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  1. MrPissyPuppy

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    They're also showing up on While You Were Out tonight (3/23) which should be ummm interesting.
  2. MrPissyPuppy

    Good Bones

    Mina and Karen were on Saturday's (3/16) While You Were Out with Hildi and Ty. They were done with a few hours to spare and helped out with Hildi and Ty's project. https://www.tvinsider.com/759524/while-you-were-out-reboot-tlc-hgtv/
  3. MrPissyPuppy

    Queer Eye

    Here's more information and some photos of Joey the camp counselor's cabin. I didn't catch a lot of this on viewing the reveal. https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/queer-eye-camp-cabin-remodel-photos-267838
  4. MrPissyPuppy


    Cancelled per Deadline.
  5. MrPissyPuppy

    Santa Clarita Diet

    Back for the third season on March 29th!! https://deadline.com/2019/02/santa-clarita-diet-season-3-premiere-date-netflix-drew-barrymore-timothy-olyphant-video-1202557013/
  6. MrPissyPuppy


    Maybe the dog had a history of biting/aggression? They did show a photo where the dog appeared to be baring his teeth at the photographer. I've been bitten in the nose twice - first was when I was a kid bothering a dog who was eating which just resulted in a small scar so the dog inhibited the bite. Second was one of my dogs who was a puppy and playing. He didn't mean any harm but was disciplined and never did it again. Neither were put down, but I would put a dog who had a history of serious aggression that could not be trained down. That said, don't let a dog with behavior problems sleep/hang out on your bed!!
  7. MrPissyPuppy

    Tarek and Christina: Going Their Own Flipping Ways

    Christina strikes me as a stereotypical high school mean girl even though she's well into her 30s.
  8. MrPissyPuppy

    Citizen Z's Updates: Z Nation In The Media

    Not renewed for a season 6. Bummer.
  9. MrPissyPuppy

    This News May or May Not Suck: Van Helsing Media

    I'm ticked this show keeps getting renewed, but they cancelled Dark Matter & The Expanse (though thankfully Amazon picked the latter up). I don't think I'll tune in for the 4th season. I don't like Vanessa and I'm sick of Sam and the dirty faced vampires. Aren't the ratings pretty low? Do they have photos of the Syfy execs with a goat or something?
  10. MrPissyPuppy

    S05.E09: Water Keepers

    That would totally be something Murphy would say! ;-)
  11. MrPissyPuppy

    S05.E09: Water Keepers

    I'm thinking a weird baby hand like Deadpool.
  12. MrPissyPuppy

    S11.E09: Thanksgiving and Taking

    A heritage turkey! Just found one for the incredible low price of $289.99 that will be 16 lb minimum just in time for everyone to order one for Christmas. https://www.dartagnan.com/heritage-turkey-narragansett-bourbon-red/product/FTUHE040-1.html
  13. MrPissyPuppy

    S11.E09: Thanksgiving and Taking

    She was played by Selenis Leyva who is probably most familiar as Gloria Mendoza on Orange is the New Black.
  14. MrPissyPuppy

    S03.E08: The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

    They should have used Cholla library in Phoenix which also would be a good stronghold in a zombie apocalypse.
  15. MrPissyPuppy

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Nice shout out to the original Night of the Living Dead and Day of the Dead with Cardille on the mailbox. Bill Cardille played a reporter on Night and his daughter Lori played the lead scientist on Day.