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  1. It's not weird that they didn't repeat the MRI, because finding out what was wrong with her was never the point of the test. It was just a plot device to get the story going. The malfunction, the people singing that only Zoey can hear - all a lovely fantasy. No need for us to examine the logic of it all. Remember from high school English? A "willing suspension of disbelief." This is a creative drama, not a documentary. For an hour once a week, I believe that Zoey -- and only Zoey - can hear people singing. Now, if in real life, my neighbor told me that since his MRI malfunctioned, he has heard people singing, I'd suggest he get a second opinion on the testing and go to see a psychiatrist.
  2. I'm not sure where this idea should go, so I'll put it here and if there is a better thread, please let me know. What if, after TIU ended its run, they edited all the episodes and ran them so that the stories ran chronologically, rather than mixing time periods together in an episode. So season 1, episode 1 would be about Jack and Rebecca getting together. You'd work your way through the birth of the kids and through their pre-teen years, Jack's death and their lives afterwards. It would be like having a totally new experience with the same people and events.
  3. Yes, I just saw a week or so ago a system where a paralyzed man was able to spell out words on a computer with his eyes, so it should be possible for Zoey to create a program like that for her dad. But as someone wrote in a previous post, it's best not to get all worked up about the realism of the story line. This is a fantasy, not a documentary. Don't try too hard to deconstruct everything; just enjoy.
  4. Look, I see that Ella and her father have a dysfunctional relationship, but he was correct to blame Beto for allowing his daughter to drink at Beto's family restaurant. Ella was drinking in public and Beto didn't do anything to stop her. She drank enough to puke in the street afterwards. Sure, Beto wasn't forcing the beer on her and she is responsible for her drinking and for lying and having a false ID, but he did nothing to stop her drinking, which not only is bad for her, but put the restaurant and all the attendees at risk.
  5. While I agree that Kevin often got overlooked by his parents, I also think Rebecca gets criticized too often about that. She works and couldn't see the show live. Kevin told her his lines were cut. She assumed - wrongly as it turned out - that "my lines were cut" meant that he wasn't going to be in the show, so there was no need to tape the show. I would have thought the same thing. It wasn't a matter of her not being bothered to watch.
  6. No, Dani didn't know, but she went along with all the decisions her father made about the date and location of the wedding. She has to decide whose opinion is more important to her - her father's or her future wife's.
  7. Sophie expects too much? Sophie was going to sign the pre-nup. Dani was the one who broke it off with her father, without Sophie's urging. Dani is the one who refused to talk with Sophie about what she was going through after Sophie repeatedly offered her shoulder. It's not as if Sophie is some stranger to the situation. Dani's father doesn't want Sophie to be part of Dani's life. His attitude affects both of them.
  8. I've had a question come up in a few episodes this season. Behind the president's desk, there was a photograph of a woman. It was visible in the final episode (as well as several earlier ones). Does anyone know who that woman is? Is it a famous person or just a photo Tea brought in from home?
  9. It was good to see some of the old cast members again and I was glad to see more people of color in this iteration of TLW. It's nice to see lesbians in prominent roles and I'm trying to enjoy that without complaining too much about the show's deficiencies. That said, the Bette running for mayor story line is full of more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese. She can't handle a question about having an affair with a married staffer, so she just walks off the stage. Really? She should have expected to have that come up and been prepared to answer it., even if the questioner was a reporter and not the woman's husband. Saying it was consensual isn't an answer. Even if the woman wasn't married and it was consensual, you don't have sex with an employee you are supervising. Then Bette goes on Alice's show, which seems to be pretty popular. Bette refuses to answer Alice's question about why opioids are a primary focus of her campaign, saying it is private and she doesn't want to discuss it. Really? You don't need to explain why this is the most important reason to you for your mayoral run? (I'm sure will find out why, but these seem like two really bad starts to her campaign.) And, IMHO, Kamala Harris would have LOVED to go on Alice's show, with its friendly audience. It may be a local show, but the L.A. viewing area has a much larger population than the entire state of Iowa.
  10. Princess Alice was never interviewed by anyone at the Guardian and the reception of the royal family documentary wasn't as harsh as related on The Crown. But she was a fascinating woman: https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a29860476/princess-alice-john-armstrong-the-crown-journalist-article-true-story/ https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/tradition/a29310694/who-is-princess-alice-prince-philip-mother-the-crown-facts/
  11. I keep thinking, when she has these private meetings with Senator Prison Break, why isn't she taping their conversations? He threatens her with impeachment if she won't resign. He doesn't want a woman president. It's obviously political (and personal animosity) rather than fact based. I don't know if it's even legal to tape a conversation, but even if you can't use it in court or a hearing, other senators or the media might be interested. Maybe give it as a scoop to the reporter she put in jail?
  12. 3 HOURS AGO, JKL845 SAID: Uh-oh, trouble in paradise. How dare you not waiting until she could be there to watch you eat. You know how important it is! JKL845 and EVANSMOM10: Not to worry. First off, my wife is the one who made the joke about my not waiting. We both laughed and I told her I was going to post her comment. Secondly, "he" is not talking to random strangers. We're both women.
  13. As far as the question of how did the police know to bring Rebecca to the cabin, perhaps the family had reported her missing. After all this avocado talk, I just had an avocado for lunch. My wife got out of the shower and complained: "You ate an avocado without me!!" 🙂
  14. What do you mean? Rebecca's called her son Congressman, was one of several clues to Randall that she is having a problem, much more than her just misplacing the phone.
  15. What did she need to apologize to Torres about?
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