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  1. tilt-a-whirl

    S05.E10: King Come-On-I-Wanna-Lay-Ya

    I doubt Jen is a broker; she could've answered the phone for a realtor. As for her former occupation, she said she "managed" people. I'm betting MickeyD's, where she fought with teenaged workers and whined about customers always wanting food.
  2. tilt-a-whirl

    S05.E11: Only Doing It for the Money

    I didn't see the chemistry. Terribly polite Boy Scout + girl who could kick ass on the roller derby circuit? Hmm.
  3. tilt-a-whirl

    S05.E11: Only Doing It for the Money

    I admire her. How can anyone be so oblivious to her own obnoxiousness (start with the voice) and whining? If I were that annoying, I'd have to shoot myself because I'm too self-aware and also a humanitarian.
  4. tilt-a-whirl

    S05.E11: Only Doing It for the Money

    If she'd get her personality, nose, and emotional maturity level fixed, she might be able to sell Barbie dream houses. I keep thinking of when she was talking to her daughter, and her daughter was doing the parenting: "It'll be OK." CRINGE. Trophy wife? Nope. Her head mounted on the wall in Kate's den? Possible.
  5. tilt-a-whirl

    S05.E11: Only Doing It for the Money

    LMAO Same here. We can take turns.
  6. tilt-a-whirl

    S05.E08: Under Cover Boss

    Always gives me a hearty laugh when Good Ship Lolllipoop gives lectures on management. SHE was a manager at one time, you know, so it's perfectly appropriate and wise to critique Kate's sins rather than work on her bad attitude. Lordy. I love when Bruno tells candy ass, "You are the wiener [winner] here!" She needs to stay on land, work at Taco Bell, and raise her daughter.
  7. tilt-a-whirl

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    Yes! In the TH, David said he wants to move to a warm place. Beneath Miss Bossypants' stilted statement that she must consider "the band" and her family, the 'NO WAY' bombs were exploding right and left. She stated earlier that David was willing to follow her "career" around like a puppy dog. Uh, nope. This is going to be good. Evelyn has no identity separate from her family unit. From a Freudian perspective, her whole family is going to be in bed with them. Bahahaha. "Everything is going to work itself out." Suuuure it will, princess. Borrow the backpack leash from Nicole, because David won't flow seamlessly into the Family Partridge any more than Luis belongs in the family Molly.
  8. tilt-a-whirl

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    This seems to be a recurring theme in reality shows, that the children have to be more together. (Wrong thread, but makes me think of Darcey and Larry.)
  9. tilt-a-whirl

    Season 1 Discussion

    Bet she's as nitpicky and whiny with them as she seems to be in general. She gives the impression that she sees herself as a petite, irresistible Disney princess who has bluebirds singing around her head. (Hey, sort of like Patrick.)
  10. tilt-a-whirl

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    LOL Do we have to guess who has blue balls? What's the prize? A huge white ball cap from Larry, book of matches from Pole, gay porno starring Antonio, panties from Sean, smelly socks from PatricK? I don't think I want to play.
  11. tilt-a-whirl

    Season 1 Discussion

    He did make the sign of the cross! I remember. (Isn't this primarily a Catholic gesture?) In any case, Jenny gave him the appropriate speeding Ninja-stars-taking-off-your-head look. Larry's personality has diarrhea.
  12. tilt-a-whirl

    S12.E12: Farm-To-Table Manners

    Shannon is challenging, certainly. David so often seems like a robot, whether or not the marriage is going well. No animation, no real emotional connection to others. The marriage is masochisitic on both sides. YES on Mom of the Week Award! Talk about codependent and inappropriate; talk about teaching entitlement and being Special. Blarg. Perhaps I'm bitter because my mother didn't crown me with tiaras and sprinkle me with fairy dust. (Can't thank you enough, Mom!) Here's to Lydia and her new clothing line, Forever12.
  13. tilt-a-whirl

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    I feel a girl crush coming on ... who could resist that? Or maybe I'm just hungry.
  14. tilt-a-whirl

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    LOL I suddenly see a Far Side cartoon of a grubby, bearded man with a calendar, chained in a tiny dungeon.
  15. tilt-a-whirl

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    Are we certain this isn't her brother?