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  1. I hope Briana goes. Her storyline repeats itself. All she's doing is looking for her next baby daddy. I'm rooting for Jade. It's nice to see a realistic view of a new mom. MTv Thank you.
  2. As a Chelsea fan I'm greatly disappointed in her choice to shill overpriced diaper bags and what? She's now a handbag designer? That purse she was going on about is nothing more than a typical discount department store purse. Her originality is zero. Why do I feel this charade was manufactured by MTv?
  3. I couldn't agree more. Just the shirt would have been fine. Victoria was so proud of herself. It makes me sick. I will FF her stupid face.
  4. As much as I love Zoey (really the only reason I watch) it is turning reminiscent of when Matt Roloff would spend an entire season product endorsing to get free stuff for his house. Rather then showcase the ups and downs of dwarfism and other related aspects these over the top birthday parties are a perfect example. They don't spend a dime of their own money. But will gladly accept this ridiculousness.
  5. Yes! Pretty sure Theresa isn't running off to rehab at the drop of a hat and traumatizing Carly the way Catelynn does to Not Carly. Cate is kidding herself if she doesn't realize that the panic little Novalee goes through when her Mom leaves the house for just a simple errand is her fault.
  6. To sell what? The pelts of little dogs?
  7. Sheldon made it very clear that he will never get anyone's name tattoo'd on his body. Unsurprisingly I'm okay with that. Cole's work looks great. I agree with whoever said above that it is a little busy.
  8. Hmmm at my house we call that SNACKS. Must run off and wake up Sheldon to enlighten him.
  9. Goat yoga is really a thing? LOL
  10. Farrah does own a book? One that she hasn't written?
  11. I just want to tell you right ON! Every single word.
  12. In my daughter's childhood there was no way I had time to do full make-up with eyelashes on Christmas morning. This is the one thing I don't like about Chelsea as grown up as she seems to be she sill has that superficial side.
  13. They can quit anytime they want to. Nobody is forcing them to film. Same was true for Rhine and Mack before they were fired.
  14. PTSD or not Dude is Grade A Asshole. I believe he has always been this way. Not a Bristol fan but I understand why she put off marriage to him and divorcing him now. It just makes me mad she brought kids into the mix because Dakota is unstable and she had to know that before intentionally getting pregnant.
  15. I agree. There's nothing wrong with mentioning that she reached out to them. That would show growth in her recovery.
  16. She might have apologized. Not everything has to be a part of the show especially as Corey and Miranda have really taken a backseat in their appearances since that period of time. I'm very impressed with them in that regard.
  17. Carapace shouldn't have to pay her back on the principal that she gave him a messed up name.
  18. I love Kristina but can she refrain from the "mini me" crap? Every mother I know with a little girl under 10 does this and it drives me crazy.
  19. STFU Sarah. What an idiot. She's thirstier than Bristol.
  20. There are rehabs that go that long. Butch Baltierra was in for six months.
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