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  1. I don't understand the writers. There are so very many directions this narrative could go in. There has been groundwork put down by Margaret Atwood they could easily follow and explore: The world reactions to Gilead, the Resistance, the network of Eyes, the misogyny, the American government - even tourism! The writers could pick up any of these things and run with them easily. And yet we have these episodes that include things completely made up that go NOWHERE. Why create new threads of story when there are still a thousand threads left dangling? Threads that leave questions the audience naturally wants answered? Threads that almost write themselves? It's not even a perspective issue because, while we are with June most of the time, the story has gone omniscient before, so staying in June's thoughts for the sake of fidelity to the novel POV isn't necessary. It bugs,
  2. Nick is certainly no strategist, is he? That scene with Eden could have been handled in such a way as to make her more of an ally than she currently is to him. Nick is pretty short sighted to alienate her further vs. try to explain the situation from his perspective. There are tons of reasons he could give Eden for being distant without even mentioning June. Along the same lines, I hate when characters are written to NOT ask the obvious questions or give the obvious answers. That happened a lot this episode. I knew June was heading for a fall. She was flouting too many rules, but what the hell happened to the chained-up option? The option June was warned about and briefly in when she was caught trying to escape? Wouldn't that option be the easiest and cleanest for pretty much everybody? Pretty guaranteed, too. The rape option is disgusting and doesn't make sense even if I'm thinking like a psychopath... maybe my imaginary psychopathy is too pragmatic for Gilead's sadistic undercurrents.
  3. Garbage nudists. WHY? All that metal, sitting underneath the sun? And that's the very least of many injurious possibilities! No way.
  4. I blame the writers, who are all apparently teenage boys. Poor Father PP, has to listen to Negan and then gets Plot Fever. I miss how good this show used to be. I really do.
  5. Lauren Cohen didn't sell it for me this week. She's not good at conveying anger, I guess? It was distracting and usually I don't mind her. Cal made the episode for me. More Cal, please. And more people like Cal, actually! People who talk and react like recognizable human beings! That'd be great.
  6. I love this show and am so glad it's back! Good call on Grace, you guys! Odd that no one else interacts with her - maybe she's the demon! Only a demon would come up with that pillow case nightmare, after all.
  7. Sorry if someone's already said this but I think, upon reflection, that Sansa has sent Brienne to KL to protect Brienne. Brienne is honorable and right in the way Ned was honorable and right - and look how LF set him up! If LF mentions to you that someone owes you a debt, he's already setting you both up for a fall five or ten moves away. The very fact that LF is whispering in Sansa's ear means that she can deduce he has Brienne in play on his chessboard. Sending Brienne protects Brienne and Arya and Sansa from that particular chess move and removes a winning strategy (set up the reliably honor-blind pawn) from LF's chess board. Not sure what good it will do in the long run but I buy her motivation for now. I'm squicked out by John/Dany. Royal incest happened all the time irl and on this show, I know. But I can't get over it. Emilia Clarke doesn't usually bother me but I was underwhelmed by her response to the death of one of her children. That really required more of a reaction that what was given.
  8. I might be done. I was rooting for CDB to get killed. At first I thought it was because CDB are covered in plot armor, and they are, but we did have two deaths at the beginning of this season AND Sasha just now so not sure when I became a turncoat. On reflection, I can't get into the stakes. Not sure if that's a writing problem, pacing problem, or both, but it makes me sad. I used to be so into this show and now I play games on my phone while it's on. ETA: And while I suspend disbelief enough to accept zombies, I could never suspend it long enough to believe Sasha would fall for someone like Sgt. Sandy Nutsack. Even in the ZA where living people are at a premium! I could never and don't see it. The actors tried but the characters don't mesh in that way to me. Not like it matters now, I guess, but it's one more reason this episode left me cold.
  9. The writers' priorities are messed up. We have time to have Simon and Gregory talking about liquor for, like, three hours but the Maggie/Daryl interaction is about 20 seconds of poor writing? FAIL. Who makes these decisions? I like time jumping in shows but only if it's done well. TWD does not do it well. They should stop trying to be a Nolan and just worry about more things like character consistency and interesting dialogue.
