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  1. Guys, this thread is not the place to make snide comments about your fellow posters. If you think a post is misogynistic, you can: Ignore the post, or (quietly) put them permanently on ignore. Be the better person and respond civilly. OR Report the post, and if the mods judge that they've violated forum policy, it will be removed. Also, just a reminder to please try to stay on topic. Many of the posts on the past few pages have been unrelated to the show and would have been better suited in the Small Talk thread.
  2. Hey, all, A point of clarification... this topic should be completely without spoilers. That includes set photos, cast tweets, casting news, and other media. This is for speculation that is based ONLY on actual show content that has already aired. If you want to speculate based on news articles, etc., please take it to the Spoiler and Speculation Topic.
  3. Matt Czuchry is returning to broadcast TV. The “Good Wife” and “Gilmore Girls” star has just booked a role on Fox’s medical pilot “The Resident.”
  4. My mom's comment was that Kevin was afraid Randall was going to commit suicide. Did anyone else think that? I didn't on first watch, but viewing that clip again, there was this exchange: That does seem rather ominous.
  5. Kevin definitely should have said something to Sloane, but it's one of those plot contrivances that I don't really blame the character for. They wanted to have a moment of suspense - will Kevin go on? Is he running away because he thought he was going to bomb? No! He's running to help Randall! Awwww... (It was completely telegraphed, but that's clearly what they were trying to do.) It's just not as effective if Kevin takes Sloane aside five minutes before the curtain and calmly explains where he's going. Ditto for Kevin having Kate or Rebecca go check on Randall while he went on with the show. Yes, that would make sense, but the beauty (and the drama) were in the sacrifice. And juxtaposed against those powerful moments of Teen Kevin watching Teen Randall cry and hyperventilate, before silently walking on. And poor Randall hearing the door latch click and realize his brother saw him and just kept moving. Heartbreaking.
  6. "You are de-twinned." Ha! Love me some Kevin, young and not so young.
  7. I agree with you completely, when viewed from my 2017 perspective. However, Albert isn't the only one in-show who holds this view. Even Lord M made comments on several different occasions about Victoria being "guided" by her husband, "looking to her husband" for council instead of himself, etc. Which I agree doesn't make much sense if the husband is the same age as her, but that certainly seemed to be the opinion of the time.
  8. I'm not sure what they were trying to say in that scene, but these theories are as good as anything I've come up with. I definitely DID think they were supposed to be sisters, though. I really wish they hadn't bothered with the downstairs plot overall. I agree with the person upthread who suggested the time would have been better spent with her ladies-in-waiting. That's a position I've never really seen explored, as opposed to the servant angle, which was so fully brought to light in Downton and in Upstairs, Downstairs before that. I don't even know her ladies' names, there's just the one who looks like Laura Benanti and does all the talking, and some other people. They're all brunette, too, which doesn't help! I bought Victoria and Albert's chemistry, and I'm glad the "romance" with Melbourne is over, as much as I like Rufus Sewell. The only other thing I've seen Tom Hughes in is Silk, where he didn't get much to do, so he's a clean slate for me. He's a little intense and quiet, but I thought it was a nice contrast to everyone else who are constantly blathering nonsense. Everyone thinking they should get married based on one piano duet! So silly. I have a new favorite word: Waldeinsamkeit.
  9. Can we get back on topic, please? If it's not about the episode, try the Nostalgia, Social Issues, or Small Talk threads. Thanks!
  10. This is the place to discuss any previews and/or sneak peeks for future episodes. Since it seems like a lot of people want to discuss ahead of the episodes, it's kind of overwhelming the individual threads before they even air. Let's put all of that talk in here. Thanks!
  11. The Social Issues topic would be a great place for all of this "Millennials vs. Gen Xers" talk, y'all. It's not really on topic for this episode. Cheers!
  12. My UO: I'm fine with Kevin living with Randall. It keeps Kevin interacting with the others in a natural way. If he got an apartment in Manhattan, I feel like he'd end up like Kate did - cut off from the rest of the storylines and essentially being in a different show with Sloan and the play. His interactions with Randall's family are always some of my favorite moments of the episodes, and his lines generally inject some humor into stories that are otherwise pretty heavy. Of course, if these were real people, I'd tell him to use some of his apparent mountain of cash to get his own place already! And real or not, he needs to stop being a putz.
  13. Regarding the "gallon of ice cream"... were we supposed to think she was going to eat the whole thing in one sitting? I've seen a bunch of posts about how "over the top" it was, etc. But I assumed she would eat what she wanted and put the rest in the freezer. It has a long shelf-life because, you know, frozen. I'm around the age of the Big Three, and my mom would have never dreamed of buying anything smaller than a gallon. Those little "fancy" boxes are expensive! Two hundred for a two-bedroom walk-up seemed right to me. When I was looking at apartments right out of college, the nicest apartments in town would have been under $500 a month. (That was in the mid-90s, and not in a major urban area, for point of reference.) Jack buying a house without Rebecca's knowledge was ridiculous, but I'm assuming since it was a private sale, from his boss who apparently likes him, he could have backed out of it. Still not romantic, tho.
  14. Everybody has said their piece on this, yes? The horse is truly dead, I think. We're getting a new episode tonight, so let's let this one be.
  15. Depends on the severity. CM's weight would obviously be a complicating factor, but when my niece tore hers, she was back to playing high school basketball within a week or so. She just had to wear a brace when playing, and then do RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) afterwards, as well as downing naproxen for the pain and swelling. If I were in Chrissy's position, I could endure a LOT of pain in order to make my first big red carpet entrance on my feet.
  16. Great callback to ASAP, where Sherlock assumes Harry is John's brother... "Sister! There's always something." She's dead, and somehow there was still too much Mary. Hopefully she's fully at rest now. Molly and Lestrade have become afterthoughts. I didn't care for all the Mycroft hate from Mrs. Hudson. What was he doing that was so awful?
  17. Seeing this topic at the top of the page reminds me... what the heck are they thinking with the scheduling of the season finale? When I saw and ad for Victoria starting on January 15th, I thought perhaps we were just getting two episodes of Sherlock this time. (I avoid all media about this show so I don't get spoiled.) But now I see that there is a third episode, but for some reason they're airing it two hours early, instead of the regular Masterpiece time. It's so early it's not even in prime time in my time zone! How many people are going to turn on their TV that night, or fire up the DVR, and get the last two minutes? I don't understand their logic of airing arguably their "buzziest" show and biggest live viewing draw outside of its usual slot. Why not just start Victoria on the 22nd?
  18. I love Amanda Abbingdon, but too much Mary. Not screen time, necessarily, but focus. Overall, I liked it, though. But I can't think of a single quotable moment. Hm.
  19. For the record, we don't have a "must read X number of pages before posting" rule at PTV, nor will we. If it bothers you that someone is posting about something that has already been discussed, I'd suggest skimming past it and continuing on.
  20. I didn't think "Kyle" was ever the stillborn baby's name, since the K's were for Dr. K, and they didn't even know him before that day. I took the "give him his own name thing" to be "give him a name that's not a K, because he's not a triplet". So while they may have had an idea to name them all with the same letter, "Kyle" was always "Randall", never the stillborn triplet. Just my interpretation - it wasn't especially clear. My cousin had a stillborn daughter just around this time (I was just old enough that I can remember it). Not sure she got a full funeral, but she most certainly had a name and a burial, because she has a tombstone. But we're Catholic, so... that's maybe different for us. My parents lost a pair of twins in the early 70s. They were born alive but far too small, and in those days there wasn't much that could be done. They named the weaker one, who only lived a day, after my grandfathers. No one else in the family ever used the names, I think for fear of upsetting my parents, and I know they never wanted that. They would have loved to have had a little "Frankie" running around. I think it would have actually soothed their pain. Instead the only "namesake" my grandpa ever got is a name on a grave. (Not unusual in a lot of families, I know, but in my family we pass down a lot of names. So it's sad to me that his isn't passed down.)
  21. Hey all, The discussion in this topic is taking a left turn away from the original purpose. We're here to discuss social issues as they relate to This Is Us. If you would like to discuss overarching political topics, take it over to the Current Events & Politics forum. In addition, we do not have a ton of rules here at PTV, but our number one rule is Be Civil. Talk about the ideas put forth by other posters, but don't attack them or their views. We have already posted one mod note in here and it was largely ignored. If the tone does not improve in here, we will lock the thread for a few hours to give everyone a chance to cool down. The discussions in here have been very interesting, but there are plenty of places to discuss politics on the Internet (and even on this site). It doesn't need to be in here as well.
  22. Surprisingly, it's only illegal if it significantly impacts the driver's view of the road. And we don't have inspections on private passenger vehicles here, so it's only ticketed if an officer happens to notice. I thought the whole thing looked silly, though. How did his head get through without cutting his face all up? As someone who had never seen an episode of this show before, I take it the couple with the foster (?) kid is Chicago Fire's Meredith and Derek? As in, I'm supposed to root for them as the main couple, even though he's kind of boring and she's kind of unlikable? What's their issue with marriage? Just that she's gunshy because her parents are splitting, so she thinks it won't last? Whatever. Having/adopting a child together is about a thousand times more binding and permanent than getting married, in today's society. Get divorced with no kids, and you never have to see each other again. "Just" have a kid and split up, and you're seeing that person every other week for years, and at life's celebrations forever. It just seemed like drama for drama's sake.
  23. Let's dial it back a bit, guys. We're all friends here.
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