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  1. Claudia Kishi

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    I don’t recall a scene like that? Maybe I missed it. Regardless, she’s dellusional if she thinks her marriage ending has anything to do with Liza. Charles was dating another woman a couple seasons ago. He wasn’t sitting around waiting for Pauline to come back.
  2. Claudia Kishi

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    How was Pauline so sure there was something going on with Charles and Liza? I mean, he was nasty and pissed at her at the launch party or whatever that was, so it was clear there was something amiss, but at that point C & L were nowhere near being together. I love how Pauline conveniently forgets that the reason Charles/Carl moved on is because she walked out. What an ahole.
  3. Claudia Kishi

    S05.E04: The Talented Mr. Ridley

    I’m more invested in Diana’s love life than Liza’s at this point. I want Diana to end up madly in love with someone who treats her like gold. Maybe even adopt a baby. I’d love to see her navigating the motherhood role.
  4. Claudia Kishi

    S03.E20: Gender Reveal

    If the baby was Jonahs, I don’t think we would’ve seen Amy trying to leave Adam a voicemail telling him that his baby was inside her.
  5. Claudia Kishi

    S03.E15: Amnesty

    I’m hoping to see more of the Jeff and Mateo relationship - we never really got to see them on a date. And apparently it was serious enough that Jeff invited him on a family vacation! I like the idea of them and have enjoyed their scenes together but I want to see more to determine their chemistry.
  6. Claudia Kishi

    S03.E15: Amnesty

    Some random thoughts... Loved the ending! So sweet. I was curious about the age difference between Jeff/Mateo in real life. Shocked to learn Nico Santos is only 24! Mateo seems older to me. The actor who plays Jeff is nearly 50. Who was Mateo calling in that last scene? And I’m sorry but... I ship Amy and Jonah it needs to happen. I love their scenes together. They have great chemistry Glad to see Cheyenne this episode! Her obsession with wearing a hat to break the rules was cute I also enjoyed the scene where Carol attempted to comfort Kelly and proceeded to be the creeper she is. Kelly backing up awkwardly trying to escape made me chuckle.
  7. Claudia Kishi

    S04.E12: Irish Goodbye

    It annoyed me that Josh called Liza at 5 am to guilt her into coming to Ireland without even an apology for waking her up. And why did Liza need to immediately wake Maggie? They didn't leave right away - she went into work that day to talk to Diana.
  8. Claudia Kishi

    S04.E08: The Gelato and the Pube

    Page 58 was anal. Diana got flustered and said it aloud when Charles interrupted them talking about it.