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  1. I think she has the best group of final guys ever. I like them all.
  2. Bye, somewhat positive opinion of Jason. I understand that the camera is on these people 24 hrs a day and nobody is perfect and everyone is going to bitch and gossip and do some trash talk. But this is just vile. I don't get why some people think this is funny or something to "joke" about. Disgusting.
  3. I am infuriated after watching this clip. As a non-feed viewer and a forum lurker, THIS is what has finally motivated me to post and pushed me over the edge into being anti-Paul. The way he constantly cuts Mark off, puts words in his mouth, and manipulates the argument reminds me of an emotionally abusive ex. It's disgusting to watch. He can't stand that somebody dares to challenge his opinion on something - to the point where he feels personally insulted - and he doesn't even have the decency to let Mark get a sentence in. How dare he disagree with something Perfect Paul is saying??? As someo
  4. Ingenuous means innocent and unsuspecting (i.e. an ingenue); disingenuous means not candid or sincere. So technically, she did not use the correct term.
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