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  1. I’m confused by the DSW commercial with Mindy Kaling. The woman on there says, “I need to get pregnant” after seeing cute kid’s shoes. Then a guy pops up and says, “Hey, I’m Todd.” The woman looks like she’s wearing a wedding band, so what is the point of this commercial? It seems like it’s stereotyping black guys as wanting to sleep with/get pregnant any woman with a pulse.
  2. I’m annoyed by the Huggies commercial where the woman is bouncing her baby on her lap on the subway train, saying that her baby isn’t wet after 5 stops. If you look at everyone on the train, they are wearing long-sleeved shirts. The baby is wearing only a diaper, and a short-sleeved shirt. Does the mother really take her baby out in cold weather like that?
  3. Deni

    S08.E04: Strangers in Paradise

    Weren’t the couples all staying at the same EXACT cottage after the weddings. They kept showing us different ones like they were all there in different ones at the same time, but we were seeing the same one over and over inside. The wonky plates on the kitchen wall proves it.
  4. Deni

    Four Weddings

    Did anyone notice that the season numbers have changed? The 2018 episodes are now season 10, they were season 6. I’ve been keeping track of all of the episodes that air, so that I know when I can skip the ones that I’ve seen a billion times. I did notice before that season 4 had ones numbered up to episode 4-62. I guess that they shifted those episodes over to break it up into more seasons.
  5. Yeah, I’ve been waiting for that scene. Last season, there was also a scene like that that they never showed.
  6. Deni

    Four Weddings

    I was just watching episode 4-60 ...And A Phantom. The blonde lady just said, “What is that?” about the food on the plate. It was half a zucchini, and half a summer squash, and that is what she was told. She really didn’t know what zucchini was. In the interview thing, she said that she only eats “normal things” like broccoli.
  7. Deni

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I only knew about this from the commercials, not from the book. Based on the reviews, I didn’t realize that it was rated Mature, so I was surprised by the strong language and sexual stuff. I don’t mind it, I’m not a prude, but I didn’t realize that beforehand. I wish that sometimes an ugly girl would be stalked, and that we’d get inside the head of someone who isn’t doing this based on beauty per se. Beck seems like an airhead in many ways, not securing her social media, and just being oblivious in general. I always wonder why people don’t close their curtains, especially at night, and especially when they are fully nude getting down on the sofa in front of the window. I like this show so far, and will continue to watch.
  8. Deni

    S07.E08: Back To Reality

    I have a hard time enjoying Bobby and Danielle even though they seem to be perfectly matched. I think that it was her “Southern values” comment that made me be turned off by her. Sure, that’s being judgmental perhaps, but in today’s climate, it makes me think of only bad things. Even when I don’t think about it that way, there is a very Pleasantville/Stepford Wives vibe about them that is unsettling to me.
  9. Deni

    Four Weddings

    Besides the 2hrs., the longer backstories, friendships, new scoring/categories, and the husbands attending, I’ve been trying to figure out what is different about this new format. The other things that I’ve noticed are: The fake music doesn’t really have vocals now, the brides aren’t shown together in their wedding dresses anymore, we don’t see the brides doing goofy dancing when they are introduced, also when they are introduced we don’t hear one bride say something like, “I don’t like fake flowers,” then the next bride says, “We’re having all fake flowers.” when she is introduced.
  10. I thought that Dr. Pepper’s eyes looked different too in that one shot, but they looked normal in the other shot/interview thing. Her eyes looked more sunken in when she looked cross-eyed, but maybe it was just that she had on heavier or darker eyeliner or something.
  11. Deni


    I like it so far. When Robbie mentioned to his family that he has a half-brother, I was wondering if one of the other castaways is his brother. Also, when Robbie swam across the water, I thought that he was going to encounter the veteran because there was a blue tarp (like the veteran had) that could be seen on the shelter thing before he swam, but it wasn’t there when he got there. Also, if anyone has seen the movie Paterson with Adam Driver, this seems kind of like a rip off of the words on the screen/poetry sounding thing.
  12. I thought that was why they showed the photos of his parents. To me he was saying that they had a happy marriage because they were from the same culture. That, paired with the photos of his ex wives who appear to be white, and that he said that his name is Ricardo.
  13. He basically without saying it said that he was done with dating white women, and wanted to date within his culture.
  14. It’s hard to judge in this situation, but it is indeed a “thing.” I’ve seen it personally many times. Many times it’s due to family pressure/expectations.
  15. Deni

    Four Weddings

    I remember that wedding. That’s why I think that it’s not fair to have $100,000 weddings, for example, up against ones that are way lower. Sometimes it’s not about the glitz and glamour that makes a wedding great. I watched a few Canadian episodes online and they had a $10,000 wedding and a $100,000 one on the same episode. The bride with the more expensive one kept saying that she had this and that, and that the other bride didn’t. At least the friends version kind of has similar budgets.