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  1. buckboard

    S16. E20. Hail & Farewell

    CAMILLE SAID: His wife and daughter were killed in 1991 and the show premiered in 2003. In twelve years, he was able to squeeze in three failed marriages plus two more failed relationships with Jenny and now this woman? And don't forget Col. Hollis Mann. She wanted commitment from Gibbs, but he wasn't capable of doing that, so she retired and moved to Hawaii.
  2. buckboard

    The Code

    I haven't watched the show yet, but I was wondering why all the lawyers appear to be Marines. Has procedure changed since the time of JAG when both Navy and Marine officers served in the same office? NCIS handles cases involving both the Navy and Marine Corps.
  3. buckboard

    S09.E18: Rectify

    Jamie supposedly was afraid for Eddie because she wanted to play on the women officers softball team? Seriously? He was comparing that to the danger his brother faced when he joined the secretive Blue Templar society? Let's be real. He was trying to control her behavior. The sooner she learns to stand up to him, the better. And not just by having her brother-in-law speak for her.
  4. buckboard

    S01.E17: The Shake Up

    Why did they bother to have an earthquake storyline and then focus on non-quake plots? The shootout at the safe house and then again at the beach - the earthquake had nothing to do with the shooting and moving the witness. Crazy rich man in his mansion - they could have had to take that call without being on the way to look in on rich folks. West's injury could have come from any contact during an arrest; doesn't have to be quake related. That quake looked to be fairly serious - without being catastrophic - but it did quite a bit of damage. That could have kept the officers busy for weeks of plots, but they barely touched on anything related to that.
  5. buckboard

    S01.E17: The Shake Up

    Heading to the beach right after an earthquake - without knowing if there is a tsunami warning because all communication lines are down - might not have been the smartest move, although it turned out okay in this instance.
  6. buckboard

    S16. E17. Silent Service

    The easy way to remember the difference is by size: ships carry boats; that is to say, a sea-going vessel that can be carried, launched, and/or tended by another sea-going vessel is a 'boat', and a ship cannot be carried by another ship; since it is a historical holdover, it reflects the time it came to be, when submarines were actually boats. Since early submersibles could be carried by ships they were boats and the term stuck, even though subs are much larger nowadays. This is from: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-a-submarine-called-a-boat-and-not-a-ship
  7. buckboard

    S05. E17. The Common Defense

    That's what dramas do. They are fictionalized accounts of real life. The West Wing did this all the time. Law & Order practically invented ripped from the headlines. They provide alternate realities of how certain situations could be handled, starting from the true life situation. Of course, IRL, situations aren't wrapped up in 60 minutes. You have to maintain the old willing suspension of disbelief. On a number of occasions, Madam Secretary's story lines, in fact, have come before actual events hit the headlines. Off the top of my head, I can recall the story about tundra in the Arctic region and China claiming islands in the South China Seas. A few weeks after the plot appeared on my TV, I read about these events in the news. (Although they weren't handled IRL the same as on the show.)
  8. buckboard

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    JUDY OBSCURE wrote: She was a nice hostess, but Beth did ask for a phone charger before it was offered. I would have done the same thing the hostess did if I had a charger. I just told my husband that some people think we can't have people for dinner anymore because we don't have phone chargers. He wants to know if we can still have barbeques this summer? SERIOUSLY? You're upset that Beth asked to use a phone charger before the hostess offered her one? I had no idea this was such an enormous social faux pas. When did this become such a big deal? Either the hostess has one and it takes two minutes to plug in or she replies, sorry, we don't have one for your phone. No one will be offended if there wasn't one available. And, Beth wasn't going to sit by the outlet for an hour as her phone was charging. It would take more time for Beth to go to the restroom than to start charging her phone. Was it offensive for her to have asked to use the restroom after being on the road for 2-3 hours?
  9. buckboard

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

  10. buckboard

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I agree, PEPSINGER. For everyone who is upset that Beth drove down with a dead phone, a) she may not have realized it was dead until she was on the road. b) She charged it at the councilman's home because she was driving HOME alone after dinner and any of the problems that people were worried about happening on her trip down -- e.g., having an accident, needing to hear from the girls -- could have occurred on the trip home. Of course, if the girls had an emergency and couldn't reach her, they could have called their father.
  11. buckboard

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    KATY M's post was in reply to TOPANGA, who posted: I went into this one blond. BLOND must be the typo of the week. I was reading a mystery novel last night and the detective reported: "Cause of death: shock, loss of blond."
  12. buckboard

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    There are dozens of reasons why the grandmother was still in the waiting room. I don't understand why you think it's bad writing to have someone other than the Pearsons in the waiting room. I'm surprised there weren't MORE expectant families. The nurses and doctor had to hold their tongue, so SOMEONE had to be there to react to the Pearson's bad behavior. So she could wait for her granddaughter to get some sleep after the delivery before going in to see her. So she didn't have to drive home and come back in two hours. So her other children could drive in from Bakersfield and take her home. Because she was too tired after being up all night to drive herself home. Because she's from San Francisco and she was visiting her daughter and no one is at her daughter's home right now, so she's staying put until someone goes home.
  13. buckboard

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    There is a difference between acting perfectly and acting mean and boorishly. I've spent time in hospital waiting rooms with large numbers of family members -- although we didn't ALL sit there for 48 hours straight. Some left to eat and sleep and were only a phone call away. We, like the Pearsons, had no idea how long this would go on or how serious it might be. Originally, they were just planning on medicating Kate to delay her giving birth. It is NOT true that many, if not most families behave like the Pearsons. Most families recognize that they are sharing the waiting room with other stressed out families. Most families don't yell and scream at each other in public. They might even talk to each other, like Rebecca did when she congratulated the new grandmother. Even if the family was in fact "circling the wagons" against strangers during this crisis, Madison was no stranger. In the past year she spent more time with Kate than any Pearson and in fact had been asked by the mother-to-be to be with her when the baby was born.
  14. buckboard

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    The treatment of Madison by the WHOLE FAMILY was disgusting. They had numerous chances to say to her - please stay, you're Kate's closest friend. Kate has planned to have you be here. Kevin was wrong, but why didn't any of the others speak up and tell her to stay. I also didn't get Toby asking someone to contact his parents. He couldn't take 5 minutes to call his family? Was he sitting staring at Kate the entire time that he couldn't do it himself? Also, why doesn't Rebecca speak up when her family constantly criticizes her husband. At Thanksgiving with his children, he called them out for not accepting Rebecca. It's about time she called them on not accepting him in the Pearson family. He was Jack's best friend and has been part of their family most of their lives and married to their mother for almost as long as she was to Jack. Of course, Jack is still a part of all their lives, but their behavior towards Miguel is way beyond wrong. He shouldn't feel like an outsider. He shouldn't feel he has to stand and listen and not take a seat. He's been part of the family for decades.
  15. buckboard

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Because of her part-time job, Beth can't cover for Randall when he is away with his Philadelphia job. Wasn't she looking for full-time work? She wasn't planning on being a stay at home mom. What would they have done if she got one of those FT jobs she applied for? Either they can relocate to Philadelphia -- which would be terribly disruptive -- or they should hire someone who can pick up the girls after school and watch after them for a few hours on days when mom and dad are away fulfilling their dream jobs. However they decide to resolve the situation, the first thing the parents should do in the future is talk to each other before making decisions that will affect the rest of the family.