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  1. exactly what I mean. there are no christmassy pics with her or the other girls, just staged ones like the hospital visits.
  2. am I the only one to notice that there are no photos of VK with any of the current team that they are posting??
  3. what we called it growing up in australia, for me anyway 🙂
  4. That was Brittney Schram who was helping one of the new rookies with their hair.
  5. I can just hear Judy screaming 'LINES'...lol
  6. sadly though, plutotv is not available in Australia 😞
  7. according to JennA's insta story, Victoria is in group 2 now
  8. 4. Hannah - was only given a week to loose the 'jiggle' and so was cut. (I found this out from a former DCC)
  9. 2011 Squad: Amber retired before 2012 auditions 2011 Squad Kamilah Brett (rookie) - cut at 2012 finals? Jenna Brooks (rookie) cut at 2012 finals (I think) Cassie Rowland (rookie) cut at 2012 finals Alyssa Torres (rookie) - cut at 2012 finals Amber Smith (rookie) retired Meghan Phillips (rookie) cut 2012 finals that's just what I remember, if I'm wrong about any of them, sorry 😞
  10. that was Michelle Keys wedding and yep, they were there dancing their little hearts out
  11. viccib

    S14.E03: It's Going Down

    yes, please do tell what happened...pretty please 🙂
  12. absolutely, sun is so gorgeous at the moment. hating summer here though
  13. hey, not so random as another aussie fan here...lol. Angela was a 3rd year vet when Jinelle mad the team. I'm also a Melbourne girl living on the gold coast 🙂
  14. the contracts are given at the First Meeting iirc
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