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  1. eyelash

    S04.E04 Overton Window

    I'm convinced she's in with the Russian and played a role in crashing Axe's network. I'm not convinced we've seen the last of Malkovich.
  2. eyelash

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    A new low for Chris Harrison. He's always done their dirty work but I don't think he can redeem himself in my eyes. If they were on the fence (har har) at all about Hannah B, last night's meet-5-men segment should be proof she's a mistake. Sure, she'll do whatever they say. Just badly, incoherently and annoyingly teeth-suckingly the whole way. I made it through Juan Pablo, Prince Whatshisname, DeAHHHna and all 3 Nick Viall iterations. I’ll continue hoping for a last minute announcement by TPTB that Hannah B has withdrawn for “personal reasons.” Colton jumped a fence and the show jumped the shark.
  3. eyelash

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    I don't think I can watch a whole season of that smug beaver tooth smile with inarticulate ramblings in vocal fry. I was really, really hoping they'd reach all the way back to Elyse for the next Bachelorette. Mature, articulate and more likely to be "right reasons." Silly me!
  4. eyelash

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    As soon as Michelle mentioned her design inspiration was a child with autism and Anthony Ryan mentioned his design being inspired by a deaf person, I knew they were both going to get high marks no matter what they sent down the runway. I'm fully convinced the judges are armed with prior knowledge before the runway walk and the chats with the top and bottom designers.
  5. eyelash

    The Masked Singer

    This list really dates me and I realize it may not be of any relevance to the targeted demographic of the show. I have never followed rap or hip hop so I would not recognize performers of those genres even if they were not in costume. I'd like to see if any of these folks could fool the masses: Tyra Banks, Maureen McCormick, Carnie Wilson (or any other Wilson Phillips participant), Peter Frampton, Frank Stallone, Eddie Murphy, Jack Wagner, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Vanilla Ice, any member of Hanson, Lis Loeb, Jakob Dylan, Montel Jordan, Natalie Imbruglia.
  6. eyelash

    The Masked Singer

    I also thought of Bobby Sherman, Sean Cassidy, Toni DiFranco and Leif Garrett. Not sure any of those are still performing, so I think Donny Osmond is the best guess.
  7. eyelash

    S23.E03: Week 3

    The kids showed more personality than most of the competitors. During the carousel portion, Colton introduces himself to one little girl who says "I saw you, I watch The Bachelor with my Mom all the time." According to my closed captions, a nearby girl then says "My Mom won't let me." Hmmm...as a parent, if you don't think the content of a show is appropriate for your child to watch, why would you allow your child to appear on that very show?
  8. eyelash


    Seemed like too many obvious production shenanigans at play in the first episode. What a coincidence that she just happened to have the bag of the first contestant she ran into! The whole thing struck me as a bargain basement version of the History Channel show "Alone," where the participants do all the filming themselves.
  9. eyelash

    S14.E05: Week 5: Las Vegas, Nevada

    So glad to see others agree about her wardrobe! The styles have been lacking (that horrible satin robe dress and the initial Vegas outfit) but the color palette is awful. Her styles apparently thinks she looks good in dried blood red, mushroom and black. The sequined dress last night that changed colors with the light didn't translate well over my TV...was it black with dried blood colored stripes? The pink dress at the end of the group date was nothing special but at least it was a departure from the usual dour colors.
  10. eyelash

    Chip & JoJo: It's All In The Family

    It's not as bad as what I had been anticipating -- Ship Lap Gaines.
  11. eyelash

    S14E11: Blackout 2018.06.19

    Agreed. I would love to hear Wild Bill reciting any of "The Captain's Verses" poems by Pablo Neruda.
  12. eyelash

    S14.E03: Week 3

    Bad color, bad fabric, bad style and unsuitable for the occasion. If she were going to wear a robe to the cocktail party, she would have been better off sticking with the one from the spa. Maybe she borrowed it from Tia, the queen of wearing everything 1/4" longer than necessary to hide a sanitary pad.
  13. eyelash

    S26.E02: Week 2

    If you had ever told me I would see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dance to a 1950's tennis-inspired routine backed by an Elvis imitator's version of "Hit Me Baby One More Time," I would have thought you were crazy.
  14. eyelash

    S06.E10: Communication

    With so little content and endless repetition of the same scenes, I find I have too much time for shallow thoughts during each episode! Jephte and Shawniece: I wonder what made the so-called experts think Jephte was even remotely a good candidate for marrying a stranger. Shawniece surprises me with her overall patience and maturity. She looks like a completely different person every time I see her, and I can't help but wonder if that contributes to Jephte's lingering sense that she's a stranger. I predict they'll choose to stay together: Shawniece because she's devoted and determined to make this a success, and Jephte simply because he never wants to go through the first 6 weeks of marriage with anyone again. Ryan and Jackie: I wish Shawniece would give Jackie some makeup tips. She always looks like she's using a day off to do a big, greasy head-to-toe moisturizing treatment. When they were writing their overall marriage happiness scores on those napkins, I couldn't help but think "Use that napkin to blot, Jackie!" I'm not sure why she or the experts thought she was far enough along in grieving the loss of her last partner to marry a stranger, but I don't think she's harped on it as much as the show would like us to believe. I've known a lot of guys like Ryan who keep themselves busy "doing" instead of "being" to avoid having to do any self-discovery. His insecurity is immediately on display in any disagreement -- he just starts insisting Jackie is wrong and keeps talking over her, louder and louder, like an old-school Jerry Springer guest until she gives up. I predict they will choose to stay together but later divorce. She'll say he was just unreachable, he will forever insist was because she wasn't over her dead boyfriend. Jon and Molly: Molly considers herself adventurous, but it seems to me her idea of having fun is to treat every activity like a competition and try to humiliate or emasculate Jon along the way. I'm baffled why Jon wants to have sex with her. But I predict they will choose to stay together, either because there's more positive aspects to their relationship than we're being shown, or simply because neither of them wants to be the first to admit they want out.
  15. eyelash

    S16.E02: Auditions

    My favorite thing so far is to watch the guy playing piano -- he has absolutely no poker face. His expressions are priceless whether the singer warbles out a sour run, or surprises him by hitting it right on. He's been more fun to watch than most of the contestants.