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  1. I am mostly indifferent to Sohrob, but very whelmed at him winning with that plain-looking cake. I wanted Tati, but undercooked cake is not easily forgiven. Speaking of, on a purely superficial level, can we talk about how drop-dead gorgeous she was in her prom pictures? My goodness! I do like her sense of humor and her cake decoration was my favorite.
  2. They finally added it about 10 days ago so I did get caught up that way
  3. "Unpublished Icelandic Nudes" = new screen name šŸ˜†
  4. Yeah, I already pay for cable and various streaming and I probably should switch but am just frustrated!
  5. For some reason this season is not On Demand with Spectrum and since it airs at the same time as Better Call Saul I am missing it. Ok, they air the old one an hour before the new, so I figured I'd catch up that way. NOPE. This Monday it was GGG with "Guy and Hunter From Home" commentary spliced in. I just want to watch SBC! I hate being behind but now it's two weeks instead of one. Anyone else having this issue?! I agree with the PP; I need this lighthearted escape, where cake is crucial...
  6. Is it pronounced "Ree uh" or "Ray"? Because Stella Ria sounds terrible, and Stella Ray is just meh.
  7. All of the brie concoctions looked delicious! šŸ¤¤
  8. The mitten comment by Duff was so weird - of course they're not ideal but in a snowball fight, you use what you've got!
  9. I watched the finale/special last night and if I never hear Adam say, "Ride 'em cowgiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllll!" again I will be very happy. Between the commercials, the tags, and the repeat of the dude ranch episode for the finale episode...shew. It was a LOT.
  10. And what's weird is that she knows how it looks; that's why she lie(s) about it! She says the right things, after the fact. Bizarre.
  11. I'm happy with the outcome, and I liked all three of the finalists. John Henson is my favorite host and I just love him šŸ˜
  12. Nathan: "In the next few days, I will be going live on Instagram. My mother is my first/biggest critique and to tell me when Iā€™m wrong." I have my critique of his grammar; you might even say I'm a critic. šŸ™„
  13. Well, they've done better with a chore wheel for 6 than I ever did for 2! I can sympathize with Danielle because I would read about some technique to get your kids to do x better, be super jazzed to try it, and then watch it crumble in front of me minutes later. Multiple halfhearted attempts later, I'd abandon it for good. Granted, I worked full time and was a (divorced) single mom, but young children are really mentally exhausting. I get the crying because I had tremendous guilt too, especially after losing my temper (I always apologize to my kids as well!) Since my ex had the kids every other weekend, I guess I got breaks too, although it definitely wasn't to go on vacations! Adam seems like more of an obstacle than help most of the time. IDK, she seems sincere to me and just has the usual mommy guilt/overwhelmed-with-it-all burden šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø
  14. Totally agree. Yet if he were to leave her, she can get the sympathy of being left, and "escaping" such a terrible relationship.
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