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  1. Once again, I find the yacht (much like the guests) in poor taste. I don't know why I ever think we might actually see an elegant setting but this one seemed worse. The interior with the dark wood, mirrors, faux fur and shiny fabrics was too much (and not in a good way!) It didn't (to me) seem tasteful or unique. Some of the seating areas looked like they were plucked directly from some third rate hotel chain. OTOH, I could imagine the cast of Vanderpump Rules going BANANAS cuz they really liked that cheap ass suite in Las Vegas so this would probably be the epitome of "luxury"
  2. I think it's true that Princess Long Island was only cast for her born-again virginity and hopeful pageantry antics. On the other hand I feel really, really bad for her because I also suffer from terrible seasickness. I even lived with my cat on a boat for almost 2 years and at the beginning we both suffered very intense seasickness for the first six weeks or two months. However, this was a tiny boat from the Sausalito houseboat area in California and it's pretty well-known that the San Francisco Bay is one of the most choppy oceans in the world. I also took a short cruise years ago and
  3. That scene when Stassi is stealing the candles from SUR - I need someone to explain her ponytail to me. How in the world could she have thought that looked good? It didn't fall naturally, it was like a stiff tail protuding from her head. Didn't she want to be a stylist at some point? Her hair looked OK at Lala's event although I hate those extensions
  4. I am another one who will watch anything Tabatha does! I have a high tolerance for trash TV and I love her, so it's a win-win for me. However, I agree that at first glance this doesn't seem my favorite of all her shows. On another note, I really disliked the children of the pizza guy. Why NOT let him have the photos and the ideas he created? He has worked hard his entire life and seems extremely generous to his family. They are all spoiled brats. They claim to love him so much, but they sure don't seem to respect him. The DJ especially when she referred to his ideas is "old" - honey,
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