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  1. Im prob in the minority opinion. That Violet whole a brat, and self centred. Tbh I always Thought Sadie played her very realistically. I Diddnt mind the actress. That’s what a teenager is Was a principal character. That gave Christy sympathy as an protagonist. I don’t see any real point having Violet or Baxter a frequent part of Christys life. Violets made it clear she doesen’t want a relationship. Despite acknowledging Christys turned her life around. I mean heck look at Christy and Bonnies relationship. They only got back into each other’s life as Adults. As for the episode.
  2. Best mom episode in some time. Real good ensemble episode. I loved the Adam, Bonnie, Christy Dynamic. Sure Adam should of taken Christys side. But he’s kinda right. The customers always right. Bonnie mediating was funny. I’m guessing the character in the first episode Bonnie meet on their honeymoon won’t be a regular thing. Jills gym bit was funny. I do miss the kids still. And the family dynamics. I actually miss Violet. But Bonnie, Adam, and Christy make up for the that.
  3. This episode was consistent with the season. Solid but underwhelming. IT feels the show has taken a nosedive some what. And yeah I agree about the whole Adam having a Bar, when he is alcaholic. Not to mention his Fiances Addiction issues. But you got to understand it is a comedy. ITs all exagerrated. With Christie she has an addictive personality. She is just replacing one addiction for another. I did prefer the show more. When the Character of Christie had more sympathy as a working mother. I Said this in another episode thread. But the best episode was Violets return. Good principal ch
  4. I diddnt mind this episode. Pretty much actually. I liked the last episode too. Seeing Jill blow it with that cop guy. Was unfortunate I liked his character. But seeing Christie go through withdrawal symptoms over giving up smoking. Was believable, funny, and made me feel sympathy for her. That she was trying to do the responsibile thing. Although nicotine’s can get very expensive. So watch this space. Other plot. I agree I don’t think it’s all that contrived. Most likely ADHD ailments weren’t diagnosed as much in the 70s. I laughed at the scene between Bonnie and Tammy. When they were g
  5. Don't want to compare characters. But bit like Jim Parsons in TBBT. Where Sheldon now takes up alot of room. Bonnie has the same sense. I also liked the show alot better when I had sympathy for the Christie character. I Adore Anna Faris. Only time I Felt like that, was the Violet episode. Stripping those components away has made the show less interesting. Still one of the best sitcoms currently on TV. I just think the show needs to be revitalized a bit.
  6. Just watched the episode. I don’t think it was as bad as some are making it out. The cast still work really well together despite the decline of the writing. Which Isint dramatic. But I think it needs less Bonnie centric episodes. And a bit more variety. It’s clear the part of Christie’s character. Of her being a mother is over. The focus is now the recovery group. But I would like to see more variety in storylines. I diddnt mind Mitch. But the wife was annoying.
  7. I don’t think they well write Adam out. Or their are any signs they are going to phase the character out. I just think it as simple as the actor is shooting Prison Break. And not available as much. So if they do eventually write Adam out. Maybe why. I love Adam though. I’ve noticed how close he and Christie have gotten. So I hope he sticks around. He adds a lot to the show. I agree to a certain degree Bonnie and Adam have gotten stale. But a lot of that is due to getting them engaged. And not really framing any real story structure. They killed off Alvin. Which shows Mom is not afraid to
  8. I only just got into this show this year. Binge Watched the whole series. Really got into it. I think it portrays addiction issues in such a fresh and funny way. Some have critisied the shoe for getting rid of Christie’s kids. But I like a sitcom that evolves. And shows more Angles. A shift to the recovery group is smart. I liked seeing Violet again too. I get ppl dislike her heavily. But she is one of those good principle characters you see in Sitcoms. Adds more dimensions to Christie’s Character. And I agree Christie has probably replaced Bonnie as the reprobate this season. Which I lik
  9. Good episode. Brian and Stewie are just gold together. A Dog and A Baby hanging out is so implausible. But it just works lol. FG best episodes are when the family work as a team. And having Meg get positive stuff was refreshing.
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