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  1. That's true, why wouldn't it? I've heard of another test for lucid dreaming where each hour you try to push on the table or surface near you. When you are dreaming and do it, your hand goes right through the surface.
  2. Oh I hope not. Wouldn't JPJ have mentioned it when he was digging up anything remotely negative about Derek?
  3. Do you think Chelsea telling Kevin how unhappy she was had something to do with Kevin' talk with Astrid that they should be competition for each of them?
  4. Didn't Benoit propose to Claire on the Winter Games "after" show?
  5. It was Connor who threw the picture in the pool. Connor was the guy who looked so much better when he wore his glasses!
  6. Yes, I agree, and the husband she ended up with (the stepdad) wasn't anywhere near as nice looking as Blake's Dad.
  7. Becca does seem fairly comfortable with the families so far...
  8. Man, Susan Sarandon looked really. well. rested. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Also I'm kind of sad that she's relegated to mixing drinks and talking about her dead husband's hunting conquests while caressing a taxidermied Lion. Hopefully, her part will expand as the episodes go on.
  9. Some things I've noticed about Peter are that he seems more comfortable interacting with Rachel when alcohol is not in the mix. For instance, when they have the sporty group dates in the gym settings he is always the first one to go over and grab her and pick her up and twirl her around. In the light of day he seems very attracted to her, but when everyone starts hitting the cocktails he seems to get reserved. I know some men get really turned off by women who have been drinking, maybe Peter has an issue like that. I thought the conversation with Bryan about where they would live, if hi
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