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  1. So...do I have this right? Those runway gowns that cost thousands can actually be made in 30 minutes from leftover fabric?
  2. I chocked it up to Linda's frustration that Monica had job options (UN or Revlon) Linda could only dream of, and Monica was instead fixated on the creep without understanding she was just one of many of his little secrets and it was essentially time to move on.
  3. Well, that version does not sound anything like I'm remembering and the lyrics are different, but I fully admit I am not up on music and don't generally get the lyrics right. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thank you. That makes sense. I presume the reason they don't use the music that originally aired is because they only bought the rights for a temporary time period that has expired. It makes sense they might use in-house music specifically for the show in reruns so they never have to pay for or worry about the rights to it again. That said, they did a better job on some seasons than others -- there are some real clinkers sometimes!
  5. I'm a much more casual watcher than many of you, so I'm hopeful someone can answer a question concerning music. I'm watching reruns on Pluto and I realize the music they use on the soundtrack is not the same as what was used in the original seasons. On one of the most recent seasons - I'm sorry I can't say exactly which one, but I think it is when Christina finally makes the team - they play a song with lyrics that sounds like a female singer saying something like "If you wanted to change the world, that's what Jesus did, that's what Jesus did...." I've had no luck finding that song based o
  6. We refer to the ones that look like Myrla's as "chesticles." And it cracks me up that my autocorrect keeps trying to call her Mylar.
  7. Just like the couples brushing their teeth together to create the illusion of intimacy where there isn't any. So sick of seeing that over and over!
  8. I was so wishing Gil would give her the same sour attitude back she always displays. "Are these vegan cookies? Gluten-free? What is the calorie count? They seem stale -- when were they baked?"
  9. I guess I've watched too many cooking competition shows, but I was just sure when they took a bite of the obnoxious looking items they would turn out to be pastries or some other "food impostors." No such luck.
  10. Yep. I rolled my eyes when the 2 staff members asked for help, saying they'd looked everywhere. Except for the accessory closet, that is, where one would reasonably expect it to be.
  11. No kidding. I'm thinking between the hurricane that destroyed these place and the shoddy workmanship by the flippers fixing them up, no lender would finance them because of a lack of availability of hazard insurance. If you had to pay cash based on the appraised values, even if you negotiated the price down, would you spend it on one of these places?
  12. We call it the junkie shuffle...you can see them coming when you arrive or depart our office and pretty much predict the ones who will try to hit you up for money or cigarettes based on the shuffle. Especially when they also wedge their hands in the front pockets of their skinny pants.
  13. I'd say DeAnna Pappas back in the early days. Wasn't she the one who threw a pool party for the guys and when she showed up, not a single one of them stopped what they were doing and greeted her?
  14. I'm thinking Grace (and whatever Sam's kid's name is) come home for the finale, and even though she's a Merriwick, Grace somehow saves the day.
  15. I think downtown NYC dwellers can't even imagine how us common folk (even the wealthiest) manage to exist in the hinterlands outside of Manhattan. I was watching a rerun of one of those landscape makeover shows and the hosts -- used to staging downtown NYC terraces -- kept exclaiming how their "upstate" project was the first one they'd ever done with a yard having actual dirt, saving them from having to buy any. Another designer couple who has lost touch in my opinion are Nate and Jeremiah. On the last Rock the Block show, their design choices were made for magazine photos, not livabili
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