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  1. vera charles

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    MeTV has been showing it on Sunday afternoons. One hour of Mary, one hour of Rhoda.
  2. vera charles

    S07.E16: Pōniu I Ke Aloha (Crazy in Love)

    I just watched this one OnDemand and I was wondering if it was actually a commercial for the Hilton Hawaiian Village or if AO and SC had some deal where they just got to stay at the hotel for all of their scenes so they wouldn't get overtired or what. FWIW I've stayed at the resort once, in the Rainbow Tower, and they did a great job of showcasing it and the beach in front of it and the pool area and the spa. The only thing missing was dinner at the Bali Steak and Seafood, although SC mentioned it at the end, by name, as the place where he paid for dinner for the kid and his family. We ate there, it was super expensive but very good. This episode was so thin on plot and so disconnected, it's not hard to remember why I only catch up on episodes weeks after they air. LOL
  3. vera charles

    Nigella Bites & Other Nigella Lawson Shows

    grisgris, I finally saw the Christmas episode of Nigella Bites! It is online where someone has posted the entire season 2 of the series, all in one, so the Christmas show is at the end. I swear, I saw parts of it before, but that was the first time I sat through the whole thing. I didn't know there was a Christmas episode of Simply Nigella. KC barbecue and Christmas, who knew?
  4. vera charles

    Nigella Bites & Other Nigella Lawson Shows

    I don't know if anyone comes here anymore, but I stole kieyra's idea and played three hours of Nigella's Christmas Kitchen while I decorated my Christmas tree on Saturday. I'd love to have CDs of the music that was played in the shows. The jazzy familiar tunes really added to my decorating experience.
  5. vera charles

    Small Talk: Don't Tell Jeffrey!

    I haven't been on here in ages, came today because I heard that Ina finally had a new episode, and I see that I completely missed chessiegal's trip to London and Paris! I will have to return and read more slowly, I'd love to research each and every stop. One of our dream trips is to go to Normandy, so I may have to follow the trail set by chessiegal!
  6. vera charles

    New Episodes Discussion: Cooking for Jeffrey!

    I just heard that Ina had a new episode this morning, so I immediately came here! I will have to catch a rerun this week or whenever they air her reruns. I haven't looked at FN in so long, I have no idea.
  7. vera charles


    Even if they never were explicit about it being Vancouver or Canada, they also never made any attempt to hide it. They showed license plates and money all the time. At least once, someone pointed out to a minor character that he would need a passport to go to New York. I did like that they got to wrap things up and allow us to believe that everybody's life would go on. It was a nice finale.
  8. vera charles

    S07.E13: Ocean Frank

    I imagine they went to Paris, then came back, then Jane had a moment of clarity, realized she was in no way qualified to work for the FBI, and got her job back at BPD.
  9. vera charles


    Again, I'm not totally sure, but I think in the previous episode they said she was somewhere else now. But that might have just been my brain fanwanking a line I didn't really hear. In the second or third episode, Lucas was going over some paperwork, I think with Cross, who made some offhand comment about dating coworkers being a bad idea. And Lucas replied that he agreed or already knew that or something. I can't remember, but I took the exchange to mean that his dalliance with the rookie cop had ended badly.
  10. vera charles


    USA Network has Season 2 episodes online and is showing Season 3, starting Friday at 10:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Hopefully they will keep it going and pick up the Season 4 episodes that are currently showing in Canada.
  11. vera charles

    S06.E18: A Shot in the Dark

    Oh, God, I hope not. Maybe it was Angela? Probably not. :(
  12. Don't we all miss the glory days of SLop. back in about 2008? Every now and then, she pops up and I realize, I really miss her. :(
  13. vera charles


    If they want anyone to watch, randomly bouncing it around the schedule doesn't help.
  14. Mars Capone? Is he any relation to Al Capone? (Old SLop / TWOP joke. Merry Christmas, all!)
  15. I don't even know how long I've been making Ina's rugelach, but it was a big hit again this year. It's a very adaptable recipe - I used raspberry jam, pecans and currants in place of apricot jam, walnuts and raisins - but it is sweet and savory and old-fashioned tasting, all in one. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/rugelach-recipe.html Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody.