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  1. leto

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Wow! Carol is definitely going to get all murdery again. I may have to start watching again just to see it.
  2. leto

    S01.E10: Bedwomb

    Word! Those are the reasons I started watching too. Unfortunately, not only did the show fail to explore those things, my lasting impression of the show is that, through bad writing, it managed to minimize those struggles more than anything else. Plum never lived up to the hype of a smart, strong woman (that we kept being told she was, but never shown through her actions) marginalized by society because of her weight, Kitty was just an awful caricature of a human being, and I still have no idea what Jennifer was supposed to be about, and why they would want wishy-washy Plum to join up.
  3. leto

    S01.E08: Rad Fatties

    I really wanted to like this show, but the writing and character development leaves much to be desired. I do understand why Plum is bugging so many at the moment. I started off really liking her, but the 180 degree personality shift in Plum overnight and her stupid decisions (like putting Calliope House on blast, calling creepy fat fetish guy) are very off putting. The only explanation in the show is that Plum got the equivalent of Instagram famous for 8 seconds, which suddenly makes her obnoxiously stupid and inconsiderate, after 30+ years of being cautious, calculating, and guarded. I don't buy it. Plum's actions seem more about driving the plot forward, rather than actually true to the character and a real evolution. It was so blatantly obvious that something bad was going to happen with creepy fetish guy in order to turn Plum guerilla enough for Jennifer recruitment by the next episode. Unfortunately, the show went there and decided to use rape, which really stinks.
  4. leto

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Congrats to Andrew Lincoln for escaping this mess. I just read that Norman Reedus re-negotiated for $20 million for Season 9, which is a travesty because its pretty likely that Danai and Melissa, who actually can act, are probably not getting paid any where near as much money...
  5. leto

    Spoilers and Speculation

    The shows ratings have been way down since last season, so I do think many Nielsen households have been/are tuning out. I know I was doing my part. Up until last month, I had been a Nielsen household for the last two years and I think I watched maybe two episodes (both Kingdom/Carol-centric) during that time. My hope was that the shows writing might improve if the show could no longer take its viewers for granted when it’s ratings started to decline. Sadly, because Gimple sucks, it didn’t. It’s only through the hilarity of the posters here that I’ve been able to keep up with the show (apparently I haven’t missed much other than a garbage lady and a bunch of monologues in the last three seasons!) without watching it for so long.
  6. leto

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Wow, Gimple really does not learn. I stopped watching this show regularly at the beginning of Season 6 because of my frustration with the writing. Still, I keep up (bad habits die hard) on the show thanks to you fine folks and your excellent snark, hoping that, with the ratings tanking, the writing might actually get better since they can no longer take their viewers for granted. Guess not. I have no idea how Carl dying drives Rick or Michonne's forward, and not in the good way. Crazytown!Rick talks to ghosts and will kill you using his teeth, so not computing how Carl's death is going to keep Negan alive. I would think it would make him more homicidal. Meanwhile, from the comments, it seems like the bloated cast of thousands continues, and they spend no time focusing on characters viewers actually care about (Who the hell is Neil, by the way?). From the live chat thread comments, it seemed like there was a ton of Savior talking and tertiary characters, while Rick, Michonne, Carol, and Morgan, were MIA without explanation for most of the extra-long episode. If they killed off Tara, Eugene, Jesus, Enid, Rosita, the trash lady, and all the other dead weight in the "series regular" cast, and actually focused on the core cast, the episodes would probably be more well-received. It's very difficult to care about main characters that only show up for 3-4 episodes out of 16 every season.
  7. leto

    S01.E08: Come to Jesus

    I feel the same. It's a beautiful show with top notch talent, but nothing happens in terms of plot or characterization. There is no sense of urgency with this "war" and no development in terms of who Shadow is as a person/character even though he's the main character, so its hard to care what happens to him. Ironically, Laura is the least likeable character, but significantly more developed. As a non-book reader, I was left underwhelmed by this season, and I'm not sure I'll be tuning in for season 2 if its more of the same....
  8. leto

