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  1. I’m a huge fan of Amanda as well. Her solo last year just captivated me.
  2. The best one: "With the pandemic, we're gonna kick its ass!" I don't know why we are working so hard on a vaccine when all we really need to beat it is the DCC. <eyeroll>
  3. I do like that analysis, and there's probably some truth to it. Some of the "bigger" ladies (using that term loosely, of course!) that made the squad were some of the best dancers. Kandi Harris immediately comes to mind.
  4. It was the last episode of Season 6 (episode 8), about 20 minutes in. Kelli introduced them as "the stars of 'Celebrate Texas'," so they may not have been referred to as Antebellum All Stars. I'm not sure. I hate to say this, but a few of the All-Stars in that segment probably shouldn't have been in the uniform (looking at you, Trisha Trevino).
  5. Me too. If TPTB are truly reading this forum...find a way to re-release the 2-hour special, PLEASE!!! Especially as COVID living drags on.
  6. I've always said that about Season 7 - they took more on the squad fully expecting that Cassie (and maybe others) would not be able to dance. Yes, not a great look to fire someone just because of an injury, but I object to Cassie being given so many opportunities that year when she couldn't keep up her end of the bargain. No way she should have been given group leader, show group, etc. when she was having to "electively pull herself" from pregame performances. She most definitely took someone's else's spot, especially when talking about the opportunities of show group. No other cheerleader (save VK) would be given such special treatment. Sorry for getting a bit off-topic as I realize this section is about the current squad.
  7. Cassie danced as little as possible during her 5th year, where she was also named a group leader. She only danced when absolutely necessary, and even then she (and Judy!) made a big deal out of her "taking one for the team." How that equated to all of the opportunities she was given that year was beyond me. I agreed with Jay - she should have been cut. She was not ready at finals, and she continued to be not ready for that entire year.
  8. I think I just figured out why I couldn't put my finger on why Emily rubbed me the wrong way. I suspect that it was the edit she received on the show. K&J seemed like they were all over her for everything, and in a manner that could cause viewers to perceive her a certain way. She still had her dance issues that she ultimately couldn't correct, but I suspect that Emily's a lovely woman beyond the show.
  9. I HATE the "Pandemic" version of Thunderstruck. Did I say "hate?" HATE the Pandemic version.
  10. Emily always rubbed me the wrong way, and not really sure why. I agree that her bug eyes and dancing made me not want to watch her, and her second round in training camp wasn't much better.
  11. There was one time during the show where Judy said Meredith was "sharp." That was the only time I can remember, and that was after she struggled repeatedly with the entrance and nearly pulled down the two girls next to her in the kick line.
  12. I was never a fan of Meredith, and that thumbnail just solidifies it for me. She always had this awkwardness about her - from her look, her dancing, all the way to her nasally voice.
  13. Yeah, not a good look for Maddie to be calling out the opponent’s head coach, especially since he was just fined for not wearing a mask properly. Who exactly does she think she is?
  14. Andrea Richards was #16 in Season 1 finals. In the clip on YouTube, you can see Lynlee wearing #1 while sitting next to Brooke. On closer look, it may have been Elizabeth Davis that finished solos that year.
  15. I'm right there with you. Today, I went back through the seasons and figured out who started and finished finals during the show's run. I blame COVID boredom. 🙂 For anyone interested: Season 1: #1 - Lynlee Allen; Elizabeth Davis Season 2: #1 - Megan Fox; #85 - Nicole Hamilton Season 3: #1 - Nicole Hamilton; #89 - Kandi Harris Season 4: #1 - Justine Phillips; #74 - Nicole Hamilton Season 5: #1 - Trisha Trevino; #73 - Brooke Sorenson Season 6: #1 - Ally Traylor; #69 - Sunni Cranfill Season 7: #1 - Whitney Isleib; #79 - Jackie Bob Season 8: #1 - Jackie Bob; #86 - Mia Greenhouse Season 9: #1 - Jenn A; #85 - Jacie Season 10: #1 - Jacie; #82 - Melissa Season 11: #1 - Erica; #71 - Holly (she actually DID end solos one year - I was wrong!) Season 12: #1 - Jenna; Cersten Season 13: #1 - Lacey; Maddie Season 14: #1 - Amy; #80 - Maddie Edited to add info for seasons 1, 12, and 13. 😊
  16. I absolutely HATED that segment with the vets bowling that was so obviously staged and cringe-worthy (including the military members that came up for autographs), but I did like Jackie Bob's group theme and saying they were going to win using angles and equations.
  17. Yep. She's in yellow and shown a few times (standing near Jordan while they're learning the routine). She's only a tad heavier - not really pronounced like Melissa.
  18. I was just watching the semi-finals from Season 7 - saw Melissa (rockstar rookie - noticeably heavier), Morgan (also a bit heavier), Hannah (in the same outfit she wore at auditions in Season 8), Tessa, Auto Amy, and Nina (no personality girl that was cut in Season 6 training camp). But I didn't see Jenn A anywhere. Am I missing it? I also can't believe that Chelsea was able to pull all that fake BS on K&J. I remember watching that season for the first time and getting strong fake vibes every time she opened her mouth.
  19. It would be interesting to see a list of the first and last candidates at final auditions over the life of the show.
  20. I don't think you're wrong, which is why I think that Holly would have been point if it wasn't for her behavior. Holly is super talented, but I agree that she was in it for herself and not the team. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but why not just go the professional dancer route rather than going with a TEAM? I believe it was for the exposure DCC brings more than anything. Very interesting point that Holly didn't start or finish solos, which is a bit of a head scratcher. Again, probably due to her individualistic approach. But I would have rather had Holly end solos than Cersten (I was never a fan of Cersten's dancing or attitude).
  21. Potentially. Not considering Holly's behavior (because that's how KaShara got point to begin with - by Jenna and Holly's screw-up), I'm convinced Holly would have been point for as long as she remained on the team once Jenna exited.
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