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  1. Cherry Bomb


    To really think about it, just to make a turn/spin on a 4" beam without falling off on your ass is an accomplishment in my book. :)
  2. Cherry Bomb


    Slightly overcast day, but I feel like getting out and doing something productive. I will probably head to the gym for a workout and swim than a relaxing time in the jacuzzi. Should make for a good afternoon. Hope you all are having a good afternoon as well.
  3. Cherry Bomb

    So What Are You Listening To?

    One of the most beautiful voices in my opinion is Alison Krauss. Here she is accompanied by The Chieftains singing Molly Ban
  4. Cherry Bomb

    S05.E07: Chasing Waterfalls

    I agree with Cortney not going away. The whole finding out she is preggers again will come back to haunt Brandon maybe even by the end of Season 5. I don't think she is gone though.
  5. Cherry Bomb

    Pet Peeves

    I think there are 3 other teachers who are new to the school but not new to teaching like I am. So it will just be the Administrators and us 4 in the New Orientation I believe. I am pretty sure there will be no bus tour and it will focus on learning the ins and outs of the school itself and lesson planning which really will just be for me because I will be brand new. I suppose there will ice breakers involved and getting to know the administration things. The good thing is the first week for Kindergarten in my district is half days so the kids can get the feel for what they should expect. This will also help me settle in as well.
  6. Cherry Bomb


    The wolf Turn impresses me because of the balance and the flexibility it must take to get it done. Like I said in my other post, what these girls do amaze me. They do flips on a beam that I probably couldn't even walk briskly across without losing my balance and then there are the other routines I wouldn't even attempt. I give kudos to everything these girls and guys do. The work they must have to put in the gym must make my day at the gym look like nothing.
  7. Cherry Bomb

    S05.E07: Chasing Waterfalls

    I am on the East Coast and finished watching the episode so I will leave things vague for those who are on the West Coast. Tonight's episode for me was not the usual over the top episode that has been occurring recently. There were in my opinion many warming moments in this episodes involving Lena and her Dad as well as Branden and Cortney. Also the whole Marianna helping Logan out even though I know she has motives for that worked for me as well. Callie finding herself was quite the moment as well. I really enjoyed this episode.
  8. Cherry Bomb

    NFL Thread

    Really the people that lose in these things if they go to a lockout is the fans. The thing is when it gets that far gone both the owners and the player reps don't really give a damn how it is affecting the fans. The problem is like stated above the fans are die hard and always come back so the leverage is with the owners and players. If just one time the fans sat out and didn't show up to 8 games and buy the overpriced concessions then maybe the owners and players might think more when it comes to these situations.
  9. Cherry Bomb

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Tonight I am having something I call Chicken Slop. My Mom use to make it for me and my sister when we were kids. It is kind of like a chicken casserole. Basically you cook boneless chicken breasts and then cut the meat into cubes, put in a casserole dish stove top dressing and cream of chicken soup(no water added) and bake it. It comes out like a sloppy mess so that is why my sister and I called it Chicken Slop, but it tastes good.
  10. Cherry Bomb

    Pet Peeves

    Thank You, next Monday New Teachers go in for an orientation and then we start to set up our classrooms. All teachers are reporting to set up classrooms next Wednesday August 30th. So the few new teachers like myself get a jump start. I am pretty excited to set up my classroom and then back to school day where I meet the parents will be great as well.
  11. Cherry Bomb

    Coffee vs Tea vs ?

    I do drink both Coffee and Tea, but I do prefer Tea. Mostly Green Tea is my favorite.
  12. Cherry Bomb

    Beer: sweet sweet beer

    Beer is wonderful. I really enjoy Flying Dog Beers especially Raging Bitch which is a Belgian IPA. I also like Dogge Style which is more of a Pale Ale.
  13. Cherry Bomb

    S05.E06: Welcome to the Jungler

    That will happen soon enough. :)
  14. Cherry Bomb

    Pet Peeves

    I am a cook for only me person most days and I cook larger meals for this same reason because it would be a hassle to just cook smaller portions each night. Might as well have left overs for lunch especially since I have the Summer off before I start teaching in the Fall. It is quick and easy for lunch.
  15. Cherry Bomb

    Gratefulness and Smiles

    I am grateful that on September 5th I get to start my journey on my new career as a teacher. I recently graduated college back in May with a degree in Elementary Education and was lucky enough to receive employment shortly after that as a Kindergarten teacher. I am extremely excited to get this journey started and to work with these little ones minds.