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  1. I'm thinking Grace (and whatever Sam's kid's name is) come home for the finale, and even though she's a Merriwick, Grace somehow saves the day.
  2. I think downtown NYC dwellers can't even imagine how us common folk (even the wealthiest) manage to exist in the hinterlands outside of Manhattan. I was watching a rerun of one of those landscape makeover shows and the hosts -- used to staging downtown NYC terraces -- kept exclaiming how their "upstate" project was the first one they'd ever done with a yard having actual dirt, saving them from having to buy any. Another designer couple who has lost touch in my opinion are Nate and Jeremiah. On the last Rock the Block show, their design choices were made for magazine photos, not livabili
  3. Not that it will ever be an issue in my lifetime, but there is zero possibility I would enter any financial transaction with him based on his immature behavior.
  4. I got suspicious of her early on, but didn't settle on her for good until the clue about the retainer. She was the most obvious candidate based on the appearance of her teeth. Then as Angeleyes said, she talked too much toward the end and her vocabulary and bossiness gave her away.
  5. I kept hoping one of the guys would step up and ask Katie to turn her dildo over in return. And I wish Justin had said, "I appreciate that you want to play dress up, but marriage is significant for me and I don't wish to participate in a fake ceremony. I'll see you at the rose ceremony instead."
  6. Not to mention her totally dodging any announcement that she was letting Blake into the house before just sending him over there to tell them himself.
  7. Hunter reminds me of a very unsexy Zach Roloff. When Katie's chipmunk cheeks and his mug come together for a kiss, I have to use the mental bleach. There's sex positive, and then there's just plain indiscriminate.
  8. Can you turn your powers toward killing off the Cheetohs "it wasn't me" commercial with Ashton K, Shaggy and what's her name?
  9. Believe it or not, there was a time when the Noid was a big fad. One year at Halloween we trick-or-treated at a house that was giving out Domino's coupons with little Noid plushies. and we thought it was awesome.
  10. What put me on to her was that at the beginning she said she worked at a gym, and then there were clues along the way that said the Hustler owned a sauna bed, was an industrial vegan, and had modeled for before and after photos. If she had said a different occupation at the start, I might not have locked on to her early enough. I suspected the other woman for about the first half of the game.
  11. I've generally found on this franchise that when what's primarily shown is drama between the men or women in the house, it's because they had a hard time getting any footage of the lead being remotely interesting to watch.
  12. The worst written recipe I ever encountered was waaaay back in the 1970's when I was newly married and trying to impress my new husband. It was a dessert with canned cherries from a recipe that came on the underside of the label of the can. Buried more than halfway down the recipe was this little instruction: blind bake crust the day prior to using. I was so new to cooking that I hadn't read the whole recipe through first, just the list of ingredients so I could shop for them. Lesson learned!
  13. Seriously, at this point I would just tell Matt to send the stuff to my lawyer and if I decided to sign it, I'd do it in there. Absolutely NO reason for them to meet in person other than TLC wanting to film their burning hatred for one another. By now Amy should have watched herself last season and realized how pathetic she comes off clinging to the past.
  14. It reminded me of a costume I had to wear during a summer waitressing job on the Alaska Railroad where we portrayed Klondike Gold Rush Girls while serving tourists.
  15. I don't know if it would be accurate historically (although the show often isn't), but I keep thinking it's the railroad coming through and dividing up the town, complete with reopening the coal mine and revisiting the trauma of the mine collapse or explosion or whatever the disaster was early in the series.
  16. I can't handle the over-the-top energy level, and it grates how her voice goes up several octaves as she enthuses about every little thing and squees over her own genius. Every once in a while she speaks normally to an assistant or in a voiceover, and it's so much better. I think I'm too old to appreciate her design style. Gonna give it a couple more episodes.
  17. It made me wonder if they had asked Tom to do them (or at least half of them) and he claimed to be too busy or something, and was so relieved he hadn't done them once he saw what they put Padma up to.
  18. Her big speech about her realizations that she's been too tough on him and needs to address her own problems was all about her, her, her. Unless I completely missed it, she never apologized for treating him like crap and discussed no plan going forward (like maybe counseling) to help change things. Her whole speech was promising to share even more of her issues with him as long as he hangs around to be educated about why his proper role is being her piñata. She will never have any respect for him until he actually leaves her, and he apparently is never going to do that.
  19. Pretty sure it was the Merrilee Rush version.
  20. Can anyone tell me what episodes covered the commitment ceremonies showing Ines breakup with Bronson and later with Sam? My provider (AT&T) sometimes tapes 2 hours of the show described as different episodes, sometimes tapes 2 hours described as 1 episode, and sometimes tapes 1 hour as 1 episode. When I search for the show it does not know the difference between MAFS and MAFS Australia, adding to the confusion. I'm not sure how I missed the episodes culminating the Ines storyline, but I did.
  21. Two things caught my attention as seeming out of place. 1- one of the men (I've already forgotten who) said to another something like "we could just get a coffee." It just seemed like a modern age-of-Starbucks kind of phrasing to me. 2 - Mrs. Canfield bringing her husband a glass of lemonade with a nice lemon slice adorning the rim. I couldn't help but wonder about the likelihood of finding and affording enough lemons for that at the mercantile in Hope Valley back in its alleged time setting. My theory on Rosemary's plot line is that Hallmark has a bunch of kids from their dit
  22. I keep hoping they'll have a costume and role playing party set in the year the Chateau was first occupied. Guests could play an original member of the household or staff. I'd volunteer to be an extra, swanning around the grounds in period attire!
  23. I smell something awful on the wind....like a spinoff show.
  24. Pro: A blind taste test! Wish that was the standard practice. Con: Barnacle Blais, now channeling Johnny Weir. Growing annoyances: *bleep* *bloop* *blomp* chef. Questions: Why give the winning Quickfire team members immunity and an advantage in the elimination challenge? Why make such a big deal about having the largest kitchen ever due to safety considerations during the pandemic, but then crowd them into a kitchen at a museum for the elimination challenge?
  25. I figured it would be free food from his Subway franchise. Guess it must have already been closed by then.
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