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  1. Happy 2020 Thanksgiving everyone! We'll get through this!
  2. Meghan Murray, after Skunky reprimands her about oversharing: "Shawn, you're the queen of oversharing" MM never lets SK get away with anything. Love her!! Shawn was momentarily taken aback before responding "Let's not get judgemental"
  3. Are they going to dress Nutsy and Acorn up in little pilgrim costumes?
  4. It's a measure of progress that even the most inclusive storylines are still boring and dumb as far as I'm concerned, put through that Hallmark wringer. Could barely get through A Christmas House; in fact I fell asleep about halfway through. I just can't deal with all those decorations.
  5. I think Shawn's Dirty Little Secret is she knows she's a joke, but soldiers on anyway in her patented masochistic manner. Paradoxically, this don't-give-a-damn, twisted sense of self with the outrageous behavior is what keeps her employed at QVC.
  6. The counting continues. 70 mentions so far of the word "Christmas" in The Christmas Club and there's 14 minutes left. There's the signpost up ahead....
  7. I've been lazy -- what with Instacart and relying on Walmart delivery for certain non-food items. Will just have to drag my butt and mask outside for in-store pickup.
  8. A Quarantine Christmas. "Winner of the Snowball Toss gets a year's supply of Lysol!" The ultimate Hallmark fantasy.
  9. Leah: "Of course I'd wear the onesie" What else is she going to say when Skunk interrogates her about it -- "Nah, I'm the adult in the room. You're the child. That's why we make such a wonderful odd couple" The sad horrible thing is, Shawn wouldn't mind that comparison. Child = unique.
  10. Here we go again -- toilet paper out of stock. Lysol is but a distant memory.
  11. The squirrel voices have returned with a vengeance. And stupid me thought the suits had given her a dressing down. Wonder if she threatened them with retirement? "Nobody can bring in the D&C sales numbers like me!"
  12. Lauren Gambino: "These are not DRUGSTORE slippers" And someone please correct me if I heard all wrong, but did Shawn say something like "Masks don't usually work for anyone" or was she just referring to non-Lug ones?
  13. @AuntCarol, I really miss lightning bugs (we also called them "fireflies" in NY) here in Florida. However, the humidity is something else... Yeah, it's a struggle to resist all that delicious local food. BBQ is okay, though -- lots of protein! And load up on the coleslaw! I hear the fried pickles are tasty, no starch there.
  14. Road to Christmas. 167 mentions of the word "Christmas". 67 more than Christmas With The Darlings. Okay, this is some seriously scary, heavy-duty Pavlovian sh*t.
  15. Yes she had the academic credentials -- it's just the way Hallmark routinely defines these characters (male and female) and their ultimate choices that really bug me, ol.
  16. A Timeless Christmas just didn't do it for me and I'm a major time travel fan. (Journey Back To Christmas with CCB was the best I've seen from them in this genre) I thought the ending to ATC was stupid and unsatisfying. Charles Whitley is a unique character who unfortunately is turned into the typical Hallmark leading man, complete with deceased parents and an inability to enjoy the holiday season.....what else is new? The writers also slip in another favorite trope as Charles is asked by one of his servants how things were in the city. His reply? "Well, the city is the city" You know: City=Bad. And our leading lady, at the finale, decides that continuing in her family's generational career path involving education, is just not for her. Hallmark's seeming distain for intellectualism really comes to the forefront.
  17. I've never been to Tennessee but think of the great Southern cuisine you'll be able to chow down on! I lived in both Northern and Southern California back in the 1970's. I really enjoyed and connected with Los Angeles much more so than San Francisco. L.A. felt very "homey" to me in a lot of ways but the smog and fact that I was fearful of driving had me eventually leaving. Lots of wonderful restaurant memories. Good eating. Wishing you all the best, @AuntCarol!
  18. lol. But the rabbits are down there too, probably munching on the wires. Poor Mike, he can't catch a break....
  19. Did anyone else think L&L's Chris Pryme enjoyed a glass or two (or three) of an adult beverage before the presentation with David? She sounded very.....happy.
  20. I appreciate the fact that Carolyn gives her pet bunnies some freedom by letting them out of their cage to roam, but she mentioned chewed electric cords...
  21. I think Shawn has always been insecure about her femininity.
  22. Carolyn and McSilly speculating on what Mike is doing down in his basement. We know. The voodoo doll with her face.
  23. It bothered me too -- I mean, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree? Doesn't exactly evoke a continental atmosphere. I totally forgot the strudel. Should have known. (Hallmark loves this pastry -- Christmas in Vail's plot basically revolved around Lacey Chabert's Uncle Grady's famous strudel recipe) The baking cookies trope was so transparent and silly -- the violinist could easily have gone into any famous shop there to purchase local delicacies for the kids. I appreciate Brennan Elliot as one of their stock company leads -- he is definitely not the typical blandly handsome, wooden, model-type guy they usually use, but in this story I was sort of hoping the diplomat would be blonde, good-looking, and with a European air. Brennan is, well, kind of schlumpy. He's real, yes, but in this kind of story not anyone's romantic ideal, at least for me. The child actors weren't obnoxious and squeaky voiced as they usually are in these things. That was a plus, plus some actual authentic location filming in Vienna. The lead actress -- I forget her name -- was also rather pleasant.
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