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  1. mylesdogga

    S05.E10: Cold War

    am i the only one pi**ed at sam winning and pi**ed at this season
  2. Ahhhh Davo,, bittersweet to see you go, it's a real shame that we didn't get to see you successful in your hunting ventures, but you were a good contestant (apart from the bipolar behaviour) and you left for one of the better reasons than other contestants this season.. I instantly thought Larry would be the one tapping out after his mission to the top of the mountain, great to see that the curse has been broken. He has earned my respect throughout the season, keeps things interesting with his shenanigans, wouldn't be mad if he ends up winning, (but am still rooting for britt). loved the sweet & sour real talk britt better not lose to sam due to sams fat reserves, hes still looking big, with a lot to loose, and the fact that he hasn't done anything (still unsure if this is due to editing or he's actually useless) really gets on my nerves!! your roof is still useless even after your renovations, why aren't you trying to find food instead of carving cups and spoons when you apparently haven't eaten for over a month??? I would really hate it if he wins.... hopefully his constipation gets the best of him next week
  3. I have been looking forward to this for the past few months and i am happy with it so far! Best thing on tv The only bad thing about watching this season is that I am now craving fish
  4. mylesdogga

    S04.E08: Flare-Up

    In reference to the butt brothers, try starving with nothing to do, stuck with one of your brothers or sisters... You're bound to get irate sooner or later. I feel like a couple would be different because that is the family you pick, not the one your'e forced to have in your life, and any father/son relationship would naturally involve a great amount of respect from the son to dad, and a protective, fatherly nature of the dad.... A sibling relationship is just different... In these conditions, this reaction is bound to be expected ..and en reference to the new set up of the season, it es not as good as previous seasons... BUT es is still one of the best shows on tv (any recommendations?) which i'm currently watching, so i'm grateful it's still here. Also the 2 people give a good, different perspective on how surviving alone with another person could effect you. You either thrive, or use the other as a scapegoat (i.e the bro who manipulated his brother a go home y see his kids birthday). BTW loving this forum guys! Keep up the good work :)
  5. What do you think about this idea? It seems to me that everyone who's partner has tagged out so far has felt that they could have stayed and won the competition. They're obviously the stronger of the pair, and the one who is more dedicated and fit for this task, so why not bring them back on their own to compete against one another!
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