  10. I do not care about Dwight. I do not care about Sherry. I do not care about Dwight and Sherry, whether they are together or apart. I AM happy we finally touched base with Eugene. I believe he's still Team CDB even though he really shouldn't be. They treat him like crap and don't use the skills he does have. I hope when they reunite they treat Eugene better. ...I don't really care about this story any more. It's all become so crap. That makes me sad.
  11. This show is so quality, especially for horror. I hope beyond hope it gets another season and picks up more of an audience. I was soooo looking forward to Geena Davis playing being exorcised and it was fantastic. I only wish it was a little longer because I'd been anticipating that little acting coup since the demon integrated.
  12. Rosita's been a good shot up until this episode. Not a sniper but a good shot - yet now she misses a relatively stationary target at two yards away, max? Also, wouldn't Negan have been more furious? I actually thought he took it easy on them considering that made TWO assassination attempts within the same day. The writing for these villains is so weak. They aren't even consistent in their own villainy. I WANT Negan and the Saviors to be so badass and legitimately terrifying and the writing for them is simply not working. Pissed Negan rattled off one last fat joke after Olivia was killed. Har de fucking har. Oddly miffed at the female Neganite calling Eugene "haircut" when "mullet" would have been so much more awesome. In my head I refer to him as "Business In The Front" because I'm not always into the whole brevity thing. Speaking of, I'm so proud of him for stepping up. If I weren't so exasperated with the writing on this show this season (and last), I'd say his time with the Saviors is going to be very interesting and he could experience some serious character growth. Admittedly happy to FINALLY see the end of Spencer though I feel a bit cheated Rick didn't get to do the honors. Rick stabbing Spencer's quickly reanimating corpse just wasn't as cathartic. Yay, we finally get to see Eric (Aaron's boyfriend) again! It's only been like a year! How you doing, buddy? Join the storyline once in a while, won't you?
  13. This show is fantastic. Sad about the nuns but I'm really enjoying Geena Davis being all chipper and evil. The lady who bankrolls everything - whose name escapes me - I REALLY wasn't expecting her to be told off by Pazuzu, especially as her desperate and mediocre millions helped make the papal visit possible. I wonder what this means for her character in the future? Might she turn white hat after being belittled by the dark?
  14. Of all the wtf-ery, the silly molehill I'm choosing to die on this week is Carl's hair. Why does a teen boy have the softest, shiniest, most luxurious hair in the zombie apocalypse? I know this is a tv show and everybody looks better than they would in a real situation, but Carl's weekly Farrah Fawcett is, frankly, ridiculous. This show has big problems with hair in general. Obvious dye, no frizz, DARYL, women keeping long hair despite the hazards and presumed heat. I have hair down almost to my butt and I'd probably hack it off to my scalp in the ZA. Hell, as it is I live in sweltering Florida so the majority of my life I'm wearing my hair up and out of the way - and there aren't even any (official) zombies here! Back to Carl, I just can't even hope to take him seriously when they style his hair like he's starring in a shampoo commercial. Hair and makeup shouldn't stand out like that in a show of this type, IMHO. Bonus complaint: Why is Jesus nearly always dressed like he's just arrived from the Arctic Circle? Get the fuck outta here! Daryl was discovered to have had an affair with Father Gabriel and has been marked as an adulterer Nope, no explanation yet!
  15. To my understanding, the 83 floors encompass most of the Westworld "working" complex. We saw a few floors built into a canyon but those are likely only executive work areas. The bulk of the facility is underground, underneath the park. Thus, there are at least 83 basements, or subterranean levels, but not 83 floors of abandoned mess. I do consider it wasteful that they have ANY floors of abandoned mess but that's fairly common. I know hospitals, for example, sometimes have unused wings or floors for various reasons. Come to think of it, several theme parks I've been to also have abandoned rides/areas - and those are top level, guest-facing areas! Who knows how derelict things get behind the scenes! lol I feel pretty confident that poor Bernard will return. Ford said that he and Bernard had been at this point multiple times; had nearly the same exact confrontation many times before. I imagine a lot of those confrontations ended in using the backdoor code to get Bernard to kill himself. One of the saddest parts of this scene was Bernard's dawning horror while asking how many times he'd been rolled back. I can only hope for Bernard's sake that when he comes back around, he will either remember more easily or perhaps encounter Maeve who will counter-program him/ set him back on the sentient path.
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