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  1. All babies are homely at one point or another. 6 month old potato shaped me will agree! I think the remaining Rodlettes have some hope for being genuinely good looking folks. God willing.
  2. I think you are, sadly, totally correct @Heathen . My dad was pretty much the same as you described yours, and as much as I hated his guts sometimes, I still cried when he died (and for a good while before and after). These poor lil kiddos are kinda fucked (for lack of a better term) as far as dear ole Daddy is concerned. Great job, Josh! The ONE job you had is the one you failed the hardest at.
  3. All I see in that Instagram handle is “DadandHelenKeller”… it’s too early for this shit lol
  4. She looks like a little shit. Just like her mother. STOP HAVING DOGS AS “PETS”! And chickens, and goats… the whole animal kingdom is just a hard NO. Fuck, I feel bad for moths or earthworms near those soulless assholes.
  5. Wait, didn’t she also have an abortion? Waaaaay back, like, maybe HS? Or am I mixing up facts? If I’m correct that would make it 7 pregnancies, right?
  6. Ooohhhh I would be SO fucking DOWN for some Nancy Drew style wedding announcement snooping! Damn! I wish I had that here! 😀
  7. YESSS!! That’s exactly what I was coming to say! I read it as “he’s the father of *our* kids, but he’s *MY* Daddy! (Wink wink!)” I don’t care about someone calling their partner/husband/whatever “Daddy”… it’s just like really? These two? 🤮
  8. YAAAAASSSSS!!!!! Yes, Takei… 🤩you are out of this world. (haha! I’ll see myself out with my shit puns. Sorry!)
  9. YOU don’t know, JerDawg. UGH. I loved Langer’s! He soils everything. Also, since I feel like being mean, he looks fat and inbred in his sammich picture. Yeah I said it!
  10. I mean, in all fairness Jilly, I can check a few despite being a degenerate piece of shit in your eyes. ☑️I am a reliable, hard worker who is lucky enough to have a husband who allows me to be a stay at home wife. ☑️I keep a very neat and tidy household. ☑️I love a skirt! I’m going to go wash dishes and then continue to eat curry in bed while I recover from the set of giant knockers MY hunky hubby got for ME, and smoke some weed. Also, get off the interwebz, Jill. The Amish think it’s a waste of time… said so yourself!
  11. My husband and I drank a few, smoked a joint and fell asleep watching 70s game shows last night. Sadly, we must have succumbed to our sins before Lucifer himself got to the party. No devil worship. Damn!
  12. I swear I thought “Tipsy Cookie” was a delicious brand of something I had to order ASAP. Then I read it again. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  13. Haha! Mr. Face and I did the same!
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