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  1. Yep. Here is an article I found about first tun episodes being longer. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/younger-season-4-premiere-darren-star-1202479023/
  2. I bet they sold (advertising) the longer episode for Wednesday but not for the repeat. I bet they didn't have the extra time so they trimmed it.
  3. Right! She said she tried it during her marriage and didn't like it very much.
  4. Oh, I know what it means in terms of the show. I meant what they were trying to do by making Charles edgy fell flat.
  5. But you keep forgetting about page 58. Whatever that means.
  6. This is where the writers are playing fast and loose with their story. It has been mentioned several times that Charles is divorced but now they need him to technically still be single. Is Liza even divorced? Last I saw her husband tore up the papers at the hospital.
  7. No way. She saw the information about Millennial in the EW article. She even mentioned it when she talked to Liza. Pauline is not only a writer but she was married to Charles for many years. I would be shocked if she didn't know the inner workings of a publishing house enough to be fully aware of where she should pitch her book. Shady as hell.
  8. I get the feeling that since this was his grandfather's company that they fostered a bit a family spirit with all of their employees. Charles mentioned in his tirade last week that there were 75 employees so I assume he knows each and every one of them, just like his grandfather and father probably did before him. Glad to have found this site. I used to poke around the old Television Without Pity message boards so this feels like a nice replacement.
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