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  1. My hope is that Carly was 100% wrong in her assessment of Shaun's feelings for Lea. As someone whose affect tends to be atypical, I hate hate HATE when people tell me how I feel. I want Shaun to be angry that someone is "reading" him like that.
  2. Nope, easy choice. Jill may be overbearing and obnoxious, but Josh is a known predator. I'd choose Jill any day.
  3. If Nomi wants to give her baby up for adoption, she would need the father the agree, meaning he would need to know. She could keep the baby and never tell him, but if she ever applies for any kind of financial help (CHIP, WIC, etc), she will need to identify the father. She could lie and say she doesn't know who he is, but I really thought they were oversimplifying the issue.
  4. I'd love to see Zoe single for at least a semester, with plots focused on anything but dating/sex/relationships for her. I know lots of people who made it through all four years of college without dating or hooking up with anyone, myself included. We were too busy with actual classes and jobs. Just a glimpse of that side of college life would be nice.
  5. This is so true. Some of my family take this approach, and the most kids anyone has is six, and that was in 18 years of marriage. We are a fertile bunch, but not trying to conceive, just not preventing.
  6. I give her a pass on vocally hating the shots. I had HG with all four of my pregnancies, and I'm sure I complained about the meds, side effects, and vomiting. I still wanted to be pregnant and have my babies, though.
  7. I can see many reasons outside of prejudice that could make a person hate that activity. It would be a complete sensory overload and I wouldn't find the activity level or type of interaction pleasant. It seemed so hectic, yet they were trying to have conversations, and then to "win" means having prolonged negative attention. Did anyone else find having the papers thrown at Genevieve too similar to having the tampons thrown at her in class? Does Nicholas know about that, or did she keep it to herself?
  8. I'm pretty sure Jill and Derick care. Derick said on IG that Jill is an abuse victim. She's been reading about recovery from toxic relationships. In this issue, they stand apart from JB and Michelle.
  9. I know two boys named Elliot, ages 16 and 7. No one calls them anything but Elliot, either. I think most parents around my age associate the name with ET.
  10. If he gets a new roommate, I'd rather it be someone who just shares the apartment but doesn't really have a relationship with Shaun. I'd love for the show to guve him a roomie who he almost never sees or talks to, but pays the rent and keeps the place clean, to eliminate the roommate as a source of conflict. Develop the relationships that already exist instead.
  11. I'm kind of hoping Jill ends up sending them to a nearby Christian school. I actually think it would be a great fit for Jill to get a job as a classroom aid at an early learning program and use the discount and her pay to enroll the boys. She seemed to do pretty well in a large group setting where she was in charge of specific tasks. She struggles with being in charge of everything all day at home, though.
  12. For comparison, I'm a natural blonde and this is a cropped picture of my bangs. I have never dyed or highlighted my hair. Jill and I are close in age, as well. I do fill in my eyebrows with light makeup, because they are virtually invisible.
  13. I liked the episode, but I feel like we are stuck in a bit of a loop. Near the start of the show, Christy found her long-lost dad. That story line actually lasted awhile and included two half brothers, but then Alvin died and the whole plot disappeared. Bonnie later met her mom, decided not to have a relationship after learning that her mom had chosen a man over retrieving her child, and rhen her mom died. After the death, Bonnie learned that she had a half brother, but he was a coke addict and didn't want to change. Then he and his plot disappeared. Now Bonnie finds the long-lost family blah blah blah. I can enjoy each episode individually, but when I look at the series as a whole, I can't help but want the showrunners to find a creative snd plausible way to work with all of the previous material instead of just constantly adding characters that recycle plots. My list of dropped plots and charactets I'd like to see revisted continues to grow. I wonder if we will ever hear about Cookie again, other than a phone call that she died.
  14. Disciple as a verb is considered archaic or obsolete by some dictionaries, but the Duggars and their friends aren't making this usage up or being idiots. The more modern verb form is discipline, but that word has other connotations. "To disciple" is a transitive verb meaning to train or teach someone, usually in an ideological system such as religion or philosophy.
  15. It's no mystery or conspiracy. January 9 is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Lots of LEO families and friends I know had social media posts like this yesterday.
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