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  1. Where did Amber get the "Christina is a homewrecker" timeline narrative? I missed Gary's response to Amber's IG live.
  2. Agreed. And yet I cracked up at how everyone was laughing at his "tough-boy" face. I know it's not funny; he seems deeply unwell.
  3. And it can take years to get a diagnosis, even for lupus, because there is no one test and your symptoms can come and go.
  4. I also feel like this show is better presented and a little more "honest" than Teen Mom, and especially since they won't be on multiple seasons there isn't the likelihood of them becoming celebrities/influencers so there's no chance of extreme wealth to "bail them out" later, especially since they earn so little per episode as it is... That being said, the main reason I watch is because to me ultimately the shows are about communication, or the lack thereof, and what NOT to do in relationships. I wish there would be a competent therapist to discuss what's happening with the new moms and d
  5. Especially when he walks in and offers her a cigarette and she says, "I don't want anything from you." On re-watch I found that funny.
  6. I had this done in 2003 with my first pregnancy/labor because I was induced (due to low fluid/being late) on pitocin and wasn't progressing. It was SO PAINFUL and didn't help, but they tried this after 24 hrs + labor and 2 doses of Cervidil with no progression. 0/10, do not recommend!
  7. Agreed. The whole reason anyone knows about Janelle at all is her litany of issues, none of which are positive.
  8. I was literally screaming, "Nightlights!" at the screen. WTH?? I have them all over to see around the house in the dark, but you know -they have hella cute ones for children.
  9. I still like Tyra but she makes it difficult. But Alex, phew - he's either a passive stump or completely angry and hostile. That "stop looking at me" made my blood run cold! Jenna = ugh. Lily =same.
  10. Walker DeBoer?? Very clunky. Walker and Watson sounds like they're a detective duo who are too damn old for this and need to retire already.
  11. I am mostly indifferent to Sohrob, but very whelmed at him winning with that plain-looking cake. I wanted Tati, but undercooked cake is not easily forgiven. Speaking of, on a purely superficial level, can we talk about how drop-dead gorgeous she was in her prom pictures? My goodness! I do like her sense of humor and her cake decoration was my favorite.
  12. They finally added it about 10 days ago so I did get caught up that way
  13. "Unpublished Icelandic Nudes" = new screen name 😆
  14. Yeah, I already pay for cable and various streaming and I probably should switch but am just frustrated!
  15. For some reason this season is not On Demand with Spectrum and since it airs at the same time as Better Call Saul I am missing it. Ok, they air the old one an hour before the new, so I figured I'd catch up that way. NOPE. This Monday it was GGG with "Guy and Hunter From Home" commentary spliced in. I just want to watch SBC! I hate being behind but now it's two weeks instead of one. Anyone else having this issue?! I agree with the PP; I need this lighthearted escape, where cake is crucial...
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