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  1. I cannot wait until this franchise is cancelled.
  2. What a funny episode! Breathed life into this boring season. Poor Dean. Not. How stupid can one man be? I guess his stupidity is only topped by the silly women taking his B.S. Both of these young women can do so much better.
  3. Uh they were. He turned them down for the lead. That should make some people happy. Frankly, I'm ecstatic!
  4. Contrived. Boring. Typical. I'm tapping out of this show. Not for me. I hope Winter Games is better.
  5. I try to see people as individuals, so in that way some people are open to dating a spectrum of people, while others have a fixed type. Some people are drawn mostly to aesthetics, other's mostly to personality attributes. Some people are somewhere in between. Everyone is different in that way. Rachel may have been open at this point in her life to dating outside her race, when before she may not have been; it worked for her. Peter may have been open as well, but found in practice it didn't work for him or that it didn't work for him with Rachel. If she wasn't his type, (for whatever reason) I
  6. This was a very dry episode. Most of the cast is dull as dishwater. No wonder producers had to drum up this tasteless controversy. Pretty bad all around.
  7. LOL. @Sarah22029 you're like F it, I'm just gonna put it out there! You're a brave one.
  8. Rachel and Bryan have moved on. I hope they have a long and happy life together. See y'all in the BIP forum.
  9. I'm with you on that. After BIP, I'll just stick to recaps and spoilers.
  10. Your profession offers some helpful insight into these things. Thank you for sharing! That's what frustrated me the most with Rachel. But again, I realize there may have been things going on behind the scenes that pushed her to keep him, outside of the theory that he was manipulating her or she was manipulating him. That point I'll concede.
  11. Bryan was her final pick because: Rachel was highly attracted to him and vice versa. He came on the show for Rachel, after his friend nominated him. He had expressed that she was the kind of woman he wanted after seeing her on Nick's season. He was attentive to Rachel. He focused on her and their building relationship. Everything else was background noise. He showed her he desired her (For instance, he was non withholding of his affection from day one. When they conversed he leaned in when he spoke to her to maintain their physical connection. That's speaks to intimac
  12. I do not believe he's approaching this from their kind of angst - hostility at not being desired by the women they want. Because it's more than obvious that Peter has zero problems attracting women. Equally desired women at that. But I do think it's within the realm of possibility that some of his actions on the show could be based on those strategies. I think he had a goal and he did what he had to do to reach it. Whether others agree or disagree with his tactics is a different story. --- General comment not directed to anyone in particular: To the overall discussion about Pe
  13. I'm sorry that happened to you. Thank you for sharing your story. Your observations are things that I noticed as well: the little criticisms he made when they were together and yes, he was very handsy with her around the other guys. I wonder why? <smirks> It's great to see that others noticed these things too. Sometimes I think I'm imagining stuff when I writing some of my observations about this show, because the reactions are so strong. The only thing I part ways with you on is that IMO, his actions were very deliberate, but what you wrote is definitely food for thought.
  14. Bryan treats her like his future wife. The way she should be treated. As for the show, I agree that Rachel deserved better. It was too focused on building up and tearing down certain men and Rachel by extension. Instead of focusing on Rachel's journey to finding the right partner. Luckily, she was able to wade through the muck and connect with a good man. One who wanted the same things she did, at the same time.
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