    S07.E10: New Best Friends

    He's still there :) He was with Ezekiel and Jerry when they showed up at Carol's house right before Daryl did. Add me to the Jerry love train too.
  9. leto

    S07.E10: New Best Friends

    Stopped watching after last season, but tuned in tonight just to see Carol and Daryl's reunion, - Melissa McBride continues to be the best part of the show, so, of course, she probably won't be seen again until the Season Finale... Unlike others here, I don't think the show is planning to kill Carol...ever. She's a fan favorite and the best actress on the show, and TPTB know it. I do think the show was setting up two things for the end of the season - Carol finding out what happened to Glenn/Abe, getting her homicidal groove back, and trying to convince Ezekiel to join the fight against the Saviors. I fully expect Carol to return to Alexandria either with or without the Kingdom crew to save the day, cause you just know Rick is going to mess that up...
  10. leto

    Spoilers and Speculation

    My sense is that Carol attained untouchable status, like Rick, Daryl, Carl, and Michonne, due to her popularity and Melissa McBride's talent sometime during Season 4 ("Look at the flowers!"), so I don't see Carol dying at all. She may be relegated to only 2 episodes every season, since Gimple always writes some form of disappeared or incapacitated Carol each season, but she won't be killed...
  11. Sweet! I'm glad they're finally getting their come-upance ratings-wise for the craptastic writing over the past 2 seasons!
  12. I have zero expectation or anticipation for Season 7. I've been a watcher since Season 1, but since Season 4, I've only continued to watch sporadically once I realized I was disliking or getting annoyed with TPTB's storytelling more and more (i.e. the governor flashback episodes, "bottle" episodes by the ton in the second half of the season, etc.). Of the show's 900 series regulars, the only character I still have any emotional investment in is Carol (thanks solely to Melissa McBride), and her arc last season made no sense. Gimple never learns and I fully expect him to continue to do the same annoying momentum-killing crap in Season 7 that's been turning me off since Season 4. Because of that, I'm totally with those think that the Lucille victim may not be revealed until the end of the premiere, if then. Knowing Gimple, the first 45 minutes of the premiere will either be a dream, hallucination, flashback, or roadtrip with Tara and Heath. Ugh...
  13. leto

    Hit The Floor

    Since I really only still watch this show for Jude and Zero, last nights episode was a treat. I may have rewound their cloakroom hookup scene a couple (hundred) times. It was weird, in a good way, seeing Zero actually be genuine for a change, since he's such a predator with every other character. I think its clear that Jude and Zero are endgame, but being a soap, you know there has to be a lot of drama getting there... Add me to the list that hope Aasha and Derek disappear. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!
  14. leto

    S06.E05: Now

    Tovah Feldshuh looks like a REAL 61 year old woman, not the botoxed, plastic surgery version that we've all become accustomed to thanks to Hollywood. So much respect for her for not falling into that trap. She's beautiful as she is and a talented accomplished actress. See Norman Reedus if we're talking about an actor who hasn't aged well, since male actors seem to get a pass about this...
  15. leto

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Not a fan of flashback episodes either. Gimple is a very good writer, but he never learns. Those Governor episodes is Season 4 were awful and brought all the shows momentum to a halt. As much as I like Lennie James, I'm not watching Ep 4 just on principle. I'll read the summary and save myself the aggravation. As far as the Negan death, my money is on either Morgan or Daryl. I think Glenn is safe for this season, since Gimple is very predictable and once a character has a fake out death (Carol and Judith), they tend to be safe. I think Carol is in for the long haul, as Gimple seems to love the character and the actress. But, even if she weren't, having an abuse-survivor brutally beaten to death by a man is not a message this show wants to send, so it won't be her. Daryl, on the other hand, hasn't really being doing much in terms of character development. Also, I'm not sure how popular he is now. Season 1/2/3 Daryl was awesome, but the Pod/Emo Daryl from Season 4 onward is pretty much dead weight.