guidelines as my HOW TO for events...lol....it just became too much...I like it that I can create and environment where people can come to relax...
  10. So what is going to happen to the farm??? are J and A going to buy/inherit it???
  11. well it would be that simple for her...divorce, live together and get coverage....there is actually a movement now among all people of faith...muslims, christians, mennonites amish ETC...to just get "married" in the faith...fill out the license and never turn it in...just because these types of things concerting health insurance... are happening to people....I heard a story recently about widowed retirees in florida who get married this way...and get to keep the deceased spouses pension as well as the benefits they received....
  12. this is what my cousin had to do...she divorced her husband so she could keep benefits on the disabled child...hubby made too much money....and I PERSONALLY know of others who had to do it....
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