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  1. If Maddie tries out again, what year will she be? 6th? I 100% think she will be back and be back for a 7th year too ... I think she will try to keep up with Sydneys 7 years.
  2. I'm guessing they mean the vets that retired before the start of this season, rather than those who wont be returning next season- Heather etc. The last few years they've talked about the vets who wouldn't be returning for the new auditons.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing Brennan, Hannah and Lilys next insta posts ...
  4. Phil ❤️ What a legend I really liked them giving the vets their uniform back
  5. Wow was not expecting the cuts to happen so quickly in this episode. Guess they are trying to squish it in as much as they can. Could do without Kellis crocodile tears though. Brennan and Lily - what absolute classy women you are ❤️ Also thank you @Trixi for the direct link. First time I have been able to watch an episode live! ❤️
  6. If Keyra doesn't think being late isn't a good enough reason to get herself cut, then she hasn't watched the 10+ seasons that went before hers. But I say this as someone who never saw 'firecracker Keyra'. She always annoyed me and I was not disappointed to see her go.
  7. Do you like your job? If not, you could be the media trainer for DCC. 👏
  8. I love it when they say they don't know what wrong. But my all time fave is Keyra saying she would just like some kind of explanation .. Sure darl. I am sure Kelli and Judy will come give you feedback 🤣
  9. Jinelle 100% put on trackies, uggs and a hoodie the moment she got on that plane 🤣 Not sure how many every day folk know the DCC by sight in the US but here she would be just another pretty girl getting off a plane. No one would recognise her, therefore no need to stay in the dress and heels. I don’t want to wear dresses at normal times let alone on a long flight 🤣
  10. Why cut Taylor’s one day audition piece? It was more interesting then watching them count each other standing in a hallway scared of thunder 😬
  11. Watching Brennan’s solo I noticed the TVs on the side of the stage. There was a 1-2 second delay as to what was actually happening on stage Vs what was shown on the screen. If the judges on video were watching the video feed it’s entirely plausible that Brennan was out of time with the music they were hearing - which is the feedback Charlotte supposedly gave about Kristins solo. Which makes charlottes feedback about Kristin even more annoying cos it likely would have been the same delay for most, if not all performances. Yes I am still bitter #TeamKristin
  12. I like she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love Jen Amburn. She is stunning!
  13. They can only have 5 on stage so they split the groups to have a couple vets and a couple rookies in each of the smaller groups.
  14. MRS: 'No rookie candidate wants to dance next to VK!' Yeah probably worrying bout VK falling out of turns and falling in to them 🤣
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