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  1. I must admit, I noticed the "Me Too" background song for Taylor, but I also thought they did Malena dirty as well... when they played Sunflower by Post Malone, they used the following section: Crash at my place, baby, you're a wreck Thinkin' in a bad way, losin' your grip Screamin' at my face, baby, don't trip I could be reading too much into it, but I definitely noticed the "you're a wreck" while Malena danced in slow motion
  2. Does everyone remember how Gina got DRAGGED on her rookie season because she was coming off as a "mean girl" and not taking the time to make friends or getting to know the other rookies on her team? And how Madeline Malloy was told to respect the seniority of her team mates, and her rank as a rookie? Seems like the same lessons could be applied to VK ... and yet, doesn't seem to apply for her. Again, not a VK hater here: just pointing out the double standard.
  3. I know it’s still very early to speculate but based on all the info above, I’m curious to see who will be a group leader next year. Amy, Lexie, Heather are likely retiring. Who knows (and who cares) about Tess. Gina is injured but hopefully back. Alexis will probably stay? Caroline and possibly Ashlee seem like shoo-ins for second group leaders, based on how much they are featured. Daphne seems likely too, if she stays. Same with favorites Bridget and Amber. Not even going to consider VK as group leader in her second year, although I think they will highlight her ability to move around the triangle as an example of stepping up.
  4. The irony about EarlyHairflipGate is that the TV Show taught us to notice these tiny mistakes. Kelli and Judy are the ones who ingrained the idea that an early hair flip, a late leg lift, an incorrect bodyroll, an outturned knee or pidgeon toes are reasons to be kicked off the team, or suspended from a game. Everybody makes mistakes: Victoria is just the latest of many girls who will mess up. But I think in this instance, TPTB also made a mistake moving her up to such a prominent position before she was ready. If they needed another leggy blonde, why not Daphne (A second year who was on showgroup twice!) or Erin? Or Cianna?
  5. *VK messes up* Instagram Comments: "Who is the blonde who messed up in the front? This Message Board: "Oh wow, VK really screwed up!" Kelli and Charlotte: "Awwww, poor Victoria!!"
  6. It’s been 4 days and we don’t even have any formation reports, choreography insults, VK placement drama or speculation presented as truths! Is everyone already on thanksgiving break???
  7. Taylor looks like a really pretty Lisa Kudrow there... or maybe I’ve been binge watching too much Friends lately?!
  8. Miranda is a group leader and still not in the front rows. Love Ashlee and Caroline and I understand why Rachel made the front, but I feel like Group Leaders should definitely get prime spots in the Squad Photo. In general, I’m sad this season is over even if it wasn’t my favorite.. really looking forward to seeing next year and who steps up! Favorite rookies: Kat, Chandi and - surprisingly - Lily who had such a great couple of last episodes.
  9. Stee

    S14 E11: Picture Perfect

    I watched Kat on the field anytime she was on screen, and she always looked strong, gave great facials and seemed to be *performing*. She may have struggled at first, but I think she’s become a much stronger performer as training camp has gone on. She is definitely not comparable to Meredith who hasn’t gotten better in any regard.. and I think Kat is about 50 times prettier.
  10. “I have no words”
  11. Lisa has only been shown as a strong “firecracker” performer so it is the biggest shock to see how none of the GL picked her. You think Lisa is a shoo-in whereas Kat seems struggling but the stickers reveal something different. And equally Meredith having the FEWEST stickers but still making it. Kelli isn’t lying when she says this is the hardest audition in entertainment - it’s so hard because you have no idea what they are looking for and the rules are subjective!
  12. I know it’s technically her name, but I love that Jalyns Instagram username could also read as “Jalyn’s tough!” Cuz she is.
  13. Favorite movie EVER! Also a great documentary to watch if you want context to Kelli’s statement that the DCC audition is the hardest in the entertainment world!
  14. I thought Kat looked great during the split screen with Kelsey doing the “signature dance” in front of Kashara. More than blending, I thought she popped and made the choreo look vibrant!
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