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  1. AfterwardsTV

    S04.E03: I'm On My Own Path

    Heather and Hector's chemistry is off the charts. The instrumental of "The Moment is Me" was just the right touch. My only complaint is I really didn't need the scene with Nathaniel's "realization" to happen. It literally felt like the biggest nothing statement from him yet, and it hijacked a real love moment I was invested in. Rebecca apologizing to Josh this time, and pointing out how a man would not be able to fly doing what she did was a good moment. That other post-suicide interaction is not fully rectified, but having Josh/Rebecca regularly buds again should ground the final season now that their progress can parallel more often. Sidenote: Josh's two dates were both awful shallow pieces of work. I remember several points in the show's history where it looked like Rebecca would finally be untethered to that law office, so to see it stick this time is great. Don't worry about Rebetzel's, I think we are going to see a multi-profession journey which means endless new opportunities for fresh fun Bunch situations over next 15 episodes. Best 3 Songs of Season 4 Right Now: No One Else Is Singing My Song, Time to Seize the Day, Don't Be a Lawyer
  2. AfterwardsTV

    S07.18 Nick & Jasmine

    This video claims that during the investigation, they never spoke to her. (Though it sounds largely like that's because she willingly avoided them >_> ) So while I can't come to a "golden" definitive opinion on either side, enough of what she said is right. I'm not going to keep giving Nev this power of endless social influence. His social media army needs to know some shmuck white knight on a low budget TV show is not an infallible role model.
  3. AfterwardsTV

    S07.18 Nick & Jasmine

    Nev and Max try to help Nick determine if the person he kissed during a mysterious blindfolded rendezvous is actually his online love, Jasmine, or someone entirely different altogether. Decent series finale monologue, just mute Nev after Max finishes talking Catfish adjourned
  4. AfterwardsTV

    All Episodes Talk

    The final 100 special aired, and lol is the end part of it funny in retrospection of the info we have now.... Nev: "Come on Max, every episode of Catfish is special if we're together". Max: "Don't be weird". You tell him, Max. Nev: "I honestly can't wait until we get to do it again in another 100 episodes" *cut to Max clenching his teeth with the editor putting in a sharp sound effect, eek foreshadowing* The special ends with them saying new Catfish episodes are coming soon....because this was supposed to air before the 8 summer episodes. It's a hopeful note that MTV didn't air this as the final thing, because if MTV cancels it, that'd be awkward to air a special that said more episodes were on the way last. See you all next week for my series finale episode, "Nick and Jasmine". As for the Where Are They Now's, it's hard to invest in where people that you need a complete recap of are in life. Most of the people just do the video calls to get Nev and Max's attention again. (One couple proposed in front of them on video call, gross). Nev would be better off running a matchmaking website.
  5. AfterwardsTV

    S07.17 Derek & Annabelle

    3 things. Max's name is not spoken and they don't even give an excuse of what place he is at this time. The editing department edits the email to say "Dear Nev and Laura". Finally, Laura is basically slipping into the role like a glove. As in, she's saying all the lines like she's been at it forever. They make stupid pizza puns about the case, there's a scene of Nev filming them in bed together right as Laura's waking up (even though Laura isn't camera ready) which is followed by them walking out together holding hands. The episode ends with them asking for an invitation to the wedding (from a pair whose only romantic experience is drunkenly making out in a bathroom). That Nev is pretending at all like the co-host is up in the air is downright hilarious. From her demeanor I'm inclined to defend Laura and say it's more about his control freak tendencies and he's slowly been goading her in until she couldn't say no. He doesn't understand what keeping a private personal life means. I don't know if we have September episodes, if we do, the final 100 special on the 29th is likely just giving them time to rush two more out to get to the 20 ep quota. Next week isn't being promoted as the end of Max or as a season finale. Plus it'd be odd for them to not have Untold Stories specials.
  6. AfterwardsTV

    Max: The Gray-Haired One

    Well she co-hosts in August 15th's episode again, so yeah he saw the easy out and ran (so yes not counting unaired specials, he only has one episode left) Nev's been wanting this for awhile and Max only got in his way I guess Laura doesn't have a real job of her own?
  7. AfterwardsTV

    Catfish In The Media

    The only reason "the show must go on" is because this is Nev's only legacy The way he words that, like a show that has over 100 hours needs to keep going on a mission is barf-worthy You make fake crap for a living, follow Max's lead and go do something real for a change
  8. AfterwardsTV

    Max: The Gray-Haired One

    I'm happy with the news if it means no Season 8! :) Either way it's the excuse I've been needing, I can just count whatever else happens as non-canon to the series since the "bromance" is over. Needing a new co-host will basically make it a spinoff. *crosses off my series watch list*
  9. AfterwardsTV

    S07.16 Nae & Brannon

    Time to summarize the episode. Him: You'd make a good girlfriend. Her: Well you make a bad boyfriend. The End
  10. AfterwardsTV

    S07.15 Chelsea & Charles

    *checks coming out episode off the list of episode tropes to be used in this half of the season* Complete with fake dating scene Also I don't see a reason why they needed to sleep in the same bed other than a producer or Nev thought it sounded like a hot twist Dom was too pretty for Chelsea anyhow 5 more episodes until this show is sleeping with the fishes?
  11. AfterwardsTV

    S07.13 Angel & Jordan 2018.07.18

    How many times they gonna pull this stunt of the two friends being heavily focused on and then *gasp* it's the friend. Followed by a comical exaggerated blow-up where everyone looks ratchet. It's not getting you ratings anymore, guys. People can find that fad anywhere. Mrs. Nev is actually preferable to most of their fill-in hosts. Is she wildly naive and only there for Nev to A. Save MTV money B. Throw Nev's happiness in everyone's faces and C. score brownie points? Yes. But at least she's less of a camera-trained monkey. Her facial expressions might've been the only new thing that happened in these 40 minutes. Props I guess?
  12. AfterwardsTV

    S07.12 Nina & Jon 2018.07.11

    If not entirely fake it was still an episode just for the shock value of "oo let's exploit a dying marriage for ratings" I'm sure there are some people in Nina's profession that aren't complete sluts with no purpose in life But yeah she was one of the stereotypes
  13. AfterwardsTV

    S7.E11 Kiaira & Cortney 2018.07.11

    I wonder if the Catfish writers have a scrap bin of bad ideas that they keep yanking out of the basement Producers are going to run out of new types of stupid to script.....maybe by season 69
  14. AfterwardsTV

    S07.14 Breana & Josh 2018.07.25

    But then they had to point out how much they aren't against guns because they don't want the gun nuts after them, too much trying to please all sides
  15. AfterwardsTV

    S07.E20: 'Til DeAth Do Us Part

    Here's the real series finale