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  1. what we called it growing up in australia, for me anyway 🙂
  2. That was Brittney Schram who was helping one of the new rookies with their hair.
  3. I can just hear Judy screaming 'LINES'...lol
  4. sadly though, plutotv is not available in Australia 😞
  5. according to JennA's insta story, Victoria is in group 2 now
  6. 4. Hannah - was only given a week to loose the 'jiggle' and so was cut. (I found this out from a former DCC)
  7. 2011 Squad: Amber retired before 2012 auditions 2011 Squad Kamilah Brett (rookie) - cut at 2012 finals? Jenna Brooks (rookie) cut at 2012 finals (I think) Cassie Rowland (rookie) cut at 2012 finals Alyssa Torres (rookie) - cut at 2012 finals Amber Smith (rookie) retired Meghan Phillips (rookie) cut 2012 finals that's just what I remember, if I'm wrong about any of them, sorry 😞
  8. that was Michelle Keys wedding and yep, they were there dancing their little hearts out
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