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  1. Oh ok I saw that her urgent care doctor is a former dcc
  2. I have a video of her dancing on the plaza at the game I went to she killed it
  3. Yes she couldn’t get the dances and flight crew style so she was benched did appearances only
  4. I think aaia Kristen Dodd maybe reaudtioning !! Haven’t heard abt any dmd trying out
  5. Yes she is she was one of the last girls of the night to do fittings so no many pics
  6. I think Lauren was someone who might have tried to stick up for the girls that were having things said and done to them bye the couch alto I have seen videos with there lawyer and they were telling everything
  7. She try’s out for the fun of it
  8. I’m fine with it to !! It’s not like she going to just sit around and doing nothing she is working
  9. They aren’t going to post every single picture they took at fittings
  10. Yup I noticed one in particular
  11. Lexie looks like she has no neck
  12. I heard lauren is going but she isn’t shooting
  13. Kelli didn’t make them get a boob job
  14. Well it is a test shoot to find the right swimsuits not to see who models the best !!
  15. Haven’t seen anything on ig or twitter regarding Madeline m
  16. Kellie’s favorites from test shoot
  17. I saw jayln shooting on twitter
  18. No they are still on going fittings