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  1. Agreed. And I don’t enjoy this as much as I liked Handclap. I don’t know if that a popular option lol thoughts? does anyone have video of the LSU coach routine?
  2. Hello all!!I’ve sorta backed off from posting because everyday is about VK on here, but I have a small request! is there a video of the Michelle keys choreo or any new choreo for the season? I saw Amy’s group do an outside stage performance and wasn’t too jazzed. It’s been difficult finding performance videos.
  3. Hello all! I’m back! Finally watching this episode right now. I’m not done but I have one statement: HOW, are we on season 13 of this show and girls are coming in and don’t know Thunderstruck? At least the first few 8 counts. There are hundreds of videos, different angles, lighting, Hell.. different outfits. ? AND YOU KNOW IT’S HAPPENING NIGHT ONE. no excuse. I think every season but one starts with Thunderstruck, I think that other season starts with Loud.
  4. These forums are creating a dangerous narrative for Victoria. Poor girl..
  5. No shade, is Tasha amazing and I missed the memo? Lol I always thought she was middle of the veteran pack.
  6. I loved the dynamic between Monet, Monique, and Asia. Asia and Monet still held it down with the comedy.. but this season isnt giving it to me with just Asia. At THIS point, I want her to win the most but will NEVER forgive her snatch game. I just don’t want Eureka to win. Or Kameron at this point. ?
  7. Randomly revisiting this, but I got to thinking.... on the podcast, Kelly mentioned that Robyn had come HIGHLY recommended but didn't make it her first year. On the forum, we also assume that recommendations play a factor because of Katelyn from Season 12. This may take a lot of red string, but what year did Robyn not make the team and who were the other black girls that made it into training camp that year? Only asking because Robyn has never struck me as a girl that would have had to change much in order to make the team. She came recommended because she HAD the training, the kicks, the experience, and the look. So from not making it one year to pretty much being a company favorite is... interesting.
  8. THANK YOU!!! I almost wish that Dayton and Victoria were off limits because these forums are going to be vicious towards them. I want to see what they bring to the table in the studio. Dayton’s contemporary has impressed me, but I haven’t seen anything of Victoria’s that I’m a fan of besides a good hair flip and she’s pretty and blonde. So I’m hoping they prove me wrong. Dayton must have gotten some more power.
  9. Weren’t we on page 5 yesterday? ?
  10. I clearly need to scroll up ? poor girl.
  11. Maybe. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. thoughts?
  12. OKay, some of you all are going to have to start stretching. Auditions are coming up and there is no team left lmao